Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day in Vegas

Lace wrapped Fathers Day gift

Doing Anya’s Dad: For Father’s Day I’m fucking Anya’s father, or is it that he’s fucking me? Readers who were with me when I was blogging on Yahoo 360 remember that Anya’s dad is a diamond merchant headquartered in NYC and that he and his wife have an open marriage where he keeps a mistress who is on his payroll as a personal assistant so she is available when he needs intimate support. However, her dad has always had a thing for me and since they are here for two weeks over Father’s Day his wife thought he would enjoy me as an Fathers Day gift. His wife has her own stable of lovers and neither of Anya’s parents would consider divorce so sexually gifting each other has become something of a hobby. Though Anya says I’m quite special since her dad lusts after me unbelievably and has been fantasizing about having dive-sex with me again.

Her mom suggested I have him use a cock ring and Cialis since taking me underwater might be a distraction for him. I think that would be ego bruising for him if I were to suggest that w/o him having trouble performing with me so I intend to have him penetrate me naturally as he has in the past. I didn’t tell her – and I don’t think she knows - that we had already been intimate more than a year ago at the bottom of a 20 ft deep training pool and he performed very well for a 56 y/o man w/o any performance enhancing equipment or chemicals. I think that was because he is extremely active sexually so he stays in shape. I hope things haven’t changed. His shaft is wonderfully thick and long enough to have his tip kiss my cervix when he takes me from behind so he is a really fun fuck. He’s actually a pretty good diver as well as a lover so I’m rather looking forward to our encounter. Anya and her mom are going shopping and doing the shows while we are in the pool and bed. After the show Anya’s stallion, Robin, and Pirate for her mom are meeting them at their pool bungalow for sex, dinner and a sleepover while her dad and I sleep at my place tonight.

The Barbie plug: Unlike a ‘Barbie Barrier’, a Semina diaphragm, a Barbie plug is a student’s Penetrator Plug with the anti-expulsion ridge and perineal removal ring. The students in our first SI several years ago named it for Barbie because when it is inserted all the wearer’s genitalia are concealed so her pelvis appears smooth like Barbie’s. We use it during the SI to get students used to the feel of working at the barre, center and en pointe while penetrated. Generally, after an adjustment interval, you can’t feel an inserted diaphragm, cervical cap or menstrual cup but a Penetrator fits snugly against the ring of nerves just inside the entrance to the vagina and over the labia and clitoris so dancing while plugged can be distracting at first and take some getting used to.

The Summer Intensive and Gardasil: A reader asked if we recommend the HPV vaccine Gardasil for SI students. The answer is yes. All our SI students have completed their three shot regimen of the HPV vaccine before coming to the SI. We see that as necessary because HPV is so easily transmitted and women with multiple partners are at a higher risk.

Rebreather Mistress: Abi, the German girl who is Adolph’s new Pool-Assistant [see my post for June 8, 2010] has also morphed into his latex encasement and rebreather mistress. He takes her everywhere with him showing off her lovely body sheathed in a skin tight latex membrane. Her encasement suits are usually black, but she has a rainbow of colors which she wears depending on what pleases Adolph at the time. For breath play as well as when they go shopping she wears an Ocean Reef Space Predator – the one with the gold colored regulator – and a 25 cuft air bottle for one ATA play. When they go to a restaurant she is allowed to take off her FFM to eat. Even in Vegas she stops traffic when she’s with him. In the desert in the summer wearing a latex encasement suit can be extremely dehydrating so when she is out and about on Adolph’s arm she has a thermal hydration bottle with her with a sports drink to replenish her electrolytes lost through sweat. Fortunately Abi has amazing stamina because even with A/C in cars, casinos, show venues and restaurants being an encasement and rebreather mistress can be exhausting, and that’s just while on display and before any sex.

The Maître D's in the better restaurants know Adolph. Even so, at first they were a bit concerned about seating him at his usual table with a mistress clad in full rubber fetish regalia. Their concern quickly turned to delight when they found that his presence with a mistress clad in skin tight latex was a gift to the bottom line as it increases the number of diners in the restaurant while he is there. At first apparently a rubber fetishist on a restaurant’s staff tweeted that Adolph was dining there with his rubber doll. Now it’s common practice for someone, it’s not Adolph, like me he doesn’t tweet or do Facebook, to tweet when he has a restaurant reservation. And, he is just vain enough to love the attention being seen with latex clad arm candy as long as he doesn’t have to get involved with interviews etc. No one else out here has the arrogance and nerve – or has a latex mistress who is skilled and beautiful enough - to be able to pull off dining in public with a fully encased rubber-chick so that both of them look confident and comfortable doing it.

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  1. I think seeing a woman in full latex in the desert would make me stop in my tracks and gawk in awe. I can't believe you don't have a Facebook account. Maybe you're private enough to not do that, yet be public enough to blog.

    BTW, you must have a report on Anya's dad when you're done with him tonight.


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