Monday, March 17, 2014

Seduction in Bloch Alphas

New Bloch Alpha pointes from Jenna’s last order

Bloch Alpha pointes for Bea: A few days ago I had the Bloch rep stop by when she was in the area. She was delighted to fit Willow and Bea and said in the past week there had been increased interest in the S0104 style from local dance shops in the area.  Curiously, Bea seems to be adjusting to the Alphas more quickly than Willow, but then Bea was keener to try a different style shoe and loves the fetish aspect of purely satin sheathed heels.  The ¾ outer soles light shanks have given her a challenge to increase her strength enough to stay over the blocks during ballet-sex and she is managing that amazingly well in so short a time, but then she is wearing one pair or another of them and on her toes in them most of the time. She so wants to be like Willow who she has taken as her role model!

Seduction in Bloch Alphas: I’m not the only one who is sexually arousing men while wearing Bloch S0104s. Willow is using hers for performing and while not as enamored of the shoes as Bea she is using them to her advantage to seduce her audiences with her gorgeous legs and feet with fabulous results. The men in the audiences are wild about her pointes especially the ones where her coitial discharge, a mixture of her arousal lube, DiveGel+ and semen, drip on them while she is curtseying during curtain calls. I think it’s so strange that men want pairs of a woman’s shoes that have another man’s semen on them, but perhaps they overlook that in order to have a pair damp with the woman’s sweat as well as her vaginal secretions with their distinctive musky scent.

She has turned out to be a heartbreaker. Men in her audiences routinely try to masturbate while she is performing but some actually have ejaculated while still zipped up and most prematurely ejaculate if they have it in hand.  Some men in her audiences have offered her large sums for used pairs of her Alphas, but with her trust fund she doesn’t need the cash. I’ve counseled her against selling or giving them away because once you start then every man no matter how tenuous the relationship wants a pair and all the bother isn’t worth it.

When using the Bloch Alpha for fetish wear the indicator of very strong feet – which is the only women who should be wearing them - is to have as little stage or studio grime on the heels as possible indicating that the wearer is on at least quarter-pointe when flat. Try that some time, not putting your heels on the floor for long intervals of time when standing but you aren’t on pointe.

Death rubber diaphragms and The Lorelei: Another source of death rubber diaphragms for me has become Adolph’s spa, The Lorelei. As I wrote in an earlier post our clinic fits Guests at the Lorelei with flat spring rim latex Reflexions diaphragms for flood insurance protection during dive-sex. When the vagina floods as it often does during underwater sex the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusts can force water, or far worse an air bubble, into his partner’s uterus where the water can cause PID or the air bubble could migrate into the bloodstream and cause blood clots in the lungs, a heart attack or stroke. 

Most of the guests at The Lorelei are using hormonal contraceptives or are menopausal so use of a diaphragm for contraception by guests isn’t its primary function, its flood control. So I fit them with two sizes, one that they can comfortable wear when not aroused if they want to desensitize a dry land encounter to lengthen it a bit. The other is one a size larger for flood control during underwater sex that they can only comfortably wear while aroused. The larger size makes it almost impossible for even a masochistic sadist partner to under-thrust the rim. I began wearing one size larger (an 85mm) myself double bagged over an Oves so not even Adolph who is the only man I know who has the skill, determination and loves penile pain enough to be able to routinely under-thrust and enjoy ejaculating in the dome of a Reflexions correctly sized for contraception, meaning it can be worn after IC for eight hours w/o causing the wearer discomfort and a UTI.

Death by misadventure: The size is on the outside of the dome of each Milex next to the rim and comparing the two it is easy to see one is larger, but so many guests wear the smaller one into the encounter pools it has to be intentional. And with the number of women guests and the number of acts of underwater sex there are inevitably individual tragedies many of them occurring to German or Austrian women from wealthy families or members of their circles who aspire to being like their idols.

Too, in more instances than you might imagine, the younger women are being channeled into risky behavior by their older female family members. The risky behavior supposedly proving (to interested males) that they are from warrior class families and so would make a good match for a suitable Aryan male looking for a female partner willing to take physical risks for sexual thrills.  The Lorelei had an instance of that several weeks ago when an aunt brought her sixteen and seventeen y/o nieces to the spa for their initial ballet-sex and dive-sex encounters. Both girls had Nexplanon implants and both took 70mm for conventional fitting and/75mm Reflexions for flood insurance.

I fit the aunt with Reflexions in my sizes 80 and 85mm. The nieces followed my instructions and enjoyed having their brains fucked out repeatedly by Pirate’s escort divers. The aunt went into the encounter pool wearing the smaller size after instructing her escort to under-thrust the rim. She was menstrual and very aroused. During foreplay he had blown air into her vagina. He under-thrust the rim and compressed air got in the dome. When they surfaced it expanded, entered her uterus, got into her bloodstream and she had a massive heart attack during sex while floating on the surface.  I pulled the 80mm Reflexions from her vagina myself - to add to my collection of death rubber diaphragms - and inserted a new 80mm so the ME would see the proper size. The ME is used to seeing risky sex end that way and all the proper wavers had been signed holding the Business and its employees blameless for her death by misadventure.

Brad, Jenna, and the Succubus: Brad has begun to work out with a personal trainer, is taking energy supplements and as I mentioned in an earlier post he’s now on testosterone and performance enhancing meds. When I’m costumed in Jenna’s clothes, pointes and with her Milex 70mm Omniflex diaphragm inserted he is convinced I’m Jenna and I can easily sexually exhaust him regardless of how much stamina he has at the beginning of our encounter. Immediately afterward he falls into a deep sleep for hours.

It’s fortunate that I’ll be in Scotland for the next week or so which should give him time for at least a partial recovery before I return and Jenna’s Succubus continues to suck him dry. I think he is so into this Jenna fantasy he will eventually commit suicide so he can be with her.

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