Sunday, March 16, 2014

Milex as a training diaphragm, prep. for the Vernal Equinox

A silicone Milex wide seal Omniflex diaphragm

The photo: A Milex wide seal Omniflex (coil spring rim) diaphragm. A common mold is used to extrude both Milex rim styles so the two indentations in the 8mm inner flange of the wide seal are where the fingers should be placed to fold the other, Arcing spring rim, style Milex contraceptive diaphragm.

Escorts, training assistants and training diaphragms: Training diaphragms serve several purposes. Things like decreasing the sensitivity of both an escort candidate and his training assistant so he can build his stamina for delayed orgasms. Learning effective techniques to under-thrust an All-Flex or Omniflex diaphragm on request or covertly. And for the women escort candidates how to wear a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm as flood insurance, to prevent having water forced into her uterus during dive-sex.

Stamina building: To increase the effort needed to cause a woman to reach vaginal orgasm a silicone diaphragm of the proper contraceptive size can be worn. Silicone diaphragms have far poorer heat transfer properties that the latex devices they replaced so decrease the tactile sensitivity of male/female vaginal contact. Depending on the individual woman’s pelvic anatomy occasionally the rim of an Omniflex might rub against her G-spot when she’s aroused increasing her sensitivity. With training assistants who have this situation (I was going to say ‘problem’, but for most Milex wearers that would not be a problem) it can usually be eliminated by having the training assistant wear a diaphragm one size larger.

Since all our TAs have GyneFix IUDs implanted the too large training diaphragm can be removed immediately after the training session since there is no need to leave it inserted for a minimum of six hours after having semen released in her vagina. Removing the too large diaphragm immediately after the training session prevents the possibility of developing a UTI from being unable to empty her bladder completely due to the too large rim pressing on her urethra.

Under-thrust training: Two different sizes are used for training depending on the woman client’s desired scenario; either accidental under-thrust where a properly sized Omniflex is used or a breeding fantasy where a diaphragm two sizes too small is used to increase the likelihood and ease of a partner intentionally under-thrusting the rim and filling the dome with semen.

Gas guard/flood insurance: This is taught to both training assistants and to sexually adventurous female clients who come to Adolph’s spa, The Lorelei, for encounters with some of Pirate’s stable of stallions. A correctly sized device or perhaps one size larger latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is worn to protect the woman from the possibility of having water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusts during underwater sex.

If the woman is on another effective method of contraception the one size larger can be worn for the dive and removed immediately afterward to avoid the possibility of developing a UTI. With guests at The Lorelei diaphragms are usually fitted since they can be worn at any depth and Lorelei guests have access to Adolph’s deep water training facility. FemCaps can be fitted if the pelvic anatomy permits, but they are subject to painful squeeze below thirty feet.

Beware the Ides of March: Today Adolph’s 18 y/o niece had a serious accident while training with Adolph in his deep water training facility. Fortunately it occurred while he was with her so no one else can be blamed as his temper is legendary when something goes wrong. It was her fault as she had intentionally worn an Omniflex into The Well with him rather than the flat spring latex Reflexions she knew needed for maximum flood insurance protection. She told me later that she so loves it when her partner under-thrusts her protection, even though in her case it wouldn’t have resulted in a pregnancy even if she had been fertile because she has a GyneFix IUD implanted. I understand that feeling since I enjoy it too, though in my case if my Oves displaced while I was fertile I’d stand a good chance of conceiving.

When he took her in missionary at 125 feet while breathing Nitrox II she was a bit narced and her fantasy about having semen in the dome of her diaphragm combined to cloud her judgment and she didn’t object when he under-thrust the rim. During that encounter she had an air bubble forced into her uterus. She was on her period and some of the air formed a clot in her lung.  I’m CD7 today and she is cycling a few days behind me at the moment and was CD3 and bleeding heavily, the most dangerous time, when she got the clot. She is doing well enough in Adolph’s private hospital considering what might have happened, but will be on blood thinners and under observation for a few days. What that means is that she will not be going with me and my other wards to celebrate the Vernal Equinox on March 20th at Location Z.

Smokeless fire: I’ve been working on my basic skills as a handmade of Aphrodite and I think I’ve mastered the formulation (with the help of Jeff at Labia Labs) of a special ingredient that can be sprinkled on wood and peat fires that will make them burn smokeless and nearly completely so there is almost no ash left. This will allow the use of the twenty large stone fire pits Jack found buried in the ground, four per altar, around the five altars at Location Z to provide warmth for the demi-handmaidens and me and our inductees. The fire pits had stone lids on them which is why they went undiscovered until recently and helps explain the distance between the main and secondary altars. Taking the smoke out of the peat fires while increasing the heat released will improve our comfort substantially while reducing the likelihood that we will be detected from the smoke if the weather happens to be clear. Jack already has pre-positioned stacks of cut blocks of dried peat under tarps in the provisioning area and the pits filled with the first blocks for the vernal equinox celebration.  The fires for this years vernal equinox will be the first in the fire pits in hundreds of years and other than improving our comfort I wonder what other effect they might have.

UNLV’s spring recess is from March 17-22 so we will be leaving for Inverness and Ullapool this coming Monday the 17th.


  1. At least you have some sort of inspiration to help you feel comfortable while being fucked in the cool altitude of Location Z. You might even be able to lose those robes that you had to use for the autumnal and winter solstices. What does it take to be an initiate? Is there an age limit?

    1. Hi again Eric, Yes, the fire pits should help though I understand new fleece robes have already been made and they will be useful along with hand knitted wool leg warmers and Gorse brandy, to protect us during the walk from our wardrobe tent to the altars at the top of the holy site. I plan to have Bea, Willow and me in Bloch Alpha shoes as an indication of our desire to perform at our best for the initiation of new men into the service of the Goddess. The Swan twins will continue to wear Freed Classics with Forteflex shanks, the same style and options they train in, since they don’t have the strength and skill needed to wear Alpha pointes w/o the risk of injuring themselves.

      >What does it take to be an initiate? Is there an age limit?

      There is no age limit as such, but a man is expected to have no carnal knowledge of a human female… Ewes are permitted as that is where our virgin males have developed their fascination with penile-vaginal intercourse. And of course the men need to be free of STIs, which some sheep carry.


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