Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Abi, discipline training and asphyxia

Discipline training in vintage SCUBA

Adolph hires a new Pool-Assistant: Ellen, the Brit-chick who was Adolph’s previous PA never returned. [For more about her sudden departure see my entry for May 7, 2010] The new PA is who I thought he would choose. It’s Abigail (Abi) the gorgeous 24 y/o German with auburn hair. She is an expert swimmer/diver who he hired to teach an underwater bondage course at Splash. Her method of teaching divers results in an amazingly high accident rate, which is something that Adolph appreciates as he is continuously pushing the envelope as far as dive safety is concerned so she will fit right in. [For more about Abi see my entry for March 18, 2010.] In her way Abi is as much of a risk taker as Elke, who almost lost a student during a dive outing at Adolph’s place at Lake Tahoe, but she has an iron will and can stand up to Adolph where few other women can or will. Like me she is a bit Bi and we both like wearing latex and enjoy rough sex and she is talented en pointe so we get along well. We seem to be able to anticipate each other’s needs and are wonderful in bed together.

The 30 meter screen: Adolph has had heavy nylon netting hung across the well at a depth of 30 meters (about 100 feet) to prevent divers in trouble from sinking all the way to the bottom where it would be much more difficult to help them or retrieve them. It doesn’t catch the small discarded bits like birth control devices, (rings, IUDs, diaphragms or caps that are frequently pulled out of students undergoing discipline training, but SCUBA sets and divers can be easily raised off the net and 100 feet is easily within reach with Nitrox.

Swim cap asphyxia: Abi had her first experience with crisis management at Adolph’s the other day when a student she was disciplining with breath control was w/o air too long when she had her swim cap pulled over her face while she was fastened to the wall 40 feet below the surface. She was French and had been sent by Tanaquil for discipline training because while she was beautiful and in demand and had potential as a young courtesan she had an unpredictable streak which Tanaquil wanted broken. As far as we know she has no immediate family and no one outside the business knew she was coming to Adolph for disciplining so Tanaquil thinks no one should be looking for her. However Tanaquil is furious because she’s lost someone she was grooming to enter the highest levels of European society

The exercise: It is a relatively straight forward discipline exercise that is practiced in shallow water before the student is taken to test depth and strapped to the wall. A story line is established so the student can fantasize about being attacked while making a porn film while wearing vintage equipment. There is a great deal more truth to that scenario than we usually tell a student. Basically, the students own swim cap is used as a minimal rebreather bag after removing her mask. With her mouthpiece still inserted her cap is reversed filled with air as you would do to purge a facemask. Then her mouthpiece is removed and the air filled cap is pulled over the students face and the chin strap is fastened behind her head to prevent it accidentally coming off. There isn’t even a good breath of air in the cap once it’s pulled down on her face correctly it just prevents the wearer from drowning. After the first exhalation she is drawing the carbon dioxide back into her lungs and the latex cap collapses against her face as she tries to suck air into her lungs. It’s like closing the canister air intake on a gasmask while allowing the wearer’s exhalations to escape. Almost immediately there is a vacuum in the mask/cap and no air can be drawn into the lungs so asphyxia is only minutes away at the most.

When I’ve had it done to me it is a truly terrifying experience and it’s not as though if you could get the mask or cap off your face you could breathe, you are under water! There is the regulator mouthpiece floating nearby, but unlike with a gasmask when using a cap you are blind as well and with your arms strapped to the wall you may as well not be wearing SCUBA at all and are at the mercy of the person conducting your training. In this instance the girl’s twin-hose mouthpiece was floating just above her head when she suffocated. Had it just been a straight asphyxia scenario Abi would have been in control, but the student had such a lovely body that Adolph wanted to take her during the exercise. He had penetrated her and was well on his way to ejaculating when Abi pulled the cap over her face. However, he wouldn’t let her put the students mouthpiece back in until he came in her and by then it was too late. The video shows her squirming and her back arching as she struggled in the restraints but it was hopeless.


  1. Hi,
    i know you like breathcontrol, but how long did you do it ?

    You practiced in shallow water or strapped to the wall 40 feet below the surface ?

  2. Hi Mark, welcome to my blog!

    Yes, I practice in shallow water so if something goes wrong I can get to the surface. It’s a help to train as a free-diver but no one is trying for a depth record just endurance. I also trained to learn how to reduce my anxiety (by compartmentalization of my feelings) at being fastened to the wall which can be a huge distraction when you are trying to survive.

    Breathing compressed gas on the descent the trainee is pressurized to the depth at which she is fastened to the wall and her air source is removed, so when (or if) she is unfastened she can ascend letting air out of her lungs. I’ve found on the ascent after a course of breath training I am so sexually aroused that I’m near orgasm and need immediate relief from either a nearby man or by masturbation.

    How long I can do it depends on how well oxygenated my blood is. I’ve been able to go w/o air and still function for almost 4 minutes. The student’s safety is totally dependent on her trainer who controls her air supply and her wall restraints. That sort of thing is awesome as a sexual stimulant!

  3. If I understand you correctly you already tried the wall with your cap ? I understand that latex and BC is a sexual stimulant :)

  4. Yes, several times. I’ve had to work up to it, but after the first time in restraints on the wall with Adolph as my trainer I found I could manage it. I’m an adrenaline junkie so anything that gives me an adrenaline rush (and just having a rubber gas guard inserted will do that) I become sexually aroused. So imagine being encased in a black latex catsuit gloves, booties and matching black latex swim cap with my arms spread and wrists in adjustable steel cuffs with Velcro closures.

    He pulled my swim cap off and put it over my face and I filled it with air. That’s when he shut off my air pulled the reg from my mouth and shoved the air filled cap over my chin and fastened the strap. That first time I was trying to stay calm, but I began to have vaginal muscle contractions as I was nearing orgasm while still fastened to the wall and ended up getting off fucking my Penetrator plug which used up oxygen that I needed to extend my breathless interval. So when he freed me getting to the surface that time was a near thing! During the second and subsequent wall-hangings I have been able to compartmentalize much more effectively. But that sort of breathplay is dangerous because of the very real possibility of brain damage from oxygen starvation, if not drowning.

  5. Hi Jill,

    I know of the risks, but we know:
    No Risk, No Fun! :)

    And i'm sure, you look great in your catsuit / dive rubber.

  6. Hi Mark! I'm so glad you understand about my risk taking! Some men don't you know! Sigh! I do love to dive encased in latex! :-)

  7. hi, if you normaly wear your diverubber, do you also wear a latex hood / helmet and if you do, which one do you like the most ?
    The face open or maybe better a bit closed ? It also helps to hold your hair back and for your "training" you can also always wear your cap still then.
    I think, a snow-white cap is also sexy, with the contrast to black.

  8. In DiveRubber I try to always be encased as completely as possible with hood, gloves and booties, or pool pointes and a FFM. With long hair and being in the water so much I need to keep the pool chemicals away from my hair as much as possible. I use conditioner in it but if conditioner gets in the water it can get all over my equipment. The hood covers the forehead and chin which I think is great! I haven’t tried a contrasting swim cap color with my DiveRubber.

  9. where do you get your swim caps? what is the best size for them? i've seen them but the caps themselves are small. adults with lots of long hair require bigger caps too!

  10. Hi Anon, welcome to my blog! I used to wear latex caps, but in the last year I've switched to a silicone Speedo if I’m not wearing a hood. Speedo makes caps for long hair and they come in several sizes so you would have to try several and see which on fits best.

  11. rebreathing with vintage style swim caps is difficult. how do you make it to the bottom of a 9 ft pool with the cap over the face though? do you take a breath in at the surface and then make it to the bottom before exhaling so you can breathe in the cap while at the bottom?

    i've tried it with two caps. one over my face tightly strapped and another over my head covering the first cap. take a few breaths in and then try to dive to the bottom. i love that sensation of floating and relaxing as i breathe in and out of the cap . the strapped cap is best. my only issue is the cap isn't big enough over my face and the suffocated feeling to the face because of the water pressure doesn't make it last long. hearing my exhale against the swim cap on my face is very erotic though.

    How do you handle this? have you ever started from the surface doing this and made it to a 9 ft or deeper depth ?

    the bondage scene in a film would be ideal for this. two vixens in vintage gear (double hoses) and vintage swim caps handcuff a third unlikely victim and all while she is attempting to do this and then swim away leaving her helpless and all kinda theme. .. could see the sexual aspect of this too.. what do you think? ever been done before? you don't find much online about it... although it is a sexual fetish ... for some of us gals!

  12. do you remember the mermaid scene in "double team" the jean claude van damn movie ? ... have you ever done a scene in the pool with that same sorta theme? curious. love that , btw!

  13. Hi Anon, welcome to my blog. I don't usually free dive during breathplay. I free dive to build up stamina and lung capacity. What I so for solo swim cap asphyxia encounters is wear a SCUBA set to the bottom of a training pool. Then I can take my cap and mask off, fill the cap with exhaled air spit out my reg and pull the cap down over my face. That way, starting with previously exhaled air, shortens the interval before I begin to lose consciousness. I’ve played it too close a time or two and found I hardly had the strength to reinsert my reg. The rush was amazing!

    Your comment about: “two vixens in vintage gear (double hoses) and vintage swim caps handcuff a third unlikely victim and all while she is attempting to do this and then swim away leaving her helpless” sounds like a snuff film and I haven’t had any experience intentionally making those.

  14. I haven't seen the Jean Claude Van Damn film "double team". Do you have a YouTube link to the mermaid scene?

  15. the mermaid in the tank in the film is excellent. youtube doesn't have it but i'm working on getting that scene copied and posted with a url soon.

  16. love the fact that you do this blog and share your experiences with us through it. i've been a latex fetishist all my life and have experimented from time to time with eroticism in this regard with latex.

    do you have a favorite place in las vegas to buy your latex attire? i'd love to visit your club too and participate.

  17. That would be great, I'd love to see it!

  18. Hi again Anon, I'm pleased that you like my blog. I rarely perform in latex in public, but for private parties I can be tempted if there is an interesting man involved.

    As far as fetish shops I've dealt with both The Black Room German Fetish Shop and P.E.S. (The Studio: Fetish Boutique). My latex wardrobe includes items from: Polymorphe, Rubber 55 and House of Harlot among others and more recently the private latex fabricating capability of the fetishwear designers at Labia Labs for custom catsuits, hoods gloves and booties.

    Labia Labs began making custom vaginal plugs and developed the Penetrator (now in silicone) that has become so popular with women in my circle.

  19. do you ever sleep in the death suit? is it great to sweat pounds off in it? safe to do this?

  20. Anon, are you talking about a 'death rubber' diaphragm or a rubber suit in my size I've peeled off a dead woman to wear as my own? I always sleep with a death rubber diaphragm still inserted after having an unprotected man spew his seed inside me.

    With a death rubber latex catsuit/body condom or a neoprene wetsuit it depends whether I’m masturbating solo or have a lover fill me with his thick rich cream. I’ll usually strip off a wetsuit – I love masturbating in it underwater - as I find it too constricting to sleep in. However, I think a .2mm latex body condom, while it takes longer to get into, is a lot more comfy for sleeping after masturbating or after having a lover enter me through the relief zipper and splatter his molten pearl against the dome of my diaphragm.

    I think sleeping encased in rubber is safe as long as the room temp is low enough that I don’t overheat. Even so sex encased in rubber is a hot sweaty, but very pleasant experience. I do take care to stay well hydrated and use an aloe vera skin moisturizer to prevent skin problems when I wear a body condom for sleeping and a suit with a relief zipper is very important not only for penetrative sex but for urination.

    Does this answer your question? If not please ask.

  21. Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee in St. Peters Square, Rome.

    The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him 'Father'."

    The second Catholic man chirps, "My son is a Bishop. When he walks into a room people call him 'Your Grace'."

    The third Catholic gent says, "My son is a Cardinal. When he enters a room everyone bows their head and says 'Your Eminence'."

    The fourth Catholic man says very proudly, "My son is the Pope. When he walks into a room people call him 'Your Holiness'."

    Since the lone Catholic woman was sipping her coffee in silence, the four men give her a subtle, "Well....?"

    She proudly replies, "I have a daughter, slim, tall, 38D breast, 24" waist and 34" hips. When she walks into a room, people say,'My God'!"

    Ok, here is an Easter Humor Bit, just to make you smile.. Don't mean to get off topic and all, but you've done a great job of answering our questions here, and it's just a gesture here of thanks!.


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