Sunday, July 19, 2009


A heavy rubber death-chick in her body-bag, is she or isn’t she?

Transitionwear: I collect ‘transitionwear’. For my friends who haven’t seen or heard the term before that’s because I coined it to describe clothing in which a woman died. I collect a subset of transitionwear, specifically what the woman was wearing when she was killed or died while having sex. It has to be in my size because I want to wear it while I’m having sex since I can feel the aura of the dead woman whose clothing I’m wearing especially while I’m penetrated by a man. Most of the transitionwear is of latex or leather. The shoes are usually stripper heels (5 inches or more) ballet-boots or pointe shoes thought I do have one or two pairs of leather slippers and a full range of helmets and gags. And I collect their birth control devices as well pulling diaphragms, FemCaps and IUDs out of vaginas still filled with semen. I don’t collect the restraints in which many of them die as I have no interest in or place for that much chain and rope.

For those who are wondering what the frequency is of women dieing during sex or dieing violently while dressed in fetishwear I’ll have to say that here in Vegas it is fairly common, about once a week from what I’ve been able to determine. Mostly it seems to be women in their late teens and early 20s who were so inexperienced in wearing the equipment in which they died that it was almost as though they committed suicide. You know the sort of things I mean; corsets that were too tight, masks that clogged and couldn’t be unfastened, filters that failed in a hostile environment, gags that were swallowed and so on. Then there are the few who have died from overexertion that triggered a previously unsuspected heart condition or burst an aneurysm and the ones who were strangled or suffocated by intentionally leaving them at the bottom of a pool to run out of air. That seems to be a common way to get rid of a pregnant teen out here. They are more and more frequently found in the swimming pools of houses in foreclosure here and God knows there are enough of them these days. Houses in foreclosure I mean. Occasionally there will be the professional hit on a working girl who wanted to go out on her own or accidentally got preggers and wanted to keep the baby or tried to blackmail a client. In the trade that sort of behavior is really bad for business so it’s quickly and brutally dealt with. The professional girls are usually dressed in their very best rubber or leather and left to die in creative ways in relatively public places as warnings to other women in the trade.

Friends in high places: I have a contact in the Council of Families that control the secondary economy here. There is a schism in the Council; some members think the public hits on working girls are more frequent than is good for business. To help decrease the body count in that category our arrangement is that my contact will let me know where a body is or will be and I get right of first refusal to clean it up. If she is my size and wearing something I want for myself (my contact usually knows how the girl is clothed) then I’ll take the job and harvest the transitionwear I want, and occasionally Taryn will come along to help. It’s tricky doing cleanup for a hit like that because of the locations the bodies are left in. Actually, I’ll almost always do the job if I’m available as it’s not a good idea to refuse a member of the Council too often. Because of my position and wealth I’m protected to some extent, but even with excellent security it is so easy to successfully hit a target, especially a relatively young sexually active female like me. So I’m under no illusion that I’m immortal. What is probably keeping me alive is the information I have on Council members who know if something happens to me everyone on the Council goes down. On the plus side many of the best and most overly ambitious girls in the business are my size rather than the big-breasted showgirl cows that appear in all the Vegas casino and show adverts. So proportionally there are a lot more beautiful and ambitious girls killed wearing unique and unbelievably expensive fetishwear in my size. There is a very, very high failure rate for entrepreneurs in the fetish sex trade here unless you have the proper connections.

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  1. Wow, thats cool for your collection of catsuits. i want some too *g*. they are so expensive when i want to buy one.


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