Friday, April 22, 2011

Aimée gets a GyneFix

The Mirena (levonorgestrel releasing) IUD

A Mirena failure: In the last week we have had five professional women, come in for verification of the results of home pregnancy tests. That by itself isn’t at all unusual, but three of them had Mirena IUDs inserted and all five are young resident Gynecologists who were at the same fetish club private party during a Gynecological convention at a rival casino/hotel several weeks ago. Returning readers know it’s not unusual for women to become pregnant while taking oral contraceptives because they aren’t taking them correctly. However, the contraceptive failure rate for the Mirena is less than one in a hundred women over a one year interval so having three Mirena related pregnancies occur simultaneously with two other oral contraceptive failures and all to Gynecologists who know the need to avoid things that could reduce the protective level of progestin in their bodies is not a coincidence especially since all five attended the same gasmask-grope at an up-scale rubber club out in the valley. All three of the pregnant Mirena users had secondary amenorrhea (were not having periods because of the continuous progestin release) so they only discovered something was wrong when they began to be nauseated in the mornings. Their IUDs were properly in place and were continually releasing the required amount of progestin, about 20 mcg/day of levonorgestrel when first inserted.

When I realized the extent of the HC failures it immediately occurred to me that the women were involved in something similar to what I did to the three UNLV grad-students who were giving Taryn’s Cosplay club friend such a hard time about using a diaphragm for contraception. I wrote about that in my April 14, 2011 entry: ‘Gasmasks and pregnancy while on the pill’. I used an aerosol progestin blocker disguised as a lens cleaner that the targets sprayed into their own gasmasks to make their hormonal contraceptives ineffective. In this most recent instance I suggested the blood drawn for the serum pregnancy test also be tested for the level of the progestin from their contraceptives and in the case of the Mirena users the level of bound levonorgestrel was almost nonexistent indicating that another steroid had bound to the women’s progesterone receptors blocking any contraceptive effect from the progestin being released by the Mirena.

Since for now it’s impossible to say exactly how the progestin blocking steroid was administered, who was responsible, what the motive was and if this sort of attack on women using hormonal contraception will continue I thought it would be best if I had Aimée get her GyneFix (copper) IUD implanted sooner rather than later. And, if somehow Aimée had been exposed to the progesterone blocker the copper ions in her uterus would act as a morning-after contraceptive and prevent any of her partners’s sperm from fertilizing her egg if she had been made fertile and ovulated. So first thing this morning Aimée and I went to see Chuck, the male Gyn at the clinic, the most experienced of our GyneFix implanters and in less than an hour she was the delighted owner of a new GyneFix implanted securely in the fundus of her uterus. She had to have her cervix dilated a bit to get the implantation tool in place which she found uncomfortable, but took 800 mg of ibuprofen and she felt fine. She was given ten days of an antibiotic – because Chuck knew that she was going to have penetrative sex right away – and told to use Semécide and her Reflexions for at least a week while the implantation site is healing. The new implanting procedure for GyneFix has decreased the expulsion rate for Chuck’s patients to less than one in a thousand so he and I both think Aimée will be very safe.

Sometimes after an IUD is implanted the patient’s uterus will cramp and for others it’s a bit like having their periods and they will have only an occasional mild cramp. That is the way it has been so far for Aimée and this afternoon she has been enjoying the intimate delights that Doug can give her during dive-sex with no change in her energy, sex drive or sense of humor.

Precautions: given the rash of Mirena pregnancies indicating some sort of localized systemic failure of hormonal contraceptives we thought it best to add contraceptive hormone level tests as well offer to increase the frequency of tests for hCG for our casino entertainers as well as at Splash, The Lorelei and at Adolph’s 200 ft deep BDSM training facility (the well) at his place in the hills north of the city. None of the Towel-Girls at Splash or the female Escort Subs who work at The Lorelei have IUDs other than GyneFix, but several are on oral contraceptives and tested positive for the progesterone receptor blocker so were immediately given the new five day emergency contraceptive ella and told to switch to a copper IUD or a barrier method of birth control. The girls testing positive for the progestin blocking steroid had been with boyfriends at fetish clubs other than the one where the Mirena using Gyns became pregnant so it seems the contraceptive blocking steroid is being released in more than one location.

Jack on instilling & developing kink: “Here's the deal. You can learn techniques but like taste for food, you can't be taught to like wine or cheese or sweet bread... You can have someone tell you that kinky things attract some men and some women "get off" on them... and maybe the student turns out to be one of them. But usually fetishes are planted in some early experience… childhood to adolescent and reinforced over time usually with fantasy and masturbation until the person decides for whatever reason to come out of their closet and embrace their kink. And then it's about finding a partner who matches YOUR kink not just any kink. Not everyone will find kink appealing, but most will find an attractive female appealing regardless of what she wears and "sexy" clothes all seem to be about calling attention to the body and the curves and so forth. Fetish attire seems to be rather in your face in that respect as opposed to being subtle. And are the best catches out there all into kink? Does a kinky chick stand a better chance of landing the best prize? Hard to know. Since kink and fetish are expensive... all the gear and so forth, it seems to be the playground of the rich, though not all the rich are into kink for sure. I do see an appeal to elitism with fetish… as opposed to the more down and dirty porn approach. It's really complex, nuanced and esoteric and it seems to me rather beyond the ability of a young girl to full embrace the program. Most things like ballet, or art, or wine and or sports get better with time, maturity and so forth. I think fetish sex is right there with them and so I am hardly believing that 15 year olds can "pull it off" as an accomplished fetishist. Who knows?”

Fetishes are taught as part of Advanced Sexual Techniques to give St Lucy’s students an extra arrow or two in their quivers if needed. Understated glamour works extremely well among the upper classes, but if a girl has her sights set on a party animal then matching his kink to one of hers almost guarantees her success.

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