Saturday, March 22, 2014

Suicide sex

A handmaiden tending her temple

Suicide sex:  Can a woman kill a man just with her vaginal muscles or mind-fuck him into suicide? Absolutely, but only under certain conditions! I’ve seen depressed women commit suicide by intentionally going too deep in a training pool get nitrogen narcosis then remove the reg from their mouths and try and breathe water. The two I’ve watched didn’t even try to surface, just spasmed vomited and stopped moving and immediately sank to the bottom of the pool.

The men were a bit different as two knew that they had heart conditions and still couldn’t stay away from the women who were their obsessions. There has also been one who had a heart condition for which he was taking nitrates and he intentionally took a large dose of Viagra. He was with me when he unbeknownst to me took the Viagra and a few minutes after he penetrated me in missionary his blood pressure dropped so low he stopped breathing just after he came in me and told me how tight and what I great fuck I was. His fifth ejaculatory thrust seemed to tip him over the edge. He gasped, “Oh God!” his eyes got real wide and he collapsed on top of me.

Brad, my current psychoanalyst, has been emailing me several times a day since we’ve been in Scotland wanting to know when I will be home to recreate the Jenna fantasy for him. When we agreed to work together I had no idea he would become so fixated on having sex during his fantasy with me dressed in his dead wife Jenna’s ballet practice clothes, shoes and her 70mm Milex wide seal Omniflex contraceptive diaphragm. I think if we keep on with the intensity and duration of the encounters he is having with me as Jenna he will almost certainly kill himself as some part of his body will fail catastrophically. I think it’s my duty to help him by providing extremely intense fantasy sex so he can be united with Jenna as soon as possible and be at peace.

Paraphilias: While thinking about Brad and his need to fantasize about having sex with his dead wife I came across an interesting article about paraphilias, problems with controlling impulses that are characterized by recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, The article can be found Article It’s interesting to see in print a list of some of the sexual fantasies our escorts are trained deal with in order to serve those with a paraphilia fulfill their sexual needs.

MH 370 and my G650: Several readers have asked what I think about the disappearance of Malaysian Airways flight MH 370, the Boeing 777, which disappeared with two hundred and thirty-nine people on board two weeks ago. As of today, Saturday March 23, 2014, searchers haven’t found a trace of it. I have no idea what happened. However, I do think the Malaysian government handled the first week of the search very, very poorly. Unlike the Malaysian airline I haven’t skimped on maintenance computer programs for Limnaea II that link to satellites every few minutes so if (Goddess forbid) something happens while we are in the air everyone who should know will know what the problem was and where we went down. I just love the ‘new car’ smell of the leather seats and everything is so shiny and new, not that my 550 was shabby in any way.

Aphrodite’s temple and Jack: Since the equinox I have been spending evenings with Jack in Aphrodite’s temple behind the chapel in the undercroft of Crag Abbey. The enclosed space has the scent of ripe pomegranates and beeswax from blessed beeswax candles which provide the only illumination. I’ve been praying to Aphrodite and making offerings of her favorite fruit, Pomegranates; with the hope that she felt that my solution to Brad’s deep depression and his Jenna fantasy was acceptable. He has tried psychotherapy and anti-depression drugs that make him listless and kill his libido so he stopped them as he craves being with Jenna, when I dress in her things for him.

Nothing has worked to break his sex-with-his-dead-wife fantasy. If anything some therapy sessions seem to make him worse until he can be with me, so I anticipate a marathon of very strenuous, very intense sex when I see him next.  I think Brad needs release and I think by increasing the intensity of our encounters I can bring him peace more quickly.

We were all fertile for the equinox celebration on the 20th and I ovulated today so there is a slim chance that Jack might impregnate me as I only have the Oves screwed down on my ripe cervix. But it has never failed me in the ten plus years I’ve been using Oves so there is no reason to think it will fail now. Jack has been so sweet to hold me and take me slowly and gently in missionary as I lay flat across the mosaic of the Venus-Aphrodite image giving me wave after wave of delightfully gentle orgasms so I’m kept blissed out before he gives me one strong one that gets him off as well.. It’s only then when my primary lover is filling me with thick hot cream containing millions of his sperm that I feel closest to my Goddess and blissfully content.


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