Friday, July 10, 2009

My wedding fantasy

Gillian Murphy and Maxim Beloserkovsky in Sylvia

ABT’s performance of Sylvia: We had a great time in NYC at the wedding and at my place on Virgin Gorda. In NYC we slipped away for a few hours to attend an ABT performance – at Lincoln Center - of ‘Sylvia’ the three act ballet by Frederick Ashton and it was marvelous! We had great seats row N starting on the aisle in the orchestra. Gillian Murphy (the auburn haired poster-girl for Gaynor-Minden) danced Sylvia and Maxim Beloserkovsky danced Aminta. Delibes music was beautiful and they were marvelous together! The performance was such a delight!

Sampling the Groom: The wedding went well. Everyone enjoyed Pirate’s gift, the sex for the wedding party. I hadn’t seriously intended to pursue a fantasy I had, but the opportunity arose as I was chatting the groom and one thing led to another. We were standing so close that as he rubbed against me I could tell he was really happy to see me! So, I’m pleased to say I was successful in having a quickie with him! It was only out of professional curiosity you understand - to see what sort of technique he would bring to the marriage bed. He is well hung and when aroused is about 7 or so inches long, but what I loved best was that he is at least 2” thick making him a really tight fit which was beneficial for us both! I was drippy wet by then being in the midst of a fantasy so we only used my natural lube. I had had his medical records hacked (just in case things got that far) to find out more about him and he had just had a complete physical, including a full panel of SDI tests, so I knew he was safe. He had no such assurance about my sexual health, but when I offered him a condom he said he never used them, but he did ask if I was protected and I said yes, but didn’t tell him what I was using. Fortunately the timing was right and I was CD27 and wearing an Oves cap so I was quite safe. Had it been two days later I would have been having my period and have been wearing a Milex diaphragm. There would have been no concern about pregnancy, but there is a certain amount of blood that coats a partner’s penis when a diaphragm is being worn to collect menstrual flow because the diaphragm moves around and the vaginal walls are coated with blood. So while there isn’t a huge mess a partner still has some blood coating his shaft when he withdraws.

Thinking back on our encounter I may have spoiled him for his bride. I certainly hope not, but I ripple-gripped him the third time he took me, when he began to falter and trying to please a man who has been ripple-gripped can be a hard act to follow. I hadn’t intended to ripple-grip him but we had so little time (about 30 minutes) alone and I wanted him to take me more than once. When he began to wilt while drilling me for the third time in 20 minutes I couldn’t let him drag things out and possibly fail to perform just ahead of his wedding night (What a psychological downer that would have been for him!) so I sucked the semen out of him with my vaginal muscles. All he could do was tighten his grip on my shoulders, quiver and gasp “Oh my God!” over and over with an occasional “Dear god, or an Oh shit, you have an amazing grip!” I love being able to surprise a new man with the strength of my pelvic muscles! He is a big well muscled man 6’4” and 230 lbs and my face was buried in his thick brown pelt of chest hair. I loved smelling the scent of his soap and sweat as he was crushing me in his arms! When I finished him off he collapsed on top of me gasping for breath and I had to struggle to roll him off me as he so large. Afterward, as he recovered, I Kegeled his load on to the sheets and then made up the soiled bed. He couldn’t walk for a few minutes and I thought surely someone would catch us because we were in the bedroom of the suite where the bar stock was being kept, but finally he got dressed and staggered out and I followed a few minutes later with no one else in the wedding party being the wiser.

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