Monday, April 18, 2011

Confidence building at St Lucy’s

Some serious camel-toe

A Student’s confidence issues: The school psychologist at St Lucy’s asked me to work with a transfer student from France who is having a difficult time adjusting to the training regimen at the school. She is nearly 16 y/o with a lovely strong Balanchine body and her parents sent her to us so that she could develop even the most intimate of her physical skills as well as mental capacity to their full extent. Tanaquil had recommended St Lucy’s to them – the mom having been one of her courtesans - when Aimée was expelled for ‘lewd behavior’ with a professor at an elite Swiss Girls school. She is an only child and had been with tutors, her parents and their circle of adult friends none of whom showed her much affection during her formative years so while her verbal and cognitive skills are extremely well developed coming into puberty at a girl’s school she craved attention from her teachers, but especially from the males and would go to any lengths to get an older man interested in her.

The psychologist thinks that if I can get her interested in women as protectors in her life – she has already had penetrative sex with her male ballet and swimming instructors here - and then introduce her to boys more her age in a threesome she can be brought into the mainstream of student life at St Lucy’s. Not that the other SL students don’t crave sex with their male teachers when they can get it. I agreed because she is a delightful young women and being in a semi-medical relationship with Aimée - should it develop sexually - would allow me the freedom to explore more fully those facets of her sexuality she is willing to share. She often acts out in ballet class by presenting deep camel-toe while wearing thong bottom leotards in ballet class. These can be easily seen by her partner(s) through her sheer tights which we all wear over our leos for classes and rehearsals and her labia cleavage causes male dancers in her pas de deux class to lose concentration while partnering her.

Bonding through orgasm: I met Aimée in the Psychologists office and we sat with him while he explained to her what my place in her life at St Lucy’s would be. Then I took her down to The Clinic on campus and checked the fit of her diaphragm. She had been fitted with a 60 mm transparent pink silicone Semina diaphragm and that was the correct size, but I switched her to a 60 mm latex flat spring Reflexions which is what the professionals use for protection as a gas-guard during dive-sex because it is very difficult for a man to under-thrust the rim of a flat spring and latex transfers heat far better than silicone so it feels more natural to both partners. I gave her three of the Reflexions and had her information coded into RFID chips and the chips fixed to the domes of her new diaphragms. While I had my fingers inside her I asked her to tighten her vaginal muscles and was surprised at the strength in her grip for a 15 y/o, but then her mom had been a courtesan and I’m sure she taught her strengthening exercises and she is very sexually experienced for a 15 y/o from a wealthy family. While she was on the exam table Aimée said that with a diaphragm inserted she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to have a G-spot orgasm so I used my fingers to caress her G-spot through the thin stretchy dome of her diaphragm and quickly brought her to a gasping, moaning, screaming orgasm during which her muscles spasmed so tightly on my fingers it was painful. I think giving her that orgasm was the bonding experience she needed so we could become Best Friends Forever.

Individual protection responsibility: Since she is on the swim team I asked how often she wore her Semina and she told me doesn’t like to wear it. I said that if I was to help her she was going to have to wear one of her Reflexions all the time because otherwise she will be quickly caught w/o it and start accruing demerits. As a 15 y/o she had been able to get away w/o wearing her Semina because she was considered underage. I stopped her from being able to do that by adding her to the database of students needing an RFID chip to get into the ballet and pool areas of the school. She seemed pleased that I was treating her as an adult, which is what I do with all St Lucy’s students which is especially important when I’m working with a sexually adult but mentally immature female. I’m sure she had heard it all before during her orientation lecture, but this sort of information bears repeating so I explained that none of the men on the faculty use any sort of contraceptive protection and all are virile and potent so it is the responsibility of each student to protect herself from pregnancy. Any pregnancies will be terminated or the student will be expelled and that policy has worked well since it was adopted in the early 1970s.

I explained that adult women always inserted their diaphragms before going anywhere where they might meet a man so they would not be caught unprepared and That it was particularly important that she have a Reflexions inserted and properly positioned as a gas-guard during sex in or underwater because of the possibility of a partners thrusts forcing water or air bubbles into her uterus and causing an infection or an embolism. I explained that because St Lucy’s girls were so highly sexually active they were at much greater risk of upper reproductive tract problems if no gas-guard was used. I told her that professional women who specialized in underwater sex all wore gas-guards and we do. She seemed to look forward to wearing her diaphragm as an indication that she was being treated as an adult and was responsible for her own protection.

STI and hCG testing at St Lucy’s: As additional protection all faculty and students are tested for STIs once a month (I’m tested every 2 weeks because of the number of partners I have) and every student is tested for hCG once a week. Aimée is currently on the progestin-only-pill Cerazette where each pill contains 75mcg of the progestin desogestrel the first metabolite of which is etonogestrel the progestin used in Implanon and NuvaRing. Cerazette is a good pill for a progestin-only-pill as it allows the user to be as much as 12 hours late taking her pill with no decrease in her protection. Even so, because the progestin dries her out so she needs lots of intimate lube to be penetrated comfortably and she has to take a pill every day I’m trying to get her to have a GyneFix IUD implanted. That way she will be well protected for 5 years and can enjoy the hormonal swings of her natural cycles which is one of the great joys of being a woman.

When I asked her what interested her sexually besides older men she said she found she is attracted to toe-shoes – she wears Freed Studios and enjoys wearing them – because of how they feel and look on her feet and because they make her legs look lovely when she has her feet pointed or is on her toes. She also likes the scent, look and feel of latex and she likes to breastfeed. The breastfeeding answer surprised me! She said she learned she enjoyed human milk and breast feeding from one of her women instructors at the Swiss school to whom she went for comfort when rejected by a male teacher. Another surprise was that I’d never found a teen who, after training in pointe shoes for several years, still likes to wear them. Aimée has been wearing pointes since she was 11 y/o and her ballet teacher says she has amazing stamina as well as technique so 4 years is long enough for her to have the thrill wear off and be glad to take her toe-shoes off as soon as she can if she wasn’t drawn to and enjoys wearing them for psychological reasons, because they make her feel she is more adult sexually. I’m going to have to be careful while mentoring Aimée that Cyndi and Gigi don’t become jealous of my attention to her, but they both are into men now and so I think I can get them to accept her in my life.

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