Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pointe shoe Quiz 06-04-2010

Where are these shoes made?


  1. After an exhaustive web search, I can only come up with that those shoes are made by Fuzy. There are only two companies that I saw that make split-sole pointes: Fuzy and Leo's. Leo's' have a criss-cross pattern in the sole, while Fuzy has the wavy design in the front sole. The logo on the heel sole and in the insole is throwing me off, though.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Fuzi is a really good guess since the fore-sole does have a similar pattern. However, they aren’t Fuzi Shoes. Yes, the logo on the heel and to a lesser extent insole is key. I hope you will try again.

  3. Well, there is a "Swize" on the heel and insole, but I couldn't find anything that matched.

  4. Hello Jill ,
    There not Swize , The Name Is Swiga
    From The Swiga International Group . A commigrate of three countrys.The Head office is in the UK ,base london where this version was made for .Model Number BL-60. The one in China Swiga is based in Shanghai there is no logo on the shoe .But,on the soft slipper is the name Swiga.Also this product is sold here in the US in Westmont, IL Under Swiga interional . Good quiz it took a while . Had to move some letters around . About 60 try's in name pattern writting.

  5. Yes Paul, good for you! SWIGA is a Chinese Company.


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