Sunday, June 6, 2010

NymphGel, doorknobs and me

A doorknob sanitary sheath

My experience with NymphGel: I asked Jeff to let me try NymphGel. He was reluctant to let me, but eventually gave in because he has just reduced the amount of the active ingredient in it to the point that they think flashbacks will be far rarer and much less intense than with the Block 2a version that caused the volunteers who were trialing the initial version such problems.

It’s so intense it’s disorienting! Even masturbating is unbelievably intense and any phallic shaped object became a candidate for insertion. On the list of inanimate objects I was intimate with I managed to successfully fuck three doorknobs in my home while under the influence of NymphGel as well as the usual series of large dildos. And then I took Jacques, Peter, Pirate and Adolph the last of whom I actually thought was gentle which tells you how hyper I was. Fortunately I have a very stretchy vagina and had been prepping with a topical estrogen cream for more than a week, but even then getting the knob through my pelvic opening w/o causing severe bruising was tricky. I had taken 600 mg of ibuprofen before applying NymphGel knowing I was probably going to do some things I wouldn’t otherwise attempt and I had Anya stay with me in case I became self-destructive. My stallions enjoy menstrual sex so my being menstrual was a plus for them though it was messy when I mounted the doorknobs because I had to remove my gas guard since the knob fits behind my pubic bone where the anterior rim of the GG normally sits.

Doorknobs: I hadn’t fucked a doorknob since I was at SAB in 1988. Earlier, when I was in ballet boarding school in upstate NY some of the girls who had gymnastics backgrounds were far more flexible than me and routinely fucked their dorm room doorknobs after stretching condoms over them. But just so no one had more bragging rights than me I mounted my share and the challenge of being able to do it again occurred to me a few minutes after inserting the applicator of NymphGel into my birth canal. Being petite at 5’4” even with long legs I had to use a folding kitchen step and stand en pointe to get high enough to fit the knob between my labia as I held them spread with my fingers. Anya was thinking fast enough to talk me into rolling a Trojan Magnum XL lubricated latex condom over the knob before I mounted it, not that I wasn’t already well lubed with NymphGel, but it avoided the possibility of getting metal particles, oil and bacteria from the knob in my vagina and blood and NJ all over the knob.

Once in position the trick was doing pelvic thrusts onto the knob hard enough to get it past my pelvic bone w/o toppling backward off the step. After the knob was past my pelvic bone I could relax because the upper part of the knob was behind my pubic symphysis and held me snugly against the door. Then it was just a matter of contracting my vaginal muscles around the knob to stimulate my G-spot which was the easy part since anyone able to ripple grip a man can easily masturbate to a vaginal orgasm with something the size (2.0 inch diameter) of a doorknob. In the past I’ve had to concentrate to prevent panicking into severe vaginal contractions and clamping myself on the knob so tightly I can’t get off. With NymphGel I never felt at all anxious and thought I was always in control, which is one of the ways NymphGel clouds a girls mind.

In my defense, while in school I once forced a small coke bottle up my vagina on a bet so I knew I wouldn’t have a problem with a doorknob. It’s only been two days since I inserted a single application of NymphGel, but I haven’t had any intense flashbacks that I can’t handle though I have had some small ones that make my pelvis tingle and cause me to lick my lips and salivate when I look at doorknobs. Given no major flashbacks I think it’s safe for me to go diving with a gas guard inserted as I really need dive-sex.

Vaginismus and doorknobs: There was a girl in ballet school who I was competing with for Alpha in our circle of friends. We had a contest to see who could fuck the large doorknob on the Head Mistress’s office door while our circle watched. It was on a weekend evening I had a key to the Admin wing so we went in and locked the door behind us. We wrapped the knob in kitchen wrap since no one had a condom large enough to put on it. I went first w/o much trouble except a little bruising because I was still using the topical estrogen cream I used in order to be able take the coke bottle. It was only my third doorknob and the largest - being 2 ½ inches in diameter – that I’d tried. Fortunately it was low enough to the floor that with our long legs and en pointe we could reach it while standing on the floor.

My competitor in the contest while larger than me had a smaller pelvic anatomy and while she managed to mount the knob she couldn’t dismount. She needed to pull up in her shoes to get the knob out from behind her pubic bone and couldn’t do it and in the process of squirming she developed a class 1 tear. She had an anxiety attack and had severe vaginal muscle contractions (a form of vaginismus) and clamped down on the knob so she couldn’t move. We had to call the school nurse who called the doctor on call who got her strapped to a vertically positioned stretcher and administered a sedative while someone from housekeeping came to remove the other side of the doorknob assembly so she could be pulled off the door with the knob still stuck inside her. The doctor gave her nitrous oxide to anesthetize her while he removed the knob. Her urethra and bladder were badly bruised from the weight she put on the knob when she ‘sat in her shoes’ (put her weight on her heels) that caused her to slouch down and put most of her weight on the knob. And the class one perineal tear required several stitches. We tried to keep the administration from telling her parents but couldn’t and she was withdrawn from school. The good news was that I became the undisputed Alpha in my circle.

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