Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fertility check!

Encased in black rubber, could this be where the myth of my being a winged succubus began?

Succubus or diver? During my time away my reputation as a succubus didn’t decrease to any appreciable extent, but it is morphing. Since I’ve been back and wearing my fitted black latex dive skin, helmet and mask and Mistral twin hose reg word is getting back to me that some of the Latino and Bosnian women in housekeeping think I’m Satan herself. I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion as they rarely see me dressed in my black latex dive gear and I always try to be nice to housekeeping when I’m dealing with them because they can help make or break the reputation of a casino/hotel. I also stay away from their men though several Bosnian men have made passes. I try to stay away from Bosnian men as they seem to view women as personal property. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy draining Bosnian semen, but I’m not anyone’s possession so there is no point in becoming involved in that sort of relationship, especially since there are so many other men to choose from.

My fertility: We are all so different! Until a few weeks ago there was no doubt in my mind that I was very fertile. However, during an encounter with a relatively inexperienced stallion, he had performance problems – Pirate had asked me to take him for a test drive and he failed – and in his frustration he made some very unprofessional remarks about me being infertile because of the number of men I had been with. I thought given the profession he was trying to get started in that was a particularly inappropriate thing to say to a woman, especially to one who can affect his career. I tried to hide how much his questioning my fertility hurt me and I think I was successful, but his comments got me to thinking. At 38 after being sexually active for more than 24 years and fucking almost any man I’ve ever wanted (except my father of course) as well as dolphins, a Great Dane and a tiger I really didn’t know for sure that my reproductive tract was fully functional and that my eggs were of good quality and that bothered me. That bothered me a lot!

Fertility tests: Part of who I am is the psychological need to risk pregnancy each time I have sex with a man and I like sex with men with very high sperm counts. So my sudden uncertainty about my fertility really depressed me. To resolve the question I decided to have a series of tests that would determine how fertile I really am. So I had blood tests for luteinizing hormone (LH) Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to check that my fallopian tubes were functioning correctly. I also went through an egg donation regimen to test the quality of my eggs. After I had the blood drawn for the LH and FHS tests I began the egg donation process.

Egg harvesting: For egg donation I was given daily FHS injections to stimulate my ovaries to produce several eggs and was monitored by ultrasound to see when the follicles were ripe. That process took about twelve days and I was able to retain my normal menstrual cycle. If I was going to be a donor where my eggs would be used for IVF and would be inseminated and implanted in another woman I should have avoided sexual activity. However, since the reason for the test was to see if I could get preggers I saw no reason to abstain and didn’t change my level of sexual activity at all. I used an Oves cap of course, but felt quite safe and exceptionally sexually needy because of the FSH injections. When the ultrasound images showed my eggs were ripe I was sedated and the doctor using ultrasound images guided a thin needle through my vagina to harvest the eggs. The procedure is called ‘minimally invasive’ and I suppose that’s true because there is no incision, but it really is unpleasant. I was advised to take it easy for the next several days but I continued my usual schedule and with ibuprofen I managed to feel almost normal.

The good news: The good news is that my LH and FSH levels were normal, my HSG tests showed my fallopian tubes are clear and my In Vitro specialist said my eggs are ‘of a quality normally associated with a woman in her late 20s’! I was so pleased! As an added test I had five of my eggs fertilized with Pirate’s sperm. Yes, I have frozen sample of many of my stallion’s sperm just in case a need arises. It was worth using one of Pirate’s donations to test my fertility. And I was delighted when all five eggs were successfully fertilized. The embryos are now in the Cryobank with all my sperm samples. My self esteem which was badly shaken when a sexually frustrated man called my fertility into question is completely restored! Actually, I’m more sexually assertive now – if that’s possible - because I’m absolutely certain that I am extremely fertile each cycle and loving it!

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  1. So, I guess any guy can probably slip you a mickey, screw you and then secretly take out your Oves when you're out cold. Or something to that effect. Of course, you also know that if, within the next few years, you decide to start a family, you can do so without any help from chemistry.


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