Sunday, March 30, 2014

Who’s who and what’s what

A brief guide to people and places in Jill’s World

Why now: A new reader asked in a comment “Do you have a starting date or post that summarizes, explains or is a good primer?”

As longtime readers know there have been no “Jill’s Notes” (similar to Cliff’s Notes) for my blog, Jill’s World. However, below is a short list of friends who often appear as well as locations. For new readers going back and starting at the entries for the 2013 Winter Solstice in late December 2013 might give you some current background. Have there been omissions, absolutely, but then I had no intention to develop a concordance worthy of the Bible.

Since there is a limit to the length of comments I’m going to post the list as an entry in my blog as it may be helpful (or not) to others just beginning to read my blog. Especially any students who are assigned to write term papers on the implausibility of my life as chronicled in the entries of this blog.

Jill’s Notes 1.0

Some of my friends (in no particular order):

  • Jack: (John, Viscount Sandbach, my primary lover. Though with my various jobs and raging libido I have a multitude of lovers from all walks of life, from escort trainees to extremely wealthy fetish addicts.
  • His Grace: AKA Himself, The Duke, the Old Bull is Jacks father who has an English title and estates in northern England and Scotland.
  • Adolph: a good friend and psychopath in Vegas who has a deep dive training facility (the well) and a up-market Spa, The Lorelei, as well as a penchant for making employees disappear.
  • Brad: My most recent psychoanalyst and fetish lover. He is helping me come to terms with my responsibilities as a handmaiden of Aphrodite. However, he is delusional in that he has fixation that when I’m dressed in her clothes I am his dead wife Jenna (from her photos we could be identical twins) who was a dancer killed in a car crash with their 6 mos. old babe 18 months ago.
  • Anya: A good friend in her early 30s who travels as a troubleshooter for a multinational company
  • Fiona: Jack’s sister who works for the British Gove (currently in their embassy in DC) and mother of Cyndi who was one of my wards until she began her studies at Cambridge at the beginning of this year.
  • Pirate: who runs the Escort service for my casino and who’s escorts provide some of the best sex in Vegas.
  • Tanaquil: A retired French Courtesan who run’s the best Porn organization in Europe
  • My Wards: Bea 17 y/o and in the 4th form at St Lucy’s; Willow a 19 y/o Brit chick who danced for the Royal Ballet and is Jacks natural daughter by an RB ballerina. Willow now dances in my ballet Co in Vegas and attends UNLV; The 18 y/o Swan twins Odette and Odile who are the daughters of a friend who is a neighbor on Virgin Gorda in the BVIs. There was a 5th, Andrea, who developed a blood clot from not using proper precautions during dive-sex and so as soon as she can travel will be sent home to her parents who are relatives of Adolph.
Locations (in no particular order):

  • My home in the Spring Mts West of Las Vegas where I have my 64 ft. deep pool (the pit) and where my wards live with me.
  • The Well: The 216 ft deep training facility attached to Adolph’s home in the Mts. There he also has a multi-bed hyperbaric chamber for treating decompression sickness.
  • The Lorelei: Adolph’s elite Spa for women where sexual services of any kind are available. The Lorelei is located very close to Adolph’s deepwater training facility.
  • St Lucy’s: An exclusive local girl’s prep school for difficult girls where a good classical education can be had as well pre-professional ballet training and a good caning for disobedience. I teach Contemp. Sexual Health and occasionally ballet at St Lucy’s.
  • Naughty Pleasures: The Umbrella club at my casino which houses multiple fetish venues and is continually evolving as new fetishes increase in interest and others decline.
  • The high roller clubs at several of the best Casino Resorts in town where my ballet troupe performs erotic versions of classical ballets.
  • UNLV where my three older wards go to school.
  • My vacation home is on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. We have a secluded cove where we can play with dolphins and have dive-sex in wonderfully clear warm water as long as we don’t go too deep.
The weather at Inverness this morning was quite good. I’m going to try and post this while we are on the ground at Dulles to let Fiona off and top off out tanks for the trip across country. We managed to land and refuel between periods of rain and there is a lot of snow in the mid west so the pilots are anxious to get us up above all that.

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  1. I am a long time reader, but this was still helpful


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