Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pointe Shoe Quiz 06-26-2010

Who is the Maker of these Shoes?


  1. You almost had me going on this one, Jill! My first clue was to look at the design of the foresole. It looks like an extended script M. Of course, my first instinct was Mirella, but none of the Mirellas I see on Discount Dance or others that selld Mirella matched this shoe.

    So, I took a flyer at trying to make a Yahoo! search for pointe shoe manufacturer. That pointed me to a page from Pointe Magazine, which had a list of manufacturers at the end, and I saw "Merlet." Lo and behold, the exact same picture above was on display! In fact, those shoes are Merlet Empreinte.

  2. Yes Eric, you're right! The Shoes are French. They are the Merlet Empreinte


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