Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rubber ballet-sex

An entertainer encasing herself in a plum latex catsuit

The photo: An Entertainer dressing for success. In Switzerland, Austria and Germany Dommes in latex and ballet-boots wielding riding crops are an extremely popular form of male entertainment, where she entices the man to have sex with her. Now how hard is that? 

Orgasm-worthy performances: Almost all men who are on His Grace’s guest list have exquisite female companions some of whom are their wives, but they almost never accompany their men to the hotel for business meetings. A 45 minute conference with a young woman encased in a latex catsuit, ballet-boots or pointe shoes and wielding a riding crop can purge a great deal of stress from a harried titan of industry if he can survive it.

During the most popular scenario there is a fantasy rape which she initiates (during which she is forcibly penetrated from behind while standing on her toes) and then she finds she enjoys rough sex and takes him again while astride him where she can control the depth and angle of penetration and caused his penis to repeatedly ram the rim of her diaphragm. That can be a very unpleasant experience for him especially if he is uncut or unless he is a masochist and enjoys painful sex. Then after she orgasms the man atones for defiling her by being beaten with the crop as she stands over him, her relief zipper open while she Kegels out his ejaculate which she has him lick off the floor.  Can you say ‘submissive’ boys and girls?

In Switzerland prostitution is defined as sex for money and to be legal a sex-worker must be 18 or over. Here in Davos we are classified as ‘entertainers,’ and perform for the sole pleasure of His Grace’s guests. No money changes hands and we are all 18 or over and only perform within the hotel owned by His Grace. If we go out we dress and behave conservatively so we don’t call attention to ourselves. So we pretty much blend in with the other beautiful women visitors to Davos, while in the hotel we are free to go about performing and dispensing various forms of adult entertainment and punishment in our inimitable style w/o fear of being bothered by the authorities,

Screening guests: We are given a list of guests that we should expect based on our patron’s interests in their specialties or how likely they are to be indiscreet about the details of their work or friends. A small group of computer specialists access the persons (almost always men) on-line med records for indications of STIs and heart problems that might make him a poor candidate for the level of excitement a sexual encounter with one of us will cause. Usually periodic checkups for insurance purposes will in these days address the policy holder’s sexual, physical and often mental health.  Also checked are gossip columns and rumors about what women the guest has been seen in public with (and their sexual health is checked as well) are sufficient to clear most guests for unprotected sex. 

In the dressing room: A guest is not allowed into the entertainers dressing room, however he is allowed to watch what he is told is the feed from a hidden HD security cam in her dressing room, which heightens his arousal because he is watching clandestine video of the girl dressing who has no idea she is being videoed, or so he thinks.

The sounds, the creak and snap of latex as she is getting in to the .25mm chlorinated latex catsuits (about the thickness of a green Thera-Band, for those not familiar with catsuit thicknesses) and then she inserts Reflexions latex diaphragms, a 10 ml prefilled disposable applicator of DiveGel+ and sports plug to train for rubber ballet-sex. With their partners watching the clandestine video the guys all developed woodies quickly. The girls have a choice of ballet-boots or pointe shoes and – if the guest has no known preference - most prefer to train in Gaynor Minden pointes as it takes more strength and stamina to have sex en pointe in pointe shoes than in ballet boots which allow taking the weight on the dancers heels and the tightly laced boot shafts provide a great deal of ankle stability. Not that being taken from behind while standing in ballet-boots isn’t awesomely kinky fun, but it’s a lot easier than balancing en pointe for 20 minutes or so while being filled with semen. However, as I mentioned Aryans seem to prefer sex with a girl in leather ballet boots so we wear Gepettos for most encounters with Aryans.

The sports plug as a pacifier: I’ve written recently about sports plugs, a version of the Penetrator with a lightly textured latex head that grips the fabric of tight lingerie, leotards or swimsuits to keep the thong from slipping to one side minimizes being casually groped and prevents displaying camel toe. But in a D/s relationship there is another amazing use, as a pacifier for a submissive male. If the plug is removed while the wearer is standing, as it usually is when preparing for ballet-sex, en pointe in Ballet boots or pointe shoes, the 1 inch deep secretions cup beneath the anti-expulsion ridge (which can be used as a menstrual cup) collects the woman’s vaginal and cervical secretions: her clear slippery natural lubricant produced during arousal and her thick stretchy fertile cervical mucus.

When carefully removed while standing the contents of the secretions cup can be easily transferred into the submissive's mouth and almost immediately coat his tongue with the musky, salty taste of her vagina and perhaps the taste of a previous lover if she is still draining the last of his liquefied semen. Removing a Domme’s Sports plug then having it shoved into his mouth as a pacifier and gag of sorts is often a huge turn on for the sub. When it is used as a pacifier/gag we usually give it to the sub as a souvenir after the encounter.    

Carnal pleasure, The sounds and scents of rubber ballet-sex: In an encounter salle all you hear at first is the creak of her latex suit stretching and soft thump of padded GM pointe platforms as the escort moves to the barre and warms up with pliés, relevés, tendus, dégagés, échappés and développés then rolls on to pointe and bourrées and jetés in center before bourréeing over and offering herself for his pleasure in being dominated by a beautiful rubber clad woman balanced confidently on the tips of her toes.

Once in his arms she places his hand between her latex sheathed thighs. There is the hiss of her relief zipper as its gently tugged open and the slight chill of the dry salle air against the sweaty flesh of her pelvis. He feels for the removal loop lying against her perineum. The loop being pulled down and forward, the soft sucking sound of her sports plug’s seal being broken, the plug is pulled out and she carefully takes it from his hand and slips it into his mouth for safekeeping while she unzips his pants and gently slips his package out of his slingshot as she prepares to fuck his brains out.

She turns, rises en pointe a la seconde bends over grips the barre with both hands and orders, “Take me!” The wet sound and gasp on initial thrust of well a lubricated tight penetration while en pointe and her gasps, grunts and mewing when taking his thrusts and moans when her cervix is hit. He grunts as he thrusts; “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!” He mumbles; trying to talk with her plug in his mouth and tasting of her vaginal secretions; then her urgent instructions “Deeper! deeper! Oh, oh, oh yes! Oh yes! Right there! Oh God yes, right there! There! Oh God, oh God, oh God! Yes!”

The outside of her rubber suit is quickly slick with his testosterone laden sweat on the outside and her estrogenic sweat on the inside. The sweaty latex combining their musk with the scent of latex, silicone rubber polish, her shampoo and vaginal musk when her vaginal plug was pulled out and a short time later the scent of his semen joins the sweaty bouquet generated by her carnal pleasure with an unprotected man as her contractions during orgasm pull him into ecstasy with her and the fluid transfer is completed, A few ml of ejaculate and several hundred million sperm have been released under pressure to splatter harmlessly against the latex membrane of the escorts diaphragm.


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