Sunday, April 10, 2011

A rape fantasy insemination Pt II

A Lorelei guest on a dive outing to Lake Mead

The Photo: The Lorelei’s insemination guest encased in a Hunter Gates Pro-AM 1050 Drysuit on a dive outing to Lake Mead. The suit and Interspiro FFM were borrowed from the selection at The Lorelei since she didn’t bring a drysuit and didn’t want to have to clean her FFM after diving the lake.

Baby sitting: I’ve ended up showing Jacques’ Lichtenstein insemination princess around the area while she isn’t busy with Jacques. It’s ironic how I’m trying my best to keep from becoming preggers by that beautiful man from him planting his seed in me and she is here trying to conceive by the same man! Go figure! I’ve sort of rationalized him fucking her by telling myself it’s his job. He is good at it and has fun making a living that way so I’m happy for him, and I do have him to myself most of the time. For purposes of writing about her I’ll call her “Semeni.”

Semeni’s rape: I watched from the voyeur viewing room (behind the mirrored glass wall in the ballet studio) the other day when they had their first rape encounter. She was in a black latex Rubber 55 catsuit, gloves, hood and black satin Repetto La Carlotta toe-shoes. She looked lovely and as though she just might be able to defend herself. Jacques looked so virile wearing his oiled Lash Leathers and rubber soled steel toed boots as he watched her warm up at the barre. The scenario was that he was a drifter who had found his way inside The Lorelei (it’s impossible for a stranger to get through three levels of security) and has a thing for lithe dancers so when he opened the studio door and found her at the barre he immediately came on to her. She watched him approach and went up onto her toes so she would appear taller. She is 6’2” en pointe so with Jacques at 6’4” she could almost look him in the eye.

He tried to touch her hand and she pulled it away, but didn’t back up and he moved further into her space. Her feet were in second position and she saw his eyes drop to her exposed crotch so she tried to close her feet into sous-sus - fifth position sur les pointes - but he was quicker and she found his hand between her legs as her thighs came together pushing his thumb deeper into the soft flesh of her vulva. She gasped and slapped him which rocked his head, but didn’t move him back an inch. She opened her legs again to try to pull his hand out of her crotch and tried to knee him but he turned and deflected her knee which bounced off his thigh. By then she was tilted at an angle against the barre and grabbed the barre to steady herself while trying to pound his chest with a balled up fist or slapping him with an open palm. At that point she had been struggling for about four minutes when he hit her in the solar plexus with his fist knocking the wind out of her and she collapsed back against the barre.

Forced entry: While she was winded he pulled down her crotch zipper inserted his fingers and ripped the crotch of her catsuit. By the time she could breathe again he had spun her around and opened her back zipper pulling it down mid way then pulled the rubber catsuit off her shoulders and down around her upper arms pinning her arms to her sides. He was very fast and except for her legs she was immobilized in seconds. She was so rubber legged that she couldn’t stand much less use her legs to defend her self so he just draped her over the barre and checked her for lube – I could see her FCM glistening on his fingers and her labia so I knew she was ready to be penetrated. I watched fascinated as he unzipped the crotch of his Lash Leathers folded back the protective tongue and eased himself out of his cup. He was already massively erect and dripping pre-cum as he spread her labia and positioned his tip at the entrance to her vagina and pushed. I could tell from the angle at which he entered her that with a single powerful stroke he had under-thrust her diaphragm and penetrated her fully as her eyes went wide in amazement and she moaned. Then she gasped and screamed when his glans rammed the soft open tissue of her ripe cervix. She squirmed trying to adjust her hips and pull herself off the barre, but Jacques kept pushing her back down. By that time her feet were in second again and her chest was resting on the folds of her rubber suit that were between the barre and her breasts.

Semeni’s orgasms: Jacques was holding on to her rubber sheathed hips and driving his shaft into her lifting her off her platforms at the maximum depth of his thrusts and I could hear the thud as the flesh of their pelvises smacked together and she screamed every time he rammed her cervix. I was waiting for it and just like I told her both shanks of her Repetto pointes shattered. They broke the third time he dropped her onto he toes as he withdrew and she sank even further into her shoes decreasing whatever little control she had over how her hips were positioned. I was sitting just on the other side of the mirror and her latex hooded head was within a foot of the mirror so I got to watch her facial expression and the saliva and snot drain from her mouth and nose to pool on the Marley beneath her as Jacques had his way with her.

About the time her shanks broke Jacques hit his stride, found her G-spot and took her to a shuddering, moaning, screaming orgasm. But that wasn’t the end of their encounter. He kept pounding her cervix and her screams became louder and more plaintive and then suddenly the tenor of her screams changed and I knew she had passed her pain thresholds and was about to have a cervical orgasm. I had never seen another woman be taken to a cervical orgasm before and her face was dripping sweat snot was bubbling from her nostrils and her body wasn’t just quivering she was shaking violently and then she began a long high pitched scream as he tipped her over the edge into a cervical orgasm. He finished inside her just before she fainted. Jacques told me later that Semeni has very strong muscle contractions when she orgasms, though, he was quick to point out that they were not nearly as strong as mine.

He stayed inside her for a few minutes as she regained consciousness and they both tried to catch their breaths. Then he withdrew, he was still erect (I love his ability to do that) and inserted his fingers in her vagina to ensure the rim of her diaphragm was back against the anterior wall to make sure it would fit in her pubic notch when her vagina returned to its unaroused state. He helped her to strip out of her ruined catsuit and she helped him out of his Lash leathers, then he took her immediately to bed for a post coitial nap while his little swimmers made their way into her tubes. He said later that he was pleased she didn’t try to claw him with her nails and she had actually become affectionate. When I saw her in a bikini as we were dressing in our thermal undies and drysuits during our dive trip to Lake Mead the next morning there were no bruises on her body even from the blow to her solar plexus that subdued her so I was pleased to see that Jacques can defeat a woman w/o seriously harming or marking her.

Rivals: Semeni told me during our dive trip that she really enjoyed being overpowered by Jacques. And she is looking forward to fighting him again. She really is in very good physical condition and was just a bit sore from their encounter. She doesn’t know he is my primary lover and I think I hid my emotions well. She was asking what it was like to be taken by Jacques underwater. I was trying to be objective and let her know how much fun Jacques is w/o coming off as possessive though from the looks she gave me I think she might suspect he is more than a work associate to me. This was the first time she had been with a man as well endowed as he is or experienced a cervical orgasm and she is hoping for more though as everyone says about cervical orgasms getting past the initial pain is a real test.

In all honesty I did think how easy it would be to drown her in an unfortunate diving accident, while the two of us were diving by ourselves. It would have been easy to put something to cause nausea in her sports drink that we use to stay well hydrated while diving then take her out into deep water and go down to 60 or 80 feet where the pressure starts to disorient some divers on regular gas and when she vomits in her FFM she could easily panic especially after I crimp the hose to her suit inflation valve. Then she would only be able to release air from her suit not increase buoyancy to reach the surface and drown before I could help her get to the surface. My psychiatrist thinks my mood swings will stabilize as soon as Semeni returns to Europe.

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