Monday, January 6, 2014

The Goldsmiths wife

Highly refined Scottish gold

His Grace asks a favor: The old bull came to me after my ballet class on the 4th to ask if I would visit the Goldsmith and his wife. It seems the goldsmith’s wife and he had been lovers before he married the Duchess and he has always had a thing for her which he satisfies occasionally and now she wanted a favor.

His Grace was embarrassed to ask, but to make a long story short he told me she wanted him to tell me to fuck her husband. He let her know that her wish and my virtue was not within his gift, but that he would gladly ask me if I would, as a favor, have penetrative sex with her husband. I wasn’t surprised that the goldsmith wanted me as I’d seen the longing in his eyes, but I was surprised that his wife had asked and I was concerned about his health.

If he had a stroke while mounted or possibly a weak heart he could die in the saddle. I agreed to talk with her and called to make sure I understood what she (and he) had in mind. It seems they are both of the Old Ways and the heavy gold necklace of office in its ebony box had been in his family’s keeping for generations waiting for the right woman to walk into the family shop.

I already knew she was a sensitive as I felt her presence when I was in the shop, but I hadn’t met her. She knew when I arrived in Inverness that I was the one it was meant for and she mentioned to Jack who she has known since he was a child that she thought I would like some of the pieces her husband had on offer which is how Jack came to mention the shop to me.  She told me that having transferred the great seal of office to me, for that is what the massive relief of the birth of Venus is, her husband was closing the high street shop and would be working on privately commissioned pieces from now on.

As his family had been believers and faithful disciples - being keeper of the great seal for decades – her husband had always wanted to know what being intimate with a Goddess was like and they thought his best chance was for him to have sex with her earthly embodiment and he would never have a better chance than now. They were concerned I might find their request impertinent. I thought it charming and very human.

We discussed her husband’s health. Could his heart and skeletal structure stand the excitement and intensity of an encounter with me?  At 75 he is a frequent hill walker and active daily operating his gold smelter he is in excellent health she said. She also said that he wanted to take me bareback and was fond of sex with women protecting themselves with diaphragms, which she still uses for him even though she is well into menopause.

His Grace agreed to take me to their home in a village outside Inverness proper rightly seeing an opportunity to bed the wife again while I satisfied her husband, an arrangement that worked extremely well.

The encounter: After we arrived and I was introduced to Edith, the Goldsmith’s wife sherry was served and we all agreed on the rules: no condoms for the men and diaphragms for the ladies.  I was CD21 and safely luteal, but was wearing an Oves screwed down tightly on my cervix and brought along my death rubber latex Reflexions flat spring for show and tell and for Colin, the Goldsmith, to watch me insert. I was pleased to learn that Edith had an 75mm Reflexions inserted for His Grace’s pleasure and her own since when aroused the anterior rim caresses her G-spot just as my Reflexions does for me!

We were actively involved with our twin encounters for nearly two hours, in separate rooms on different floors so neither couple heard the other, with a bit of time between penetrative acts to enjoy the afterglow and let the men recycle. Colin is a skilled, considerate and potent lover with marvelous stamina for his age and Edith is lucky to have him in a selectively open marriage. When His Grace and I left Colin and Edith were relaxed and glowing from sexual release as we were all still in the afterglow and I was still experiencing tiny vaginal contractions when I thought of how wonderfully talented Colin is and how marvelously he pleased me  

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