Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fellatio, gags, gas masks and vaginal hooks

Model with a spider gag inserted

The Photo: This is such a great image with the saliva drooling out of the models mouth! And the ‘legs’ make the gag look a lot more dangerous than it really is. Adolph and his PR shop decided that this wasn’t the look that would attract sophisticated European women to The Lorelei. There is too much fear in the woman’s eyes to project languor and eroticism which is what he is selling. I think it is an image that appeals to the male slave-master and Adolph may use it if he advertises for Splash.

Gigi and other Towel Girls at splash already wear spider gags (which are premium items) and men will die for the opportunity to ejaculate down the throat of a young TG while she has a spider gag inserted. Actually one out-of-town client nearly did that several weeks ago when a local member sponsored him at Splash as a guest. He hadn’t been taking his heart pills while he had been playing the tables. He had been winning and was at splash with his sponsor to relax and spend some money on young girls so Gigi took him behind the Red Door and he had a heart attack while he was squirting semen down her throat. He is ok since the EMT techs on duty stabilized him and got him to the hospital very quickly. His wife was told that he was excited about winning at the tables. Gigi gave him the spider gag she was wearing as a souvenir.

Jack on ring gags and fellatio: “The ring gag shown will hardly accommodate most cocks (too small) and likely not feel especially good to those cocks passing through it. The concept is cute though... forcing the mouth open so that it must accept a cock. If the jaw cannot move and the lips can't suck, and play with the cock the experience is more a psychological one of using a mouth for a receptacle. Oral sex is often preferred because (wo)men have more skill and options of providing sensations with their mouths than their vaginas or anuses. Not all receptacles are created equally! Of course there is the tongue - vaginas, anuses and receptacles don't have articulating tongues. I doubt whether ring gag oral sex is actually practiced much. I think not. It makes for sexy photos. Like so much of fetish... sex is driven by fantasies which hardly match reality”.

My reply: Actually, there are different size gags. The size of the gag in the photo [For my entry of April 7, 2011 entitled The Spa at The Lorelei and Hoods] – like baby bear’s porridge - is just right for the couple using it. It’s wrapped with silicone tape and is used with a flavored water soluble lube so while it may appear snug for a well endowed stallion there are larger ones available. The model could have been posed with a much larger gag inserted, but keep in mind that pool of potential guests Adolph is targeting expect relative comfort at The Lorelei so an advert showing a model posed with a very large BDSM Ring Gag inserted just isn’t good PR. The idea is to sell prospective guests on kinkily erotic sex w/o too much discomfort involved. Of course guests may bring their own or specify a particular device if they wish.

Guests who are first time gag users are taught to caress their partner’s frenulum with their tongues so that their partners don’t have to do much, or any, thrusting and they can get him to ejaculate very quickly or make an individual encounter last as long as they want. This is particularly effective when a guest who adores the taste and the feel of semen sliding down her throat orders half a dozen or a dozen fellatio partners to be taken consecutively. She can specify the men’s diets so their semen tastes of alcohol or red meat or sweet by having a fellatio stallion eat pineapple, or, on a perverse note, some women even like a fellatio partner to eat asparagus before their fluid exchange.

Gas Masks and pussy hooks: I suppose it’s the ease of obtaining gasmasks and pussy hooks (with those a fetishist can make his own) as well as rubber and BDSM fetishists wanting to learn how my circle use them that make the terms ‘gas mask’ and ‘vaginal hook’ or ‘pussy hook’ fave searches of my blog. Both Gas masks and vaginal hooks are relatively inexpensive and almost entirely male fetishes though their submissives or girlfriends are the ones who are frequently injured while wearing them. Gas masks at least have a protective function if used as intended for breathing in a hostile atmospheric environment.

Gas mask fatalities (at least around here) seem to occur primarily among a few bi-polar male fetishists who off themselves when manic during a solo breathplay encounter while wearing a gasmask fitted with a rebreather bag. Then, it’s probably while trying to set a personal best for length of time with the rebreather bag valve closed. The guy will have been drinking and pass out and vomit in his mask and drown in his own vomit or become unable to open the valve from lack of oxygen and suffocate from carbon dioxide poisoning. More instances of lack of attention to detail in not planning an effective escape strategy in case something goes wrong.

Vaginal hooks on the other hand, have no redeeming social value whatever! They are diabolically misogynistic and masochistic devices used only to terrify or torture women with the thought of damage to their reproductive tracts and other organs in their pelvic area. However, for some few masochistic submissives being led around by a leash attached to a pussy hook can be thrilling. The hook is equipped with an anti-expulsion ridge that fits behind her pubic bone so the woman can’t remove the hook and needs no harness or belt to hold it in place. The anti-expulsion ridge is expanded with a key to lock the hook behind the woman’s pubic bone and it will require the key to remove it. For a woman in the right mental state that sort of situation and possible danger can be a huge turn-on. I think it’s more the fantasy of what could happen if her Dom yanked brutally on the hook than the fact of it actually ever happening. And that is the most benign use of a pussy hook! Another use is in a bondage situation where the woman is tied up with rope running through the attachment ring at the end of the shaft so that any movement on her part forces the hook deeper into her vagina.

Diabolique: I think the most diabolical use of the pussy hook is when the hook is fully inserted and the woman is hung from it. For a sociopathic sadist - returning readers know who I mean - tying a woman up, inserting a hook in her vagina and attaching it to a motorized winch on a rolling frame like auto mechanics use to lift engines out of cars is great fun. When she is lifted off the floor suspended by the hook behind her pelvis the weight of her body causes her to hang horizontally so the hook tears through her anterior vaginal wall, puncturing her bladder and often her uterus. Her entire weight is placed on her pubic symphysis which for a woman weighing 100 pounds or more is enough to pull her pelvis apart. If she doesn’t faint immediately the time it takes for her pelvis to tear apart is accelerated by her writhing in pain. When the pubic symphysis is pulled apart the surrounding soft tissue tears and she drops to the floor gravely injured and sometimes leaving parts of her bladder and uterus on the hook. She will bleed to death in minutes if one of the arteries supplying her uterus is torn.

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