Friday, July 17, 2009

NYC-BVI trip preparation

A pair of Oves Cervical Caps

Capping Cyndi’s cervix: In preparation for our trip to the BVIs I needed to get Cyndi fitted for an Oves. I had promised I would fit her for an Oves cap when she turned 16 if her cervix was capable of being properly fitted for one. And she was very anxious that she be able to wear one as Oves is much smaller and a far more sophisticated device than a FemCap and she viewed being able to successfully wear an Oves as a rite of passage for a sexually active young woman, which it certainly is. So I had booked her a fitting appointment at the clinic and while I was going to be her fitter I had Chuck there with me to get his concurrence in my judgment. He thought there was no need for him to concur as I had fitted hundreds of Oves type caps by then but I wanted to be sure so he was there. I knew from fitting her for Milex and Semina diaphragms that she had a smooth walled symmetrical cervix which is required to use a cavity rim cap like Oves. I gave her a ThinPrep pap test to make certain her cervix was healthy before I fitted her because if a woman has cervical dysplasia wearing a tight fitting cap will make the condition worse. Her cervix was very healthy.

The fitting itself took just a few minutes and it turned out that Cyndi took a 19mm Oves a much smaller one than the smallest size (22mm) when it was being manufactured by Veos, but we had found there was a niche market for a smaller size for petite women so we have a license to produce the 19mm size. The 19mm fit her perfectly and I taught her to screw it on to her cervix by giving it a turn to make sure the cavity rim sealed securely against the walls of her cervix. Then, after she had worn it for 30 minutes I had her remove it and I felt for the raised ring of tissue – and had her feel the ring as well - where the vacuum had pulled a bit of the cervical wall into the cavity in the rim, the sign of a very secure fit. Since Cyndi is protected by a GyneFix implant she only needs the Oves if she and her partner are playing with compressed fluids or gasses or when she is having dive-sex. There is something different about her since she turned 16 and was fitted for Oves. She now seems a much more mature, confident and a strikingly beautiful young woman than the girl she was only 2 months ago.

Morning routine: At our rented house in the Hamptons and at my place on Virgin Gorda we all took morning class, then pointe while wearing ‘drilling rigs’. The name ‘drilling rig’ to describe my practice costume came from one of the petroleum engineers who were evacuated from the Gulf oil drilling platforms last year during hurricanes and spent their idle time in Vegas. The term seemed to stick among my inner circle, Anya, Taryn, Diané and Cyndi, primarily because of the ease of access for rear entry sex. A drilling rig consists of a thong-back leo, pointe-shoes and a sports shield. No undies of course which means that I have to have my leos custom made to support my B/C cup breasts since I’m still lactating. After our menstrual extractions (more about that below) and once we got to Virgin Gorda since we were diving deep water we all had cervical caps inserted which provide protection at any depth.

The wedding/BVI trip and our periods: The trip was timed around Anya’s cousin’s wedding so we had to decide how we wanted to handle our periods this cycle. Because we have menstrual synchrony we would all be traveling from cycle day 24 of one cycle to cycle day 4 of the next 28 day cycle and all of the girls but me bleed through CD5. Returning readers will remember that I have a menstrual extraction procedure (an ME) done at the first of every cycle so that I only bleed for 1 ½ to 2 days and after that I can go back to safely wearing my Oves cervical cap. The problem was that since we are all cycling naturally we can’t have dive-sex below 10 meters while bleeding because we would be protected by diaphragms that distort due to water pressure below 10m. And since we wanted to dive the cove from CD28 through CD4 (an interval of 5 days) we needed to come up with a solution for the other girls. There were two possibilities. The first option was to take a 5mg tablet of Aygestin, the progestin norethisterone, each day starting a day or two before their periods were supposed to start and continue until the day before they wanted to start their periods. The Aygestin will mask the drop in a woman’s natural progestin level and prevent her period starting as long as she takes a pill each day. That method is used by my friends who are SCUBA divers and travel on live-aboard dive trips where there is no privacy for a girl to have her period. The down side of taking Aygestin is that my friends would have shifted their cycles by 5 days and would have taken the hormone progestin which we all have stayed away from hormonal birth control to avoid.

The other possibility was to have Chuck, a Gyn and Taryn’s boyfriend who was accompanying us, to give Anya, Taryn, Diane and Cyndi all menstrual extractions. That way we would all be using Milex or Semina diaphragms to collect the residual flow for 2 days and then when I was able to wear Oves they would be able to wear their strapless FemCaps again and our cycles would still be synchronized and they would avoid putting artificial hormones in their bodies. They each decided to have an ME even though it was an invasive method compared to Aygestin, so we had Chuck take along enough small sterile cannulas (small enough that there was no need to dilate the cervix) and other bits and pieces to perform the procedures. The extractions went well and Chuck put us all on doxycycline for a few days afterward to minimize any possibility of pelvic infection from pool or sea water. So all of us had our periods shortened and we had the full 5 days of protection we needed for deep dive sex.


  1. So, have the girls decided to continue with the MEs after this month? I would think after one experiences shortened periods, she would want to keep that going for a while.

  2. Probably not. A diaphragm will protect down to 10 meters and there are very few pools other that my 64ft. deep 'pit' that are deeper than 10 meters.


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