Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rubber, lust and euphoria

Manic-euphoria under the influence of NymphGel

Latex and lust: Jeff’s laboratories had been working on a product to treat depression but it appears to be better suited for jump starting a sexually suppressed woman’s libido. He started with pheromones from male perspiration and has increased the strength by an enrichment method that customizes the male molecules. The research project is called ‘Lust’ and limited trials have had considerable success. However some women are more sensitive to it than others and an overdose can cause severe problems in yet another instance of too much of a good thing being dangerous.

NymphGel: His labs have a developmental contract to customize the chemical formulation to increase the strength of the side effects by gene-splicing to more directly affect a woman’s endocrine system. As I mentioned it was initially developed for use in treating severe depression. However, in clinical trials it was found to be ineffective for depression, but was found to have an unanticipated side effect of sending the patients libido into overdrive. If developed (to the point that the results can be controlled) it may be used as a chemical agent in physiological and chemical warfare to control or disable women. Right now a woman treated with Lust not only will have a euphoric sexual encounter with anything she can get in her vagina, but have flashbacks afterward sending her into a sexually manic-euphoric state and the flashbacks can occur as much as a week after as little as a single application of the product. It’s pretty amazing to watch an experienced escort with an A-type personality who thinks she is in total control get mind-fucked by her own body. The flashbacks have proven to be the most worrisome side effect (for a commercial product) and extremely dangerous because suddenly going manic-euphoric when reasoned thinking is called for can be fatal. So far the flashbacks seem to be dose related. Below some threshold they don’t seem to occur, but that threshold differs from woman to woman.

For test purposes the formulation is being added to the silicone lubricant Jeff sells as DiveGel. This formulation is being tested as ‘NymphGel’ and is usually applied in the vagina or anus. There is also a perfume version, absorbed through the skin - sniffing it gets it into a woman’s blood stream almost as fast as vaginal insertion. There is also a pill which is less effective because it has to pass through the digestive system so it takes a higher dose and longer to reach the woman’s bloodstream. The chemical appears to have no affect on men. Jeff is using several of our escorts as volunteers to test the perfume version and two of them became pregnant almost immediately, not because they didn’t take their birth control pills, but because the chemical blocks the absorption of the progestin in hormonal birth control so ovulation is no longer suppressed. Another volunteer died while using the NymphGel version when she had a manic-euphoric flashback during a practice dive. She removed her regulator at the bottom of a 20 ft deep training pool and drowned. She wasn’t wearing a spit-strap on her reg [like the volunteer in the image accompanying this entry] because she and her partner were practicing underwater fellatio and she fought off her male dive-buddy who was unable to get her to the surface until she was so starved for oxygen she was brain dead. NymphGel can obviously mind-fuck a woman, but robbing her of her willpower is a minor part of the problem when she overdoses.

My ME and gossip: Today I’m CD2 and having my secondary libidinal peak as I’m menstrual. I Switched to my Reflexions latex gas guard Thursday night and went for my first of cycle Menstrual Extraction (ME) at the clinic Friday morning. While I had my feet in the stirrups getting my endometrium sucked out I swapped gossip with my Gyn. She was telling me about the recent rash of asphyxia incidents in her neighborhood where two teen girls have died during bondage encounters because the couples were not taking the proper precautions while using gasmasks equipped with rebreather bags. In one instance it was a girl-girl encounter where the girl’s mom was giving her 17 y/o daughter a breath control lesson and things went badly wrong.

Her mom said later that she was trying to help her daughter train in restraints with a rebreather to get a role in a porn video by being active in breath control encounters with her boyfriend. The BF is a sometime adult media actor and has a financial interest in an upcoming underwater breath control video that’s being cast. The daughter was in her skin tight latex wetsuit with her wrists tied and her mom was controlling the valves on her rebreather bag trying to get her daughter to increase the length of time she could go w/o passing out when she suffocated. Her mom went to pieces and is in a psychiatric hospital under a suicide watch while they try to calm her down.

I think a lot of the fatalities are because obtaining gasmasks and rebreather bags is so easy, relatively inexpensive and they aren’t bulky to store, carry or hide as circumstances dictate. And, they have been around for use in defensive military applications or as medical apparatus and have come to be thought of as harmless, or at least not dangerous. I’ve commented before that in my experience rebreather bags are a male fetish and that women who use rebreathers are often doing it at the request (or insistence) of their male partner who gets off when his rubber-chick is encased in rubber and struggling to breathe as he plants his seed in her belly. It’s a male domination fantasy for sure!

But as I mentioned earlier a gasmask and rebreather bag is a quick inexpensive way to take a step up and get into reusable breath control equipment w/o having to worry about getting tangled in a plastic dry-cleaning bag or the expense and maintenance of latex encasement suits and hoods. Unfortunately, it seems little thought is given to having a workable escape plan if something goes wrong while a rebreather-girl is without air.

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