Monday, April 18, 2011

Pointe shoe Quiz April 18, 2011

What is the shank strength of these Gaynor Mindens

This will be tricky if you aren’t familiar with Gaynor pointes.


  1. Jill ,
    This is a green bag Gaynor Mindens,
    The shank on these shoes is Gaynor Minden's HARD shank. Code is either "511," "521," or "522"- basically any 3- digit code that starts with the number 5 is a Gaynor Minden hard shank.

    How I do?

  2. Come on guys; Eric, Paul S, jj, Gyro, Leigha, ballet lover, anonymous and any one else who might like to try

    There are only five shank strengths for Gaynors: Hard, Featherflex, Supple, Extraflex and Pianissimo (in that order) so even guessing you stand a 20% chance of being right!

  3. OK I go for featherflex then - the most common strength

  4. Sorry, Jill, but I'm not too keen on shank strengths. However, I'll take a gues of featherflex.

  5. Based on theit length and the location of "where the shoes are curved", I would say they are supple (#2, pink bag), with not beeing absolutely sure.

    Whatever, I also think they are too hard for her and maybe a bit running too long (would say 1/2 size too long), based on the way the fabric seems to be extended to the floor when she's en pointe (right foot).



  6. I'll go with 'hard' (guess) although something tells me it might be 'Extraflex'...

    Will go with first though!

    Paul S

  7. Ok... We have two correct answers:

    The answer is hard shanks (green bag) from Paul D and a great guess from Paul S!

    Gyro and Eric going with featherflex was a logical choice, but not the right one.

    And Ballet Lover with supple was a good guess as well.

    Keep in mind that Gaynors can be heat molded to curve to the dancer’s foot regardless of shank strength.

    Thanks for participating everyone!

  8. This is so fun.
    Looking forward to the next Quiz


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