Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The trip to Inverness and Ullapool

Spring in the mountains near Ullapool

Ullapool in the early spring: The Met office forecast for Ullapool on the 20th is for 8°C (about 46°F) with a 24 mph winds and heavy rain during the previous evening and day and that’s at sea level. Several thousand feet up at Location Z it will be freezing or below and with the wind the wind chill will be brutal! This is about what passes for normal at Loc Z. this time of year At least they aren’t calling for snow. I’m hoping the peat fires in the fire pits will make the site more hospitable during the initiation ceremonies than at the Winter Solstice, though everyone managed to survive that.

The trip out: I took delivery of my new Gulfstream 650, Limnaea II, several weeks ago, but hadn’t flown in it until now while I let the crews fly courier services for the government to make sure all the features were working as they should before we departed for Scotland.  I love the ‘new’ smell of the cabin, mainly from the leather of the seats. We stopped briefly at Dulles to deliver courier packages and top off our tanks before our flight to Inverness a bit more than 3,400 miles.

The flight was uneventful except for the marvelous sex with Willow who is really getting good at milking me with her talented tongue she knows me so well now had me so aroused she just inserted two fingers and got me off while breast feeding! She is awesome! Then I caressed the shaft of her clitoris, something she dearly loves, and after she came we snuggled and went to sleep in each other’s arms. What a marvelously restful night!

When we got to Inverness after a 8 hour flight from Dulles (with a brief stop at Stansted) it was 50° F and cloudy with good visibility. Jack and out male Gyn, Chris, were there to greet us with a convoy of four Range Rovers. They helped unload our things and off we went over the Mts. to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the hills below Location Z. Jack and I are going up to the site tomorrow, well later today, the 19th as it’s midnight here so I can see the fire pits and plan how to distribute the incineration powder to get the best results.

I've been so Busy: So much else has been going that I haven’t written about acquiring my exquisite new jet. There just hasn’t been time what with Andrea’s blood clots from the failure of her gas-guard during dive-sex and getting comfortable with Brad, my new therapist, who is helping me come to terms with my responsibilities as a handmaiden to the Goddess Aphrodite and my role as Chief-Priestess at Location Z for the celebration of geophysical events which bring new life (read men) back to the old ways. Of course I’ve been helping Brad make his fantasy of being with his dead wife Jenna come true. At least while I’m dressed in her things and wearing her scent while on his arm or in his bed and especially while he is hard, long and deep inside me thrusting into my cervix. He is so blissed out when he’s inside me he wants it to never end. I’m so glad my participation in the vernal equinox festivities will give him a week away from me as he desperately needs the rest from sexual exertion.

I had intended to get a post off before we left Dulles, but with loading Fiona’s things and taking her aboard – returning readers will remember she is Jack’s sister – and who we dropped off at Stansted before going on to Inverness there wasn’t time.


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