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Dive-sex training at the Abbey

An OTS Guardian FFM with ambient breathing valve

The photo: An OTS Guardian FFM the type used for dive-sex training in the Abbey cistern/pool. Opening the ambient breathing valve (ABV) the black knob on the right side, allows ambient air in the mask while on the surface to save compressed gas.

The Abbey Pool: The pool was converted from the Abbeys original medieval drinking water cistern. It’s a circular room 60 ft diameter and it is 40 feet deep with columns every 10 feet.  Ceiling and underwater lights have been installed as well as a shelf and platform for putting on equipment and conveniently entering the water. There is also a new circulating system that heats and purified the water. The cistern is kept full from the spring that flows through the temple and chapel. Even when well lit it still seems a bit claustrophobic to me because of the shadows cast by the columns. And at 40 feet it’s too deep to comfortably wear a FemCap to the bottom w/o the discomfort of dome squeeze on the cervix, but of course my Oves works well. However, a properly sized and correctly inserted latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm is perfect for flood insurance while providing the advantages a thin stretchy latex membrane can offer an experienced couple. More about that later.

Beavertail jackets: The women wear long sleeve black 2mm neoprene (modified-retro) beavertail twist-latch jackets and hoods into the pool even though the water is heated. The jackets are to protect us when we are pushed up against a column during sex.   For readers wondering WTF a modified-retro beavertail jacket is it has a higher cut leg and twin twist lock latches that allows rapid full frontal access to the pelvis when the beavertail is unlatched and wrist zippers so convenient, but now missing from most current jacket designs. That way we can be penetrated from either the front or back (if wearing a short tank or if the tank can be hung at a convenient depth with the woman out of her tank harness. Gepetto’s fetish shop makes modified-retro beavertails specifically designed for dive-sex. As you might imagine there aren’t too many sales for this specific jacket except for high-end escorts and adventuresome trust fund girls.

The use of dive computers:  Altitude corrections for diving shorten bottom time and increase decompression intervals for a dive at altitude (considered any altitude 1,000 feet or more above sea level) compared to one of the same depth at sea level. Altitude corrections are necessary when diving many of the locations I and my circle frequent and are easily calculated with a dive computer. The locations I dive requiring altitude corrections and their altitudes are:

  • The surface elevation of the water in the cistern at Crag Abbey near Loch Ness, Scotland is 2,300 ft. above sea level.
  • The surface elevation of Lake Tahoe is 6,225 ft. above sea level
  • The surface elevation of Lake Mead is 1,221.4 feet above sea level
  • The elevation of Las Vegas, NV is approx. 2,200 above sea level
  • The surface elevation of my 64 ft. deep pool (the pit) in the hills outside Las Vegas is 3,000 feet above sea level
  • The surface elevations of Adolph’s 216 ft. deep training facility (the well) and the pools in his Spa, The Lorelei, in the hills outside Las Vegas are 2,800 and 3,100 feet respectively above sea level.
Emma as a water sprite: Emma is relatively new to SCUBA diving and has had just the basic qualifying course and a hand full of dives all in the Red Sea while on holiday.  Given that she is fertile and is using a Reflexions flat spring for both contraception and flood insurance she is using a correctly sized Reflexions with DiveGel+ in the dome. Her cervix is perfectly positioned to make it extremely unlikely the diaphragm will dislodge while she is aroused and properly sized and positioned it is impossible to dislodge it with a penis when her vagina is quiescent so she is as safe as she can be and still engage in dive-sex.  She is not into pain just like the five student Gyns so no one is going to attempt to under-thrust the rim during the encounters included in this seminar. And she is very aware that she has no back-up method as the rest of us do with the girls having GyneFix IUDs implanted and me using an Oves.

I began her training with ballet-sex. Returning readers will remember that ballet-sex is where the woman is bent over with her trunk parallel to the floor holding on to the barre with both hands while standing sur les pointes a la seconde to provide easy access from behind with the man holding on to her hips. This is the position that she needs to hold continuously for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes while the man penetrates her from behind and works on her G-spot with his glans while he can reach around and caress her clitoris or more likely its shaft to move her more quickly to orgasm.

It is to ease the strain on her toes during these 25 minutes continuously en pointe that I had Emma get several pairs of hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes and she has been wearing them for our daily ballet classes. There is little that can be initially done about leg cramps from keeping the calves contracted for that length of time except to ensure her electrolyte levels are good, having leg massages and doing plenty of stretching. Even so, she could be in a lot of discomfort as her legs tire until she builds up stamina from being repeatedly taken from the rear while on her toes. Ballet-sex introduces her to the tightest contraction of her pelvic muscles from balancing on her toes which when she orgasms and her muscles spasm tighten even more. From a trained ballet dancer it’s a grip so tight most men never have the opportunity to experience it and once experienced all of them long for more.

The fornix grip: While en pointe and with Chris, our male Gyn, as her partner I taught her about taking her partner’s glans in her anterior fornix – her pelvic anatomy is ideal for this - while en pointe wearing a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. This allows him to squeeze his glans by pushing the stretchy latex dome as deep as it will go into her anterior fornix squeezing it between her cervix and the wall of her vagina as he thrusts deeper and the latex dome stretches tighter. Men say it is an amazing sensation and very addictive, but it causes rapid ejaculation and can leave the woman unsatisfied so is best practiced after giving his partner her pleasure first.

One cause of rapid ejaculation by a partner thrusting into the anterior fornix is the ‘stimulator’ in the center of the convex side of the Reflexions dome. The ‘stimulator’ is the raised diameter size in mm inside a triangle and van be often felt by the frenulum when penetrating in missionary and by the top of his glans when he enters her from behind. Sometimes the man is so large or sensitive that the stimulator bothers him. If that’s the case then the Reflexions can easily and effectively be worn with the convex side against the cervix so then the stimulator is on the cervix side.

I taught her the ‘fornix-grip’ – the trick is to move your hips to guide him to the spot you want him to thrust into - while on her toes so she can use it during dive-sex. It is especially effective for men who are very long when being taken in the ballet-sex position (on pointe bent over and entered from behind) as gravity pulls the uterus and cervix deeper which can make taking a large man more comfortable and Chris is long and quite thick, about 6.25 in. in circumference, so about 2 inches in diameter, which really stretches the dome tight across his glans. Stretching the dome also puts upward pressure on the cervix forcing the whole uterus deeper, a feeling most of us enjoy far more than having the tip of our cervix rammed by an erect penis. Emma was fertile and her cervix high, soft and open so the dome didn’t stretch as much as it would at other times during her cycle. Even so both she and Chris enjoyed the fornix grip immensely.

Dive-sex: Once she knew what to do during ballet-sex and could do what she needed to do fairly well we moved on to dive-sex. She had never dived an OTS Guardian so the Divemaster went over how the spider is adjusted, the quick releases and the regulator adjustments and how to purge the mask should it become flooded and we both practiced that several times as I needed the refresher.  The divemaster also covered the need to take complete breaths inhaling and exhaling completely. Otherwise you are liable to hyperventilate - not exhaling completely before inhaling again and doing that repeatedly which will result in becoming short of breathe and overcome by CO2. Hyperventilating on a dive is very common among new divers and we really wanted to avoid that. The five student Gyns were no more experienced in diving or with the Guardian than Emma so they also got a class on wearing the FFM as well as how open the twist latches of the women’s beavertail jackets

The latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm is a vital piece of safety equipment when used for flood insurance during dive-sex. And worn by Emma who was still fertile it is needed for birth control as well as she is relying on the Symptothermal method of contraception. She used a 10ml disposable applicator of DiveGel+ in the dome and another 10ml applicator in her vagina after her D was placed as an underwater lubricant and she, like the rest of us, carried 10ml disposable applicators with us on our dives in case we needed more lube between encounters..

Bottom patrol: The evening before we were to meet the men in the pool, just to familiarize her with her Guardian FFM and the beavertail jackets and hood we would wear during dive-sex encounters, I had her accompany me to the bottom of the cistern and help clean up the debris off the bottom. Like the bottom of Adolph’s deep water training facility the bottom was littered with bits of dive equipment all from women divers. Two bikini tops, two Ortho white (coil spring) diaphragms three  Prentif cavity rim cervical caps (all 22mm indicating they were probably from young unmarried women) and three Milex Omniflex diaphragms in various sizes. As well as three pairs of rotting satin Freed pointe shoes the ribbons of which were still knotted and which had been cut off the wearer’s feet. I thought these items were from years ago when His Grace was much younger and in far better health. Emma looked rather surprised, but asked no questions. At least we found no skeletons still strapped into dive gear. After we got up the large pieces I tool down a vacuum and sucked up the sediment that had been collecting on the bottom for ages so when we fastened ankle leashes to the rings in the bottom to tether ourselves for an encounter we wouldn’t stir up a cloud of sediment.

Delayed departure: I had meant to write about how the dive-sex went with the student Gyns but that will be for another time. The seminar went on far longer than I expected because it was so successful and the men were learning so much. So now we are all packed and it’s after 8:00 AM GMT and we should be leaving for Inverness in about an hour.  The girls can’t tell their friends everything but they had some remarkable sex and met some really nice men.

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