Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hormones and creativity

A Semina ‘Barbie Barrier’ diaphragm

Hormonal birth control and creativity: I’ve commented before on the fact that at St Lucy’s we try to minimize the number of ballet students during the normal school year as well as at the summer ballet intensives, who use hormonal contraceptives. That’s not only because of the annoying side effects of hormones like breast swelling and tenderness, weight gain and estrogen withdrawal headaches during pill-periods, but also because suppressing a woman’s ovulation can rob her of some of her most creative moments when both mind and body stretch to perfect her artistry and reach new goals. Allowing a student to extend her capabilities by training while fertile and at her hormonal peak is one of the strengths of the dance program. There is some slight increase in the injury rate of dancers during their fertile days because of the loosening of joints due to the estrogen peak but that is more than offset by the increased creative genius unleashed by an estrogen stimulated mind. There are a few women of course who for medical reasons (other than contraception) need to be on birth control hormones but they are often put at a creative disadvantage when competing with ballet students who are cycling naturally.

To maximize a students creative potential we try where possible to have her use a GyneFix IUD – a very effective and low maintenance method - or a cervical barrier for contraception so that she can experience the surge of creative energy released during her fertile days. Most students have a GyneFix implanted but still need a barrier as a sports shield. Our dancers prefer a Semina diaphragm for contraception and for flow control during menstrual sex and a strapless FemCap as a sports shield and thrust buffer for dive-sex. I’m pleased to say that in the 24 months we have been offering dive-sex at St Lucy’s there have been no women injured nor have there been any unplanned pregnancies for students using their cervical barriers correctly.

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