Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 06-07-2010

These shoes were made for what company?

This one is difficult. You may not have enough information from this image to get the answer, but you guys are pretty resourceful.


  1. Oh now this is so silly must be shagging to much as for the life of me can not remember the details - and this is sad as I have almost the very same pair at home given to me by a very close friend when last in Russia.

  2. Ohhh...I hope you will give it another think... You are close geographically, but it is not a Russian company.

  3. Mmmm Jill This one was very hard to get . Also,even harder to explain. On this one I waited for someone to go first. For my first clue. The shoes model name KIYV was the second it got me to the region. Then I googled all the country's around Ukarine which are I have searched Russian Federation to the east; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west; Romania and Moldova to the southwest. . I tried pointe shoe made in each country. Nothing came back except Moldova. It had the largest links to dance shoes. So, I looked under Dance shoe makers 86 companys came back under a trade agrement.Yet one one was from Moldova.They had only two types of pointe shoes also, made slippers . But, mainly made Professional Tutu's and ballerinas customs like the Black Swan (odile)from Swan Lake
    The information onits home page said The creation idea belongs to Terentieva Tatiana, in the past ballet-dancer and now the owner of the company. The shop and office of the company are situated in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, in the building of Ballet and Opera Theatre. "Benefis" is the sole producer of ballet wear, shoes and stage costumes in its country. At the present it is a family business.
    It was the only maker of ballet wear in the region. This company had to be the one . The company is Benefis! My final answer !

  4. Yes paul, the company is Benefis. That's amazing deductive work to come up with that guess! I have a pair that has their small circular black ink stamp on the soles which was the only way I found the company to begin with.

  5. Wow, Paul. Ever thought of becoming a PI or an investigative journalist?

  6. Eric no I never thought to do that . The closest I came to that was a Security Guard for Estee Lauder.


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