Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jenna’s contraception and breeding diaphragms

A silicone wide seal Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragm
The photo: One of Jenna’s Milex coil spring diaphragms. She had two, but she was wearing one when she burned to death in a car accident. Three years ago, before she became pregnant with their baby, she was using a 65mm All-Flex arcing spring rim diaphragm. After giving birth two years ago she was fitted with a 70mm Milex wide seal Omniflex with a softer coil spring rim. The 8mm wide seal flange on the inside of the rim of the Milex helps provide a stronger seal (than other diaphragm rims) against vaginal tissue.  Being a ballet dancer her vaginal muscles were very strong so the softer coil spring rim should have worked effectively for her. I found it in the drawer of her bedside table along with the empty case of its mate which she was wearing when she died. This one had hardly been worn. I turned it inside out and made sure the area under the flange was clean – an area easy to miss - then sterilized it by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes before wearing it myself.

Diaphragms and ballet-sex: Returning readers recall that I’ve defined the term ‘ballet-sex’ as: being penetrated from behind while bent over and holding on to a barre, chair, table or railing with the feet sur les pointes a la seconde.  In that position a woman can be penetrated deeper w/o discomfort since when her trunk is horizontal the uterus and therefore her cervix is pulled deeper by gravity.  So gravity adds additional depth (to the arousal tenting effect) of her vagina.  When being pulled deeper during arousal the cervix pulls the posterior rim of the diaphragm (which is behind the cervix) with it, thus pulling the anterior rim further away from the back of the pubic bone. This makes the anterior rim more likely to be hit and perhaps under-thrust by her partner when she is having ballet-sex or when penetrated doggie style, while on her elbows and knees.

Ballet-sex is the perfect position in which to use a ‘breeding diaphragm’, one that is two sizes too small and with an All-Flex or coil spring rim, which makes it very easy for a man to thrust the chisel tip of his glans under the rim of the diaphragm where he can caress her G-spot with his frenulum and ejaculate under the dome.  There is only one way to effectively protect against having a diaphragm under-thrust while being taken from the rear. It is to wear a correctly sized and properly placed latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. The flat spring rim is almost impossible to under-thrust because the spring only folds in the horizontal plane of the rim and when correctly inserted it’s almost impossible to fold it by hitting it with a thrusting penis. And when hit at any other angle it is very painful to the man.

Double bagging: If you have gotten this far and are wondering why I’m telling you all this it’s because Brad wants me to wear Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex diaphragms for contraception during his fantasies with me when I’m channeling his dead wife. And doing the math, since my proper size diaphragm is an 80mm diameter and Jenna’s is 70mm and since hers is also an Omniflex that can be rather easily folded in two planes then her 70mm coil spring is two sizes too small for me. So, by definition if worn by me it’s a breeding diaphragm. I knew where he was going with his request and wore my Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix. Then while he is watching I insert Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex so my cervix is double bagged. That way when he under-thrusts it and comes in the dome I’m still safe. I’ve been extra safe for the past week since I’m CD 24 and Luteal. I ovulated a week ago and should start my period this coming Sunday, March 9th. I have a bit of ovulation pain (called Mittelschmerz or middle pain because it generally occurs mid cycle) when the follicle bursts to release the egg so even if I’m not checking cervical position and fluid, which I usually do, I know when I’m ovulating.

Jenna’s Chi from her Omniflex: With Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex inserted I can channel her sexual experiences back to before she and Brad met. However, her aura and Chi from the Omniflex is different than the Chi I experience when I wear a death rubber. Returning readers remember that a death rubber is a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm in my size that I’ve harvested from a woman who died during sex while wearing it for protection.

From Jenna’s Chi I could tell she was newly pregnant with their second child when she died, but it was too soon for her to realize it. Brad had been routinely taking her from behind and under-thrusting the Omniflex. She was weaning their six month old son and was no longer protected by lactational amenorrhea, so had just begun to cycle again. She never had a period since giving birth as Brad’s sperm was waiting in her tubes when she released the first egg after her son was born. It was fertilized and implanted so she never had a period.  I have a very strong feeling that is what Brad hopes will happen with me as he intentionally under-thrusts Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex he has me wear during his fantasy. And actually going along with that aspect of his fantasy I find quite endearing as well as arousing. I suppose he thinks that while we are having wildly exciting sex trying to fuck each others brains out I’m so into him I’m not paying attention to my protection and what he’s trying to do to me.

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