Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vegas and dive safety

A Dive-Demon showing her twin hose Mistral regulator housing

Las Vegas and dive safety: Dive crews accustomed to working at sea level and in shallow pools for ease of work and safety need to make some dive plan adjustments when diving at altitude. Avoiding Barotrauma on descent or ascent is a normal part of a diver’s day. At the bottom of the pit there are the problems associated with working at depth; pressure adjustments of the ears, sinuses, the type vaginal devices worn and ‘squeeze’ in drysuits and cups. Greater depth shortens bottom time so two additional four person actress/camera teams have been sent out to make up for shortened dive durations and days off between dive sessions. Since identity is hidden when wearing some styles of masks and regulators Taryn wanted us to help by modeling vintage suits and reg sets, but I pointed out that we would be taking work from the dive-girls so we aren’t doing it. Well, officially we aren’t. We are however wearing much of the same equipment as the actresses are, just so we can get a feel for what wearing and breathing vintage SCUBA is like and some of it is remarkably uncomfortable.

Because Vegas is 2000 feet above sea level diving here is considered altitude diving and altitude correcting dive computers (most computers are these days) must be used because atmospheric pressure is less resulting in a higher risk of decompression sickness or DCS. The Graphic Media crews did not dive for 24 hours prior to flying here and adjusted to the altitude for another twelve before starting dives. The surface time was spent going over story-board scenarios and getting gear set up in and acquainting everyone with the pool area. For safety with repetitive dives a 12 hour surface interval is required. An 18 hour surface interval is required if the dive requires decompression to reduce nitrogen gas loadings. Since they have been diving fresh water no correction was needed for the lower density of fresh vs sea water.

Dive computer: While diving the pit the shoot director is on the bottom diving the same profile as the rest of the crew and is responsible for watching her dive computer to ensure the crew stays within a safe dive profile. When the shoot is in shallow pools where there is little danger the director usually is on the surface at poolside rather than diving with the crew but at depth for safety the director goes along. That way the actresses, because of their relative inexperience with deep diving, don’t have to worry with wearing and interpreting computer readings and can concentrate on looking lovely, seductive, in trouble, scared or whatever the scenario calls for.

Las Vegas and fantasy: Las Vegas is undoubtedly the capital of fantasy in the U.S. Of course there is gambling, sex and debauchery elsewhere in the country, but nowhere else is it so readily available, publicly practiced and generally accepted. This town lives off the nation’s lust for gamboling, gambling and the players belief that ‘if I’m lucky this one last time I’ll stop’. All kinds of fetishes and BDSM are widely available and usually fairly safe if you stay in the large clubs. Even Cyndi’s mom, who should know better, keeps sending out titled Brits as possible boyfriends and marriage candidates since she wants Cyndi to marry the eldest son of a Duke, preferably a rich one. Cyndi, at 16 hasn’t had a steady boyfriend since her bodyguard, Chris, got her preggers and she miscarried last year when they were visiting Eve on Virgin Gorda. She is in no hurry to become monogamous so she just samples the candidates and sends them packing having taught them far more than they could ever teach her about sex.

Men! Being involved in various aspects of the adult entertainment business I understand I’m living what must seem to most people a fantasy. But then I have an elaborate support organization to call on to make me look good for both my business projects and in private life. Personally I feel so safe with Oves sucking on my cervix! I think Oves makes me much more sexually assertive than I would otherwise be. I’m more confident in my allure, my ability to seduce, my power to have a man do what I want. However, the more success I have the more I want. Not unusual my analyst says with sexual addiction. A man who doesn't seem to react to me immediately is a challenge to be conquered and I enjoy that sort of challenge! A physician whom I recently had an encounter with said the CDC told him there is no vaccine to ward of an attack from my charms. I think he was kidding when he said that. He has two young daughters whose pics he showed me while we were snuggling in the afterglow and I was still draining his semen all over my thighs and the sheets. The girls are in their early teens and taking ballet and so as I lay in his arms he asked me questions about why their pointe shoes were so expensive. I thought that was really inconsiderate of him. Not asking about pointes, I love talking about one of my fetishes, but telling me about his daughters. Why is it that men who fuck me feel the need to show me the pics of their children? And why is it that most of them seem to have daughters?

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  1. "Why is it that men who fuck me feel the need to show me the pics of their children? And why is it that most of them seem to have daughters?"

    I don't have children (yet), but from my experience in my own relationship, sometimes sex would relax one so much psychologically that they think they can give you as many intimate details as they feel necessary. They think you're "in" their lives, especially men.

    Of course, you women can use this intimate knowledge to your advantage. I know there is a "Stiletto Spy School" out there (the Today show profiled it this morning as part of its "Today Takes a Vacation" series), and you might get some basics on spying, but you can use your seduction techniques in getting men to give up corporate or national security secrets.

    I remember on your old blog you were "attacked" by some woman posing as one of your dancers, but her pointe shoe got hung up in a hook after a kick and ruined her groin. Anyway, you might be a good candidate for the CIA. Just think of all the men you'd be able to get secrets from with your feminine wiles. Maybe you could even find out where Osama bin Laden is.


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