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The 2014 Vernal Equinox and Roman engineering

Stacks of peat drying near where they were cut

Roman engineering: On the way up to the Holy site Jack said he had a surprise for me. When we got there I found he had cleared back the Gorse all the way past the ring of standing stones and in the process had uncovered an additional part of what he is calling the altar warming system. It seems the stone fire pits aren’t symmetrical and each has a top lip the height of which varies, the lowest part, by several inches while several feet wide along the pits circumference, and is closest to the altar which it is nearest to. Jack said that from the tight fit of the dry stone building technique he thinks the site heating system was built by the Romans about the time they built the temple to Venus-Aphrodite now under and part of the foundation of Crag Abbey which overlooks Loch Ness.

But that wasn’t the most fascinating part. What is amazing to me is that all around the circumference of the site just outside the ring of standing stones is a wind baffle, a ridge of four foot high ten foot long four foot thick stones. The surface of these stones that faces away from the altars and standing stones was fashioned with a concave taper of about 45° so it catches the wind flowing across the site and directs it downward into a series of channels under the surface of the site which directs the air across the fire in each of the twenty fire pits.

This results in a sort of bellows effect providing plenty of oxygen to each fire in the pits. There are baffles that decrease the speed of the air through the tunnels when the wind is blowing directly into them and the fire draws air through the tunnels when the wind strength isn’t very strong. I think of the fire pits and their air supply as set of large prehistoric hair dryers, which isn’t scientific, but the description really fits as each pit puts out a stream of hot air directed at the altar which it is closest to.

Jack said most of his and a crew of six workers from His Grace’s nearby estates, time was spent uncovering the air ducts cleaning them of animal nests and storm debris, fitting intake covers of coarse heavy screen that will block small animals and vegetable debris, but not hinder air flow too severely and replacing the stone covers which are the paving stones within the circle of standing stones.

Fire pit testing: Jack and I loaded the four fire pits surrounding the main altar with peat blocks brought up in a cart from several large stacks under tarps in the supply area just below the holy site. I had tested the incineration powder back at home and it worked well, but the girls and I would be risking being badly burned if there were embers and sparks that came off the fires, which is what the incineration powder was designed to prevent by causing every bit of combustible material to be totally consumed leaving only pure hot air rising off the fire. So I sprinkled the peat with the incineration powder to see if it worked when we need it to. Fortunately it worked even better than I’d hoped and even the North altar that is missing one of it’s fire pits, some of the stone ducting and the nearest several standing stones seemed to be heated fairly well and with Odile being a sadist with masochistic tendencies when the time cane she handled it well remembering the heavy robes and the cold of the Solstice.  

The celebration: At sunrise, 6:02 AM GMT (Daylight time in the UK doesn’t start until Sunday March 30th.) we were all on our respective altars. I was wearing Aphrodite’s gold Amulet, the smaller one, which is several thousand years old that I think of as ‘field-jewelry’ and my badge of office rather than the much larger and heavier Necklace of State for formal occasions when I’m not working on my back.

We had all chosen to celebrate on the altars we occupied for the Winter Solstice. I on the main, Willow had chosen to consecrate initiates on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun then Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one. The heat had dried the paving stones in the altar area so the pink satin pointes that the girls and I wore: Block Alpha shoes for Bea, Willow and me and Freed Classics with Forteflex shanks for the Swan twins amazingly didn’t get wet at all. The goddess must have approved of our footwear as all our penetrative encounters went well and all the boys’ semen dripped on our shoes as they withdrew. The satin of mine was wonderfully stained and slippery wet with semen. It’s a pity the shoes worn during the celebration were all burnt.

The initiates under Jacks supervision had brought up stacks of peat blocks and covered them with tarps next to the fire pits and lit the fires at 5:45 AM. The ones not engaged in initiation rites on the altars were also charged with keeping the fire pits filled with fresh peat. It was 30° F and had been snowing heavily at that elevation, but stopped just before sunrise. Even so the extremely flammable and hot burning nature of the incineration powder started the peat and had kept it burning completely in the snow. The roar of the fire, the howling wind, the hiss of the snow being turned to steam before it could wet the peat and Jack shouting orders to the initiates to keep the pits stocked with peat and a red glow of the fires reflecting off the clouds we were just beneath gave the site within the standing stones with its bare chested men stoking fires and nude women the look of an erotic view of hell. 

Female pelvic power: The altar surfaces had been dried by the warm air flowing over them by the time we all took our places. We priestess in out new shearling robes were if anything too warm and I lay with mine open since with its hood it made a wonderfully soft bed on the hard stone altar, while my initiates mounted me and I sucked them dry while they gasped, moaned and called for their mothers. The young men who were welcomed into the old ways through me and my demi-priestesses were, through our bodies, being ritually taken by Aphrodite to teach them the joy of sex with a woman so they will crave the intimacy of melding two spirits into one at the moment of simultaneous orgasms.   It is unlikely that any of the initiated will ever again experience sex with a woman who has as tight a vagina as the loosest of us has, but that gives the men a reason to hope and spread their seed widely during their search.

Afterward: As a final offering to Aphrodite Himself mounted me while everyone else watched. I was gentle with him and gave him a good ride and we had several gentle orgasms that his heart could stand (I could have easily excited him to the extent that he died of heart failure while he was in my saddle) before he pulled out and was helped off me to declare the ceremony over. His need to’ tear off the last piece’ has become a fixture of these celebrations now and it is as much a display of his virility for all to see as it is for his pleasure and to torment Jack that he can have sex with Jack’s woman when he wants. And, he has cleverly codified the activity by routinely dipping his wick in me the last four times I’ve been Priestess while he claims he is rededicating himself to the service of Aphrodite. Perhaps he is. It doesn’t really matter as we both have fun and his position is unassailable.

The celebratory party left the Holy site and traveled to His Graces hunting lodge where we had a full English breakfast and I got to have carnal knowledge of a number of the older boys who had been initiated by my wards. They all seemed so amazed and appreciative that when they began to wilt I ripple-gripped them to sexually exhaust each one. After that small orgy there was the ritual burning of the priestesses’ fleece robes and pointe shoes then the initiates were all taken back to their respective villages to spread the word about having sex with tight pussy Goddesses on a mountain top surrounded by snow. No one off His Graces estates ever believes a story like that, but it builds interest in some of the other young ones for the next time which will be the 2014 Summer Solstice.

Crag Abbey: The girls and I and our support staff, Chris, our Gyn, and our dressers are now back at Crag Abby with Jack and His Grace for a few days rest before heading back home. I’m glad we left Ullapool when we did as they are calling for icy roads tonight and on the 21st.  For the last three hours I’ve been down in the Roman temple to Aphrodite which returning readers will remember is behind the chapel in the undercroft of the Abby. I brought along a pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes and one of her 70mm Milex Omniflex diaphragms and wore them down to her temple so she could see how strongly the Chi from wearing Jenna’s things affects me and to ask her how I should handle Brad. It’s not that she didn’t know how I felt costumed as Jenna when I was home, but here in her temple I feel physically closer to her. Her advice was to do what I thought best which was a relief as I had pretty much decided that on my own. But I was pleased that she thought my offering of pomegranates was acceptable and trusted my judgment.

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