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Realise rubber T-back swimsuits and sports psychology

A Japanese rubber competition T-back swimsuit

The Photo: A rubber T-back competition swimsuit, from the Japanese Co. Realise catalog. It’s the style St Lucy’s water polo and swim team members have worn for several years and the girls all love wearing them. They cost several hundred USD each and the team members all have several as they have been known to tear while putting them on. However, the single piece Realize T-back rubber competition swimsuit is a marvelously effective and sexy piece of a girl’s equipment!

Sports psychology and sex: I help train St Lucy’s water polo and swim teams. I teach their ballet classes and help with their sexual health needs as well as lecture about building and retaining confidence and how to psychologically devastate an opponent, a skill that has applications in real life as well as sports. In addition to performance skills in her particular sport a woman needs confidence in her mastery of those skills and the ability to be calm and in control under stress while appearing as sexually desirable as her sports equipment will allow, hence the Realize rubber T-back competition swimsuits. Ballet training keeps the swimmers hips sleek and breasts small because most of the swimmers have Marina IUDs inserted (from which the strings have been removed) that decrease or stop their estrogen surges and periods. The Polo and Swim teams are all gorgeous and their sleek bodies displayed in rubber T-back swimsuits can put an opposing team off their game. The oppositions first thought is that in a T-back suit an opponent will be easy to grope and intimidate. Once they discover that it’s almost impossible to grope a St Lucy’s team member who is wearing a properly fitting Realize T-back suit and sports plug the opposing team’s confidence is usually severely eroded and their game fades rapidly when they find intimidation isn’t working after several grope failures.  That St Lucy’s girls have the opposing teams male supporters hot for their bods after parading around and posing on the pool surround before the game doesn’t help the competing teams morale either and St Lucy’s has won some games against much better teams by mind-fucking them.

Evolution of the Sports plug:  Grope protection was first designed for women to wear under G-strings and other T-back costumes to prevent insertion of fingers and small raw vegetables in the vaginas of the performers and waitstaff at several venues within our Casino’s primary nightclub, Naughty Pleasures.

The original device is the Penetrator plug which returning readers will have read about in earlier posts. The Penetrator is a custom fitted device as no two women’s pubic structure; vulva and vagina are quite the same and for the plug to be comfortable and stay in place it must fit correctly and securely with the anti-expulsion ridge snuggly behind the pubic bone. Wearing a Penetrator requires that the wearer have a pronounced post-pubic vault, which most women do. The back of the pubic bone of a well developed post-pubic vault provides a shelf behind which the anti-expulsion ridge of the plug fits snugly.

In the last several years the Penetrator has evolved. There are now two versions, the standard Penetrator that we all know and love and the new Sports oriented device identical except for the rounded external shield made with a lightly textured latex surface rather than the smooth silicone of the Penetrator. The lightly textured latex head was designed to grip the material of the wearer’s thong to make it difficult to pull or slide it to one side. That version of the plug was rebranded as a ‘Sports plug’ to make it more acceptable to mothers who have daughters playing contact water sports rather than calling it a Penetrator, which many of them remember wearing or still wear themselves, which has erotic implications. 

A psychological advantage: When wearing a Realise rubber competition suit during water polo grope protection is significantly enhanced by wearing the sports plug with its lightly textured latex head and clitoris shield over which the rubber suits thong is stretched. The rubber suit tight against the textured latex head of the sports plug prevents the thong from sliding or being pulled to one side by an opposing team member trying to distract their opposition by twisting labia or pinching the head of an opponent’s clitoris. It also eliminates camel toe. Twisting and pinching is illegal, but in a tight group of bodies the referees can’t always see what is going on, so the best thing is to wear unobtrusive protection to minimize the likelihood of a physical and psychological injury.

For competitive contact sports events silicone lube is sprayed on the Realise wearer’s rubber sheathed breasts and groin before leaving the dressing room to prevent opponents from being able to grip the tight slick rubber to twist nipples, but kneeing an opponent can still occur. However, the sports plug effectively protects the vulva and clitoris giving its wearer confidence in her safety and a psychological boost. The sports plugs are so important to the girl’s physical and mental wellbeing – especially when playing teams from other elite schools that are known for fouling opposing players - that they have RFID chips in them and we have chip readers on the dressing room doors and pool entrances to make sure all the swimmers are wearing their plugs before they go in the water.

Plug adjustment: It can take a few weeks of wearing a sports plug during training before a girl becomes accustomed to insertion and removal and to the feel of the plug when correctly inserted. Insertion is particularly important since the plug can be quite painful if the labia are pinched when the anti-expulsion ridge is pushed up behind the pubic bone sealing the plug in place. Should that occur once or twice the wearer is very careful to insert it correctly from then on. Once the plug is properly positioned and sealed she will forget she is wearing the device until she is hit in the groin or someone attempts to grope her. Wearing a plug began as something to be thankful for because it is needed for protection, but it has now become something of a status symbol at St Lucy’s and now other girls want to be fitted for them so they can flaunt them for their boyfriends. .

Cost of Sports plugs is expensive since they are custom fitted. However, some are covered under the student’s athletic fees if they participate in activities that require that sort of protection. While ballet is an art students taking pointe classes at St Lucy’s also qualify for subsidies for vaginal plugs because in contemporary dance getting kicked is all too common. However, most ballet-girls are fitted for Penetrators or Sports plugs free of charge if they volunteer as training partners for our casinos male escort candidates. That’s because it’s important that the men know how to quickly break the seal on a partner’s plug and remove it correctly and with consideration for her comfort arousing the woman in the process rather than hurting her as her partner might if he was inexperienced.  




  1. Jill:

    I don't think the swim team legally would be allowed to wear this type of suit for interscholastic meets. Water polo, maybe. The National Federation of High School Athletic Associations (NFHS) requires swim teams to follow FINA rules for swimwear, both men and women, and FINA does not allow rubber or zipper closures. Basically, swimsuits must be made of a textile, and be water permeable. It also must not have any fasteners other than a drawstring for men's suits, and must not go further on the leg than an inch above the knee.

    Source: NFHS and FINA regulations since 2008.

    1. Thank you Eric. I should have mentioned that the suits are worn during non-sanctioned games with a few other schools to build up team confidence and stamina for sanctioned meets. Most of St Lucy's training is outside the guidelines of conventional training.

    2. I understand about that. However, I was only stating for swim racing competitions. Water polo I think would be OK with those suits, as would synchronized swimming. They only banned them for swim races is because of all of the world records set during the Beijing Olympics with rubberized, full-body suits worn by both men and women. FINA felt it was like "technical doping."

    3. Rubber suits do make competitors much more like fish don't they... And, as you point out for Water Polo, where almost all groping occurs, the suits aren't forbidden so the girls are protected while getting to see who on an opposing team to watch out for. That's an amazing morale booster!


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