Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cervical Orgasms

A rubber-chick between rear entry encounters cooling down from a hyper-intense cervical orgasm

Safety during deep thrust Orgasms: I occasionally teach women techniques to minimize the likelihood of injury during cervical orgasms. Cervical orgasms are definitely an acquired taste because getting past the pain of having your cervix rammed is something most women can not do and have no interest in attempting. So to be a student in my class you have to be a masochist and be able to work through the few minutes of cervical pain in order to enjoy the ecstasy of a hyper-intense cervical orgasm. Other criteria for admission is not to be using a conventional IUD (a ParaGard or Mirena) because they will deform and dislodge or perforate the uterus during severe uterine contractions and before each lesson the student must test for pregnancy to ensure she isn’t preggers as the uterine contractions of a cervical orgasm are so strong that they frequently cause miscarriages, especially during the first trimester. Cervical orgasms while unbelievably intense aren’t for sissies since as I mentioned there is a good bit of pain before getting to the fun part but if a girl is a masochist (as I am) she can enjoy both!

During training a student uses only an Oves (the smallest cervical cap made) or no barrier device at all is used so she can feel the full power of her partner’s thrusts and her partner is usually unprotected, but has been screened and is free of STIs. I first start a student by fitting her with a dildo which she uses to thrust into her cervix to get used to the feeling and the pain at her own pace – that also separates the serious students from the merely curious. That way she has some idea what it will be like when a man whose equipment is too large for her pelvic anatomy is shoving himself as deep as he can get inside her. I measure her depth unaroused and aroused both in missionary and when positioned for rear entry doggie style. On average a woman is about an inch to an inch and a half deeper in doggie style because gravity pulls the uterus and therefore the cervix down and deeper, and some vaginas expand more (tent) during arousal that others. Because of these differences in depth it is important to have a man long enough to thrust into the cervix and this might require trying out several men to make sure the man can reach her cervix to take care of her needs.

Protective equipment: Proper use of an effective form of contraception is a prerequisite for the course. Students in cervical orgasm training usually wear pointe shoes for being taken from behind en pointe bent over holding on to the barre. If they don’t wear pointes then ballet boots are an equivalent that takes almost no training, or failing that 5 inch stiletto (strippers) heels. As I mentioned the cervix can be unprotected but we advise women to use some form of over-pressure protection in case their partner gets creative with pressurized fluids or gasses and protection is a must for dive-sex so an Oves cap is the barrier of choice. Lastly there is a need for head and neck protection. This is something that is almost unknown because it isn’t talked about since it will scare off the few women wanting cervical orgasms, but a woman sustaining head or neck injuries during a cervical orgasm is very common. Deaths from broken necks while I wouldn’t call them common are the most frequent cause of death while engaged in that sort of hyper-intensive encounter. When taken from the rear the safest way is to use a bed altar for the woman to be positioned on which would protect her head and neck. In the dance studio or on location special helmets can be used for protection. During training to minimize the likelihood of serious head or neck injury I have my students fitted with protective helmets.

Ramming helmets: Since Cyndi came of age, 16 in Nevada, she can put all her sexual experience to use legally now. She had been after me almost since she came to school at St Lucy’s this past January to teach her how to safely have a cervical orgasm. She started after walking in on Pirate and me when he had me helpless in ecstasy screaming into my ball-gag while he battered my cervix. In a moment of weakness I said I would teach her once she reached the age of consent. I keep telling her that it’s not a given that she will be able to tolerate the initial pain before oxytocin floods her bloodstream and she’s plunged into ecstasy, but she was insistent and her mother and grandmother (Eve) were in favor of letting her try. I’ve never taught a woman younger that 19 the techniques so I’m not certain how well she will do. Though I’ll admit that she has passed every sexual challenge she has faced so far and she does enjoy very rough sex.

So, before we left for NYC and Virgin Gorda I took her to Gepettos to have her fitted for a ramming helmet, known in the trade as a ‘ram’. A ram is a piece of safety equipment that I insist students and a lot of inexperienced women use during intense sexual encounters to prevent concussions and sometimes broken necks when there is the likelihood of having their heads rammed into a wall, seat back or the headboard of a bed. A woman in that sort of orgasm has no control over her body and with a man at the peak of his sexual energy plunging into her as hard as he can her head can easily be forced into a nearby object and severely injured. A Ram consists of a custom fitted polymer shell with thick internal padding that covers the shoulders, neck, and head and can be covered by a standard fetish latex helmet/mask so the protection is hidden and it appears the wearer is just in a stylish Polymorphe latex fetish helmet. We went by Gepettos and picked Cyndi’s ram up yesterday afternoon and she tried it on there, and then wore it home. The craftsmanship with the exquisite snug fit with her hair in French braids, the flush clasps and smooth exterior all reflect quality and instill confidence in the wearer. She bought a new zip-back black Polymorphe helmet - with which she can wear a ball-gag - to wear over it and has been prancing around working in her Grishkos at the barre in it. Teens! Sigh! Now that I’ve run out of valid reasons I can’t delay any longer so I’ll probably start her deep thrust training in the next few days.

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