Sunday, January 26, 2014

An arm candy miscarriage

Expelled tissue a spontaneous abortion at 8 weeks

A mistress spontaneously aborts: One of the Scandinavian attendees to the Economic Forum brought his twenty-something mistress to the hotel to use the gym while he was in conference with one of our entertainers.  She said he offered to have his PA take her shopping, but she wanted to work out and afterward have him take her shopping. She had finished barre and had moved to center to do combinations to music on her iPod when after a series of développés she had a heavy feeling in her pelvis and then severe cramps that doubled her up on the floor as she expelled the eight week old fetus she hadn’t known she was carrying. Her tights and leo were a bloody mess, but we got her some undies and tampons from the gift shop and a hotel robe.

She was on the progestin etonogestrel released by the single rod implant Nexplanon and hadn’t had any symptoms of pregnancy. When asked she said she had been on an antibiotic for a sinus infection several months ago and that is probably what decreased the effectiveness of her hormonal protection. Our house physician treated her and one of His Graces aids took her to a Gyn in the village who treated her w/o telling her industrialist sugar-daddy. It seems that the m/c was as clean as those things can be and there don’t appear to be any complications. She plans to keep him in the dark about her miscarriage as she is relatively new on his arm. He is married to a journalist and has three young children and his previous mistress was after him to give her a child, so he is really skittish about getting arm-candy pregnant. So she is afraid  he would drop her if he thought her birth control wasn’t effective.

She said he has this power thing about women sucking his dick and he is quite well endowed in that area. His wife’s reluctance to suck him off may have contributed to his desire to have a more compliant female minister to his needs in that regard. He thinks getting sucked off by a beautiful young woman is so kinky that it really sends him on a power trip. Since he is large and uncut and she has (so she says) considerable tongue skills she intends to keep him satisfied with fellatio for a few days while her uterus recovers.

FAM/NFP ballet-sex and abortion: And while I’m writing about abortions it’s surprising how different European girls are from U.S girls when it comes to taking contraception seriously. Many young local (Las Vegas) girls taking ballet come to our clinic for terminations after conceiving while trying to learn to use the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) or Natural Family Planning, (NFP). They are so idealistic and want to use a totally natural contraception method, but many seem unwilling to learn how or if they know don’t follow the rules. FAM (where a barrier (condom, cap or diaphragm) is used while fertile) or NFP (where abstinence is practiced during the fertile interval) is very effective if all the rules are followed all the time. However, both take planning and willpower and both are unforgiving of shortcuts, just this onces and Oopses.

I don’t know what it is about some natural methods girls having sex en pointe in toe-shoes or ballet-boots that causes them to conceive. Perhaps it’s because they are so caught up in making the fantasy of sex on their toes come true that they lose sight of where they are in their cycles and what precautions should be taken, if they knew in the first place and often end up having sex w/o using any protection while fertile.

If a woman has unprotected sex on her most fertile day of one cycle, her chances of becoming pregnant are:

  • 50% if she is 19 to 26 years old
  • 40% if she is 27 to 34 years of age
  • 30% if she is 35 to 39 years old
And most of our natural methods girls are in the 19 to 26 y/o group. Even for me (and I’ll soon be 43), the risk would be about 30% and I’m not about to go there!

Ballet boots and vacuum aspirations: Unlike the St Lucy’s ballet girls and my wards who all prefer to train for ballet sex in pointe-shoes most of the local Las Vegas FAM/NFP ballet girls who conceive during ballet-sex and come to our clinic for terminations were wearing Punitive Shoes ballet boots which are hand made in Italy using high quality and well worked leather and cost about $300 USD a pair. They aren’t Gepetto’s at $3,500 a pair, but the new Punitive ballet boots can be easily walked in, are relatively comfortable to stand in and the toe boxes won’t collapse right away.

Our clinic offers both medical (Mifeprex) and surgical (vacuum aspiration) terminations and most of the girls want the one-and-done visit with the aspirator and a course of antibiotics and no vaginal sex for ten days.

I’ve had an opportunity to talk with some of Tanaquil’s German and French escorts while we’ve been here and all the girls who prefer working in ballet-boots - good bespoke leather boots from a cobbler in Munich who works primarily for Tanaquil - would get vacuum aspirations if their contraception failed. It’s invasive, but safer and less likely to develop complications.

Touring with Tanaquil: European teens being scouted for enrolment in courtesan college are a lot more realistic about contraceptive methods than are their U.S, counterparts and almost always go with some form of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive, LARC, method which makes them far less likely to have an accidental pregnancy. There have been a number of different sizes of IUDs available in Europe for years that can be more effectively used by smaller/younger women while in the U.S. Skyla, a smaller version of the Mirena, has only been available for less than a year.

Tomorrow the Swan twins and Bea will spend the day shopping in Zurich with Anya while Tanaquil takes Willow and me to Munich on Limnaea II. It’s a bit more than 300km east and we’ll be landing at Munich International (MUC) where Tanaquil will have a car and driver pick us up. We are going to visit one of the ballet academies that feed girls into European ballet companies. I thought we would have to wait until Monday, but Tanaquil says the head mistress, an old friend of hers, is expecting us and is anxious to show off some of her star students. We’ll be looking at several teens that have great promise if their health holds through the rigorous regimen of ballet training and corps work. Like Willow, once they have proven themselves in the corps for several years their bodies will be toughened enough that they can be taken through Courtesan College then gradually introduced into the high end of the trade. Afterward, we’ll board Limnaea II and return to Zurich to pick up Anya and the girls for the long flight home.


  1. It's too bad for you that you're in Switzerland for that conference. The HSBC Rugby Sevens were in Vegas this weekend. Team USA took the shield, which is the best of the consolation bracket, maybe ninth among 16 teams.

  2. Hi Eric, I care nothing about Rugby, but Fiona and Colin were sorry they couldn't watch.


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