Friday, April 8, 2011

The Spa at The Lorelei and Hoods

An advert for the Spa at The Lorelei

The photo: The Spa at The Lorelei can provide almost any service imaginable. Here a model with a fellatio guard inserted is posed about to be deep-throated by a service stallion. Adolph has one of Taryn’s best adult media photographers on site doing a spread for an insert in French Vogue and other European up-market women’s magazines. No torn jeans, hollow cheeks and emaciated bodies so the first thing reader’s look for when they see the photo is if needle tracks on the arms have been airbrushed out.

Included are tastefully presented photos of the estrogen softened unblemished skin of young fertile women’s bodies, alluringly posed with some at or near ecstasy. The subliminal message is that after a Spa package at The Lorelei you too can look and feel 23 again. There will be a scent tear strip in the insert with an artificial (but dead on) imitation of fertile cervical mucus with cinnamon overtones. It’s targeted at the niche market of adventuresome 30 somethings who at that age will have come into their trust funds or have already married money.

Latex hoods: For fetish sex the usefulness of a latex hood is hard to overrate. It’s true that if your partner is into long hair and you have a glorious mane then there are occasions where a rubber hood might not be the best choice of head covering unless he’s into cutting you out of a hood to get to your hair, which a few guys are. And if you are out at a movie you will probably get stares if you wear a Polymorph or Rubber 55 hood to the film; appreciative looks from the men and disapproval or envy from the women. But in fetish clubs and for surface and underwater sexual encounters wearing a good quality latex hood is usually a fashion plus and can provide some protection for the wearer’s hair and head.

Hoods with hair tubes can show off a woman’s shiny locks at fetish parties among friends, but hair tubes can be a liability at fetish clubs where during an argument the wearer’s hair and her hoods hair tube becomes a handle to throw her off balance or drag her around by her hair. To prevent a partner or enemy from using a woman’s own scalp hair as a weapon against her a well fitting latex hood w/o a hair tube sprayed with a light coat of silicone lube prevents the wearer’s hair and head from being grabbed and held in a fight. Hoods also give the wearer the opportunity to sweat in latex so that she gets the full benefit of her estrogenic sweat mixed with the scent of chlorinated latex. A down side is that rubber hoods worn under very hot conditions can contribute to heat stroke. And, hoods worn with SCUBA gear for underwater sex prevent the wearer’s hair from becoming entangled in her regulator, hoses and buoyancy vest. In advertising spreads you see photos of women with long loose hair in dive gear, but they never show the problems when a long haired woman gets her hair entangled in her SCUBA equipment. It can be painful, ruin a girl’s locks if her hair has to be cut to get her lose and can be a safety problem if the tangle limits the ability of the wearer to turn or even move her head.

Worn during surface encounters hoods can provide some head protection if the hood being used is neoprene and a few millimeters thick or of thin stretchy latex if woman’s hair is long and it is piled around her head under the hood so it forms a cushion if she gets thrown against a wall or to the floor. I find wearing a latex hood useful for projecting an image of mystery as well as protecting the back of my head when being held against a wall and being thrust into while my legs are wrapped around a partner’s waist. When Jacques takes me that way his thrusts bounce me so that my head tends to hit the wall and wearing a hood minimizes the discomfort so I can concentrate on where the real action is, with him ramming my cervix.

The darker side of hoods: Hoods also have a darker side since, like rubber swim caps they can be used to suffocate the owner. But using a hood that way requires twisting it around and it’s very difficult to get a grip on to do that w/o breaking the wearer’s neck in the process. I talked to my psychiatrist about men who enjoy suffocating women and he said that while breaking a woman’s neck accomplishes the same end result very efficiently it doesn’t give the attacker (almost always male) the same sense of accomplishment and the same visual thrill that watching the woman struggle as she suffocates does. So for a man determined to suffocate a woman with the hood she is wearing it’s much more satisfying for him to peel the latex hood off the wearer’s head and then force it back on her head backwards, even if it is necessary to lube the inside to force her head into it. My shrink said the sociopaths he has talked to about using her hood to suffocate a woman - while not nearly as elegantly accomplished as suffocating a woman with her own swim cap - is far more satisfying to the man because he is killing her with something she was using to attract men. I know enough sociopaths to understand that for many of them beautiful women are prey and we are hunted just as surely as men hunt other mammals.

Snow in the Spring Mountains: It’s hard to believe since we had 85° weather a few days ago, but we are having a Spring storm that is leaving snow at the higher elevations of the Spring Mts. – the summit of Mt Charleston is about 11, 900 feet - to the west of town, near where my home is. On the Strip the temp is in the low 60s and we are also having very high winds so it’s a good evening to be inside.

CD28 and spotting: I’m cycle day 28 today, the last day of this menstrual cycle. My progesterone has dropped and I’m spotting so I have changed from my tiny Oves cervical cap to a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm for flow control and as a gas guard for dive-sex protection. I will start menstruating tomorrow and have my heavy days on days 3 and 4 then taper off on day 5 and have an Oves sucking on my cervix again on CD6. I love it when I start to bleed as it is a renewal of life a reaffirmation that I’m still a fully functional female and my body is preparing to accept a fertilized egg to create a baby. I can handle the cramps with 800 mg of ibuprofen and being menstrual is my second fave time in my cycle after my fertile days when my libido is raging.


  1. It almost sounds a bit like spring here in Iowa, except a bit higher in temps. There are days when we're in the mid- to upper 60s or lower 70s and the next day we're in the 40s or 30s with rain or snow and high winds. Heck, 38 years ago today, Iowa got hit with a huge blizzard that stranded my dad in the hospital with my mom and me (I was just one day old).

  2. You didn't explain why the typical fetishy person likes to wear a hood...or seem them being worn. I would have thought hood lovers like how it feels and how it looks and it can disguise one's appearance/identity... or objectify them if the features are covered... the eyes and mouth with pepper pot holes.

    I suppose hunting for sex having a disguise could be handy.

  3. Your right, I didn’t, but everyone knows about the mystery of hiding ones identity and the erotic scent of latex when your head is encased in a rubber hood.

    I was trying to point out the safety features hoods provide and some dangers of wearing them, the things that women don’t usually think of when we decide to wear a hood to stimulate our and a lovers senses and cloak ourselves in mystery. Hair tubes are the biggest mistake as they can be extremely dangerous in a fetish club if a fight breaks out.

    I think it’s rare that a woman has been suffocated with her own hood in recent years though with blank face hoods it is very easy to do.

  4. I've never seen a fight break out in a fetish club. Maybe I've been to the wrong ones? My experience is that people in fet clubs / events are well mannered and respect personal space, don't hit on others to the extreme as one might see in a pick up bar or dance club... and the violence is always consensual SM. When some seems pissed off the "dungeon master" takes the offending person out pronto.



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