Friday, June 25, 2010

Dive-sex with Daddy

Sildenafil citrate the Pfizer Riser

Anya’s father’s stamina: Anya’s dad said he had a wonderful time with me on Fathers Day. He loves a struggle to see who can last the longest though we all know that unless a woman is injured she can outlast a man any day. At the end after he had taken me 4 times in an hour and a half I pretended I was exhausted because I could feel him beginning to fade and we enjoyed the afterglow snuggled together and slept for an hour then showered and had a light dinner. Afterward we watched Ironman 2 while we digested the meal and planned our dive-sex encounter. He said he was going to wear a cock ring and take 50 mg of Viagra (Sildenafil citrate) so when we went to the bottom of the pit, my 65 ft deep pool, he would be back to his physical peak as far as his erection was concerned. The Viagra worked quickly and he was ready again in a lot less than the 30 minutes the Viagra patient information leaflet says.

Dive-sex with daddy: For dive-sex I wore a pair of Gepetto’s new underwater bondage boots (UBBs) that are weighted to hold the wearer on the bottom of whatever body of water she is diving. [There is more about these new diving bondage boots later in this entry.] He had seen them in my dive equipment room and became fully aroused almost the moment he saw them so he was delighted when I asked if he would like me to wear them during our dive encounter. We each wore a single 130 cu ft tank and Ocean Reef Raptor FFMs (the black ones) and breathed Nitrox II (36% oxygen) to lessen the chance of decompression sickness. He wanted to ‘help’ protect me by inserting my gas guard for me, a flat spring latex Reflexions diaphragm and I let him. He was not used to the very stiff spring in the rim – his wife wears an All-Flex as a gas guard in their hot tub - and it took several tries before he was comfortable with his grip so that he could spread my labia and, while holding the rim compressed into a long oval, insert the gas guard, gently pushing the rim along the back wall of my vagina until it was behind my cervix, then tucking the anterior rim up into the notch behind my pubic bone. I checked before he started that his fingernails were short and smooth so he wouldn’t accidentally puncture or tear the stretchy latex dome of my protective rubber wall and I checked afterward to make certain that he had positioned the diaphragm correctly so my cervix was protected. “Trust but verify” as one of our presidents used to say.

Tunneling: I was CD17 and luteal on Fathers Day. So there was no real concern about my becoming preggers, because I had ovulated three days earlier, but a torn or punctured gas guard would have left me exposed to the possibility of an embolism if the hydraulics of his thrusting forced an air bubble into my uterus. So, just in case, I was wearing an Oves cap sucking on my cervix (which I never told him about) so I was double bagged for our dive encounter, in case he thrust into me at such an acute angle that he was able to break the seal and get his tip under the rim of my gas guard and shoot his wad directly against my cervix. Wearing an Oves under the Reflexions I didn’t have to pay attention to which way he was thrusting, I could just enjoy his body working inside mine as much he was enjoying drilling me. “Tunneling” - acute angle thrusting allowing penetration of the penis under the rim of a properly fitted gas guard - is rare, but it can happen if the woman tents a great deal. And, she is at greatest risk of having tunneling occur when she is penetrated from behind while on all fours or standing with her hands on her knees so that gravity pulls her uterus further back and down deepening her vagina and pulling the anterior rim of her gas guard further out of her pubic notch.

The dive: To add a bit of spice and mystery I wore one of my Casinos signature canary yellow string-tie thong bikinis. I think it’s far more fun when I wear a bit of clothing however small for my men to remove which keeps their imaginations active. And I wore a BCD with an integrated weight system, but wearing my UBBs I removed most of the weight packs since each boot weighs 13 lbs. He was fascinated to watch me put on my dive boots wearing nylon calf length hose to ease getting them on and off and minimize the likelihood of rubbing blisters on my toes. I had already adjusted the laces so it was a matter of seating my toes in the blocks and then letting him zip them up. He wanted to fasten the shaft locks so when he locked me in my boots I had 26 pounds of lead on my feet that I couldn’t get off w/o a key. As we descended he seemed spellbound watching the air bubbles rise from around my calves as the water filled my boots and pushed out the trapped air. I thought there was going to be a problem with him equalizing the pressure in his ears and sinuses as we descended, but after a try or two he got the hang of pushing on the mask to operate the equalization system and when we got to the bottom he was comfortable and alert with no sign of nitrogen narcosis. I didn’t think there would be a problem, but I’d never dived with him at a depth past 20 feet so I couldn’t be certain.

On the bottom I enjoyed the relative freedom wearing the bondage pointe boots gave me so I wasn’t held in place by ankle leashes and could move around and even do flips though with that much weight on my feet that took planning and effort. Then I slipped his package out of the cup of his navy blue Speedo slingshot. I had to be careful because he was already erect from watching my boots outgas during our descent and I helped him get his cock ring in place. A nice thing about him having waxed pubes is that it made getting a cock ring onto him a lot simpler because I didn’t have to be careful not to get his hair tangled and pulled which I imagine can be a distraction. I had already inserted a 10 ml applicator of DiveGel before we began our descent so I was ready to rock and roll.

Penetration: After I spread my labia and helped him insert himself I let him set the pace and it seemed that with the Viagra and the cock ring he was as hard as I’d ever seen him He took me three times while we were on the bottom. The first two were in modified missionary with me straddling his hips and by the time he finished the second I could see by his bubbles that he was beginning to tire. For our last time I had him penetrate me from behind where I could take him deeper inside me. Even though I was working with the rim of my gas guard hampering the contractions of my vaginal muscles I ripple gripped him to make sure he had a wonderful final dive orgasm. I could tell from his moans and the strength of his grip on my hips as he held himself buried as deep in me as he could get that when he spewed it was going to be the most violent orgasm he had had with me so I checked the area to make sure that when he bucked he wouldn’t throw us into a wall. We were mid pool and relatively safe so I continued my ripple grip and when he shot off he threw us over backwards. With his death grip on my hips he was still locked inside me and trying to go deeper. I thought as we somersaulted we might land on his back, but I managed to stroke for a bit of height that allowed us to complete a 360° flip and I managed to land on the platforms of my boots and only have to take a tiny step back with one foot to stabilize us on the bottom again and after a few more gentle thrusts into me it was over and he withdrew. I checked my air and it was about half gone but his was three-quarters gone so we had no time to linger on the bottom for him to enjoy the afterglow. It was a good thing we stopped when we did because he was a lot more tired than he first seemed. He slept most of the next day and he is fine now, but I think perhaps the last time or two might have been pushing it and if we have another encounter I’m not going to push him as hard. Too much of a good thing can be dangerous.

Underwater Bondage boots and shaft locks: As I mentioned earlier in this post, Gepetto has designed a new version of his rubber Dive-Boots, which are ballet boots with neutral buoyancy. All Gepetto’s pointe boots have shaft locks as an option so the wearer can be locked in her boots and her Dom or boyfriend can keep the key so she is unable to get them off w/o his permission. His new underwater bondage boots are dive-boots with lead weights fitted under the soles and platforms to hold the wearer underwater. She can wear a BCD with enough lift to get her to the surface while wearing her UBBs or if she isn’t wearing a BCD she can remove her boots. Of course if the shaft locks have been closed then she needs the key to get them off. Testing the prototype UBB here has already brought about one fatality and two near misses. The fatality occurred when a new tester took her test boots home (which she wasn’t supposed to do) and her teen daughter wore them in a pool alone with the shaft locks closed and was unable to get out. She had no back-up plan like a knotted ascent line or pool ladder so she could get off the bottom w/o taking her boots off and ran out of air. She was found the next morning. The shaft lock key was on a patio table by the pool. Gepetto’s lawyers are telling him the boots are too dangerous to sell even to professionals if they have as features both weights to keep the diver on the bottom and locks so she can’t get them off.

The locking garter that circles the wearer’s leg above the calf at the top of the shaft is made of titanium mesh to prevent a Sub from cutting the lock off with a dive knife while her Dom is not watching. Gepetto is considering a ‘safety’ version that has the locking garter made of Kevlar that can be cut through in a few minutes time with a sharp knife. Meanwhile what I’m having my escorts who are testing the UBB prototype is to wear a diamond wire saw in the string casing of their thongs. A diamond wire saw is a piece of specially treated wire with tiny ceramic chips imbedded in it as teeth. The first diamond wire saws were made with real diamond chips which is where the name came from, but with new extremely hard metals ceramic blades work a lot better. With practice a girl can cut through the shackle in two or three minutes per boot so you have to realize you are in trouble and have a few minutes to be able cut your way out.


  1. Wow! The guy must've really been going at it with you in the pit. Have you ever been flipped down there before, or is that what those teathers are supposed to be for?

  2. Hi Eric. I’ve not been flipped while using ankle leash tethers. The ankle tethers along with buoyancy vests are to used hold the woman (and therefore the couple) off the bottom and away from the walls of the pool so that her male partner doesn’t have the leverage to cause the couple to flip. With the stabilization of the tethers and BCD combination the woman is usually held fairly stationary while her partner thrusts into her.

  3. Well, I was wondering if you have been flipped before you did the teathers.

  4. Yes, but I wasn't held on the bottom at the time with weighted boots I was just taken in mid pool. Tethering is best if I'm not weighted so I'm held on the bottom, because otherwise you just tumble all over the place and have to watch out to prevent hitting a wall which really interrupts the mood.


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