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Gasmasks and pregnancy while on the pill

U.S. gasmask MCU 2P with filter canister

What goes around comes around: There are three grad students in the Cosplay group at UNLV that have been giving Taryn’s friend a really hard time because she is using a Reflexions latex diaphragm for contraception. They think that is so old fashioned and she has found her contraceptive supplies tampered with since the three Harpies have been on her case. Things like fresh tubes of spermicide being replaced with tubes long out of date and once she found the dome of an old diaphragm had three pin hole punctures in it. So she knows she is the target of malicious tricks. And the women haven’t been shy about teasing her about being careful when having sex with her BF or she may find herself carrying his child.

The Harpies are all girls from wealthy very conservative Catholic families who have gone wild since they got on the pill and away from home. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing for a woman to enjoy her body and the effect it can have on men when used provocatively before she settles down, but at the same time the three have high profiles in the Right-to-life group on campus. And this is while they are fucking a large percentage of the male undergrads so you would think they would take more care with their own birth control choices. The three are all on Yaz the 24/4 dosing regimen pill from Beyer that uses the long half-life progestin drospirenone. Each of the 24 active pills has: 3mg of drospirenone and 20mcg of the estrogen ethinyl estradiol and there are 4 placebo pills. Yaz is a good pill (it is 99% effective if taken correctly) but taking dietary supplements that increase your metabolism or taking an antibiotic or seizure meds can decrease the effectiveness as can vomiting within 4 hours of taking your pill. So there are things a user of oral contraceptives needs to be careful about if she is serious about trying to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

Taryn’s friend was very upset and came to me about six weeks ago to vent and for support. She was hoping there was some way to get back at the Harpies to let them know how serious it is to tamper with someone’s birth control. I think if I was as opposed to abortion as they say they are and was living the lifestyle they are, I’d consider using a Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) like a ParaGard (copper) IUD that is effective for more than 10 years. Or, the Mirena IUS that continuously releases a tiny amount of the progestin Levonorgestrel and is effective for 5 years. Or Implanon the single rod implant that releases the progestin etonogestrel and which is effective for three years. But then I’m fucking as many men as they are and using cervical barriers to protect myself which (theoretically) aren’t nearly as effective as the pill so I don’t suppose I have room to be too critical.

The Cosplay group’s latest fad is gasmasks and the masks are a good fit – fetish wise - since most of the group is also into rubber as fetishwear and in the last several months the Harpies have been seen regularly at one of the up-market rubber clubs in the valley. They are easy to spot because the three of them are always together and they all bought the same style gasmask the U.S. MCU 2P with a ballistic polymer lens and oral nasal unit that has the standard 40 mm NATO canister fitting. And filter canisters are readily available if they decide to wear them into hazardous environments, but none of them have ever been anywhere more dangerous than a fetish club ladies bathroom.

The Fertility Project: When Taryn’s friend was telling me about her birth control supplies being tampered with and being verbally harassed by the Harpies I thought of a project that Jeff’s research labs had worked on for the government. They were looking for a way to compromise the effectiveness of female fighters whether they are irregular (guerrilla) fighters or in the uniformed services of opposing forces. Labia Labs developed an odorless colorless liquid that carries a powerful selective progesterone receptor modulator that binds the human progesterone receptor and prevents progesterone from occupying its receptor. Dispensed in an aerosol it enters the woman’s body through her nose and eyes and immediately almost 100% of the steroid is absorbed through the mucus membranes into her bloodstream. Jeff’s chemists also added a trace chemical that stimulates the production of a woman’s natural testosterone in her ovaries which makes her libido spike at the same time her hormonal contraceptive protection becomes useless.

This modified steroid delivered in an aerosol was tested in two clinical trials in Thailand (as a morning after drug) and found to be extremely effective for women on hormonal contraceptives - who were non compliant in taking their pills - in blocking conception from unprotected sex occurring up to five days before the drug was administered. However, two days after being exposed to the drug laden aerosol the long term blocking of the progestin receptors made the women’s hormonal birth control totally ineffective and the pregnancy rate was 53% for women protected by hormonal contraceptives during the remainder of their cycles. That is a huge pregnancy rate for a single menstrual cycle for mixed age group!

Therefore, two days after being exposed to the aerosol only a copper IUD or a reliable barrier method of contraception will be effective with subsequent acts of intercourse that occur in that same menstrual cycle. The government decided that causing enemy women fighters to become pregnant wasn’t what they had in mind (because it didn’t work fast enough) so the project was cancelled and it left the labs with a supply of the progestin blocking steroid that had been intended for another clinical trial.

Bridesmaid’s gifts: It wasn’t difficult to get Jeff to make up a dozen vials of the steroidal fertility drug for me in small gasmask lens anti-fogging atomizer capped dispensers, the sort you see in up-market fetish club ladies bathrooms. I told him they were to be gag-gifts for bridesmaids and other female guests at a rubber fetishists wedding I was helping with. He wanted assurance that I would tell the women that inhaling it would make their hormonal birth control useless and I agreed, I just didn’t say when I would tell them.

Dressing for success: So after putting the dozen small atomizers in a vintage Gucci tote I started dressing to go hunting. I emptied the Reflexions diaphragm I was wearing (I was menstrual) and reinserted it with Semécide, the professional O9 spermicide, in the dome, just in case I found Mr. right now. Anya (who loves this sort of thing and who went with me) and I changed our eye colors with tinted contact lenses, darkened our eyebrows, dressed in vintage House of Harlot latex catsuits – which I don’t personally care for and had never worn to that club - open faced hoods, gloves and Gepetto’s basic up-market style black leather ballet boots - so as not to call too much attention to ourselves - and Mestel SGE 150 gasmasks a style that we ordinarily never wear and went to the rubber club looking for the Harpies. We took Anya’s Porsche and she removed the heels of her boots so she could drive. That’s a nice feature of Gepetto’s BBs, you can remove or change the heels on some of the more expensive models. The three women were there and easy to spot with three male UNLV grad-students so Anya and I mixed with the masked crowd that were groping one another while watching a HD porn video on a large screen while I watched the Harpies and guys at their table. When the women got up to go to the ladies room I followed.

The switch: One of the nice things about that club is that the ladies room is large, well stocked and very clean to attract women and where there are women men will follow. The three had pulled off their gasmasks and left them on the vanity while they relieved themselves. While the stall doors were closed I replaced the atomizers of house brand lens anti-fogging solution with six of the ones in similar faux Lalique atomizers I brought with the progesterone receptor modulator in them. Just as I finished two sixth form girls from St Lucy’s came in. They shouldn’t have been in the club - not because of the sex but because they were too young to drink - and recognized me with my mask off, but didn’t say anything and I nodded to let them know I knew who they were. I used some of the progesterone spray on the lens of my mask and then to wipe out the oral nasal unit which was sweaty and had makeup on the cheek pieces. I mentioned how I thought the spray provided by this club helped keep my mask lens from fogging even when I got hot and sweaty during sex and both 18 y/o St Lucy’s girls sprayed the insides of their masks with it. I wasn’t concerned for their reproductive safety because I knew both had GyneFix IUDs implanted.

Just as I was fitting my mask back over my hood and establishing a good seal the Harpies came out of the stalls. They had heard my conversation with the students and they all used the spray to prevent lens fogging and to wipe out the mixture of sweat and makeup that collects quickly in a woman’s gasmask. The UNLV grad students pulled their freshened gasmasks back over their hoods, adjusted the straps to produce a good seal breathing deeply to make sure the seal was tight and sucked the fumes from the steroid into their lungs. Everyone put the progesterone atomizer she used in her purse and the Harpies and St Lucy’s girls left while I fumbled for ‘my car keys’ in my tote. When they were gone I replaced the house anti fogging solution atomizers on the vanity just as another woman entered pulled off her mask and soaked the inside of it with the house solution while muttering about how “fucking hot” the masks were even while breathing through the 40 mm canister connector port with no filter attached. I nodded mumbled “yeah” and left having never taken my rubber gloves off.

Shortly afterward Anya and I left having succeeded in getting the Harpies to ingest the progesterone receptor modulator. I wasn’t worried about what the inhaled steroid would do to my cycle because I was menstrual and my hormones were at their lowest points in my cycle so I thought the lack of progesterone probably wouldn’t even change the length of my cycle and I was right. Though an immediate side effect that was very noticeable was that I became extremely aroused with my nipples and clitoris becoming erect and very hard, especially my clitoris which I played with through my open relief zipper as Anya drove us home.

It is now four weeks later and the three Harpies are all pregnant! Two tested positive for hCG a week ago and the other tested positive yesterday. Ohhh! Who could have known! After the first ingestion at the fetish club Taryn’s friend said they were bedding even more men than usual while wearing their rubber catsuits and gasmasks and showed everyone in the Cosplay group the lovely Lalique atomizer and marvelous anti-fogging solution they had taken from the club and used on their masks every time they had sex. Taryn’s friend is beside herself with joy because somehow the change in the Harpies reproductive status leaked from the files in student health and with their high profile in the right-to-life group on campus they are between a rock and a hard place. They are no longer riding Taryn’s friend about her birth control choices.


  1. Serves those bitches right! There are people you don't mess around with, and those include *your* friends or friends of your friends. When they mess with those girls, they mess with you.

  2. ...and I thought MacGuyver had a few tricks up his sleeve :)



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