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Jack on women, sex and youth Vs experience


Jack on youth Vs experience: “Perhaps I am a bit different than most out there being older. I observe some interesting phenomena without any data to understand how widespread or commonly held the paradigms I perceive are. First, most people respond sexually to young and healthy looking bodies (target partners). This makes sense from a performance perspective, younger are more fit and sex is a physical activity. But it is not usually thought of a skill we need lots of training for. Most sexual activity can be undertaken by most people aside from "positions" for coitus, for example which require extreme flexibility which is often associated with some manner of athleticism or dance training which are again activities performed by the young and healthy (mostly). Enter the mental aspect of sexuality. Sex may be instinctual in that it is similar to other biologic needs, driven by hormones and so forth, but it is a behavior which involves cognitive functions. We think about, plan, and fantasize about sexual encounters before and during the actual encounters. In fact, many will claim that the mind is the biggest or main sex organ of the body. Without our minds engaged in sexual activity and response we could enjoy it... I suppose it might be technically possibly to have a sexual response with no mental engagement, but how would we even know about it? I digress. Sex being a mind thing like the body thing makes better minds capable of "better sex". Learning any activity is both a physical and a mental development and in most cases they go hand in hand. A very young body (child?) has a very young and undeveloped mind and inexperienced mind. Therefore a young person cannot have achieved and advanced development of their sexuality. Of course when we reach physical sexual maturity we often are very intellectually and emotionally experientially naive. My observation is the kink and fetishes are the province of older, more experience, more aware, more developed minds. This doesn't mean that a lesser “sexually” developed mind can’t engage in kink, for surely they can. But the question is, is this a natural development of human sexuality.... or a bit of putting the cart before the horse... mentally and emotionally? Certainly we see that many endeavors REQUIRE experience and maturity and mental engagement to produce the best results... athletes and artists are obvious examples. But there are prodigies and this is a very outlier and mystifying experience”

I think there is some instinctual drive that causes men to select young beautiful women as sex partners. The smooth soft skin, the energy and ripeness of the figure all indicate subliminally that here is a set of reproductively healthy genes. And of course young women between the ages of 19 and 26 are the most fertile so when at mid-cycle are the ones most likely to become pregnant, a 50% chance from a single unprotected act of intercourse. Men are more attracted to women who are ready to ovulate probably by subtle body language and the woman’s scent which is why a fertile unescorted women at a beach, bar or fetish club will attract more men than one with the same or even better looks who isn’t fertile. I’ve had that happen. When I’m fertile – as I am now (I’m CD12) and will ovulate in two days - I can draw men away from a drop-dead-beautiful woman in her early 20s holding court with standing-room only men at the Meat Market. At 40 I’m still very attractive, but I’m not that beautiful! It’s the fact that my cervix is ripe and I’m about to release an egg and the men can sense it. That’s what has the guys peeling off her pussy-posse and following me. And they haven’t even had an opportunity to experience the delights I can provide from my 25 years of experience.

Jack on young women and the sexual experience learning curve: “So in the realm of sex we have an odd "thing" happening. On the one hand adolescents are "rearing to go"... and lacking experience and emotional maturity. Young, physically attractive, athletic and healthy (nubile) are what we covet in females (and the equivalent in males)... yet these bodies have hopelessly naive, inexperienced and emotionally undeveloped minds. For example, can a physically sexually desirable 25 year female make a "good" dominatrix? Well she could be dressed for the part, perhaps even learn some of the "moves", but could she truly posses the mental landscape of a more mature person? I think not. Maturity comes with experience and in a sense you can't get it until you are "equipped" to play in the big leagues. It's a bit of a conundrum for sure. The bottom line of this comment is that kink and fetish appeal fit with people of a certain level of mental development and maturity. We may desire young, for other sexual reasons, but to my mind young minds and kink don't match. And not only don't they match, but the idea is a bit disturbing or off putting. So what we get is the images mixing youth with what is associated with maturity... young models in fetish roles. I suppose it appeals to pedophilic desires in some people, but hopefully not in others. A good wine is not ready before its time. A great ballerina takes years and years of training and I would argue that a great fetish/kinky partner takes quite some time to form. Kink and fetish is much more of a mental overlay on the basic physical human sexual response. For example, vigorous fucking is rarely the emphasis, though sustained arousal and of course the desire for orgasm always is there... like the rabbit chased by the dogs around the track. I suppose this is why most fem Dommes are not nubile adolescent girls, but tend to be found in women in the mod to late twenties at the very youngest with most in their 30s, 40s and older. These are women of a certain level of experience, sophistication with a advanced level of social interactions and symbolism, style and composure simply not found in younger women. On the other hand a "sex slave" is hardly a role which requires more than the ability to take orders and be compliant... and this is well within level of a child's mental capacity.”

At St Lucy’s we work with our ripe bodied young women to guide their impressionable minds through a wide range of sexual experiences and alternatives, a smorgasbord of tricks and treats to be used for personal as well as mutual pleasure with a man. That way they have an extensive sampling of the delights available and can browse among them all or specialize in a few that take their fancy. We try to guide the girls toward interests that will draw and retain a man in orbit around her rather than into the more sophisticated field of D/S with any thought that she can quickly become a Domme and be good at it. But if that is a career path she wants to pursue we can set up interviews for graduates with responsible Dommes who want a younger woman as a student/slave to teach her the business, if she can last. Very few St Lucy’s girls are looking for that sort of life.

Jack on youthful heroines in ballet: “The same conundrum is present in the world of ballet. For example Romeo and Juliet is a about teens and to dance these roles one must look like a teen and dance like a season artist with decades of training. So we get younger and younger dancers, isolated from the real world and maturing experiences being asked to "act"/play roles which are much older people in many cases, or deal with mental states and experiences these talented dancers can't possibly have any real life experience with. Their AD's I suppose are helping them with this sort of thing. Remember how Nina was prompted to reach for "sexual passion" to help her with the role of Odile... I doubt whether an AD would actually do such a "thing" but it supports the notion that adolescent sexual energy is perhaps the most mature passion a naive mind can grasp... selfishness and greed come pretty early to children... and are hardly the province of adults. We sort of have in sex - fetish two sets (similar to ballet) of "curves" plotted over time... body curve tends downward and mental maturity curve tends upward over time. So in the "beginning" body is "there" and mind is not developed and at the end … after passages of years... mind is there, and the body is waning. The latter can be found with some sort of rigorous work... but one can't win that battle. The mind however can keep growing and advancing. And so for "mental" sex older is no handicap and is in fact an advantage. Perhaps that is why there are so many pervy older men (and women)?”

In one company I danced with the Ballet Mistress was thought to have been responsible for breaking up a romantic relationship between a female principal and an outsider (non-ballet) male to give the young principal some perspective on romantic loss to prepare her for the role of Giselle she was being groomed for.

Jack on the male libido: “The underlying driving urge for sex in a male is driven by his genes. THEY want to be passed along and so they have created the pleasure of sex to get them into another generation. Males aren't aware that they are having sex for their genes and so I suppose the self desire to leave a sex partner pregnant might be those genes working their way into his consciousness. Unless he intends to be a father, help raise a child or settle down with the woman, leaving her pregnant for her to deal with the 20yrs of raising a child on her own (presumably) is an act of extreme selfishness which not only makes it tough on the woman, but makes it hard on child who will likely grow up never seeing or knowing his father, the love and caring of two parents and so forth. I suppose there is the possibility that he might want to stick with the woman and her pregnancy may be the beginning of a committed relationship. She might be abortion averse and so she might demand he act responsible and "tie the knot" or commit to her and his future child. A child SHOULD be wanted, and when they are the result of self sex it's not likely to work out very well. But even the best laid plans of mice and men go awry. Suffering is not a good thing and being the cause of it or contributing to it makes one a monster.”

“It’s the woman’s problem”: I completely agree with what Jack says here that men have a hormonal drive to reproduce whether they realize it or not. During recreational sex women CAN NOT depend on a man to take the necessary contraceptive precautions, (except by withholding her favor) unless he is concerned about the possibility of contracting an STI. That is why I don’t think a male birth control pill will be effective for general use. Some few men who don’t want to be trapped by a woman who says she is on the pill and isn’t will use it, so a paternity test will prove he isn’t the father, but otherwise I think most men don’t care because “it’s the woman’s problem”. That is why we drill into our St Lucy’s girls from a very early age that as far as sex is concerned they are responsible for their own protection. They are the only ones who can be depended upon to protect themselves from unintended pregnancies while learning to use their bodies to attract and retain a suitable mate. I’m not sure I’d call a man a monster who intentionally impregnates his partner and then abandons her because she does have alternatives, but he is certainly unthinking and selfish.

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