Friday, January 10, 2014

An offering of pomegranates

The pomegranate sacred fruit of Venus/Aphrodite

An offering to Venus/Aphrodite: Shortly before we left for the airport on the 7th I visited the Roman temple below the chapel under the Abbey. I brought an offering of pomegranates Aphrodite’s sacred fruit and asked for her to bless our journey and my work on her behalf in lands beyond the sea. I felt the gold amulet around my neck warm and pulse three times as she answered my supplication. 

The pomegranate was sacred to Aphrodite who was said to have first planted it on the island of Kypros. The fruit symbolized female fertility and the marital loss of virginity with the consummation of marriage (from both its red stains and rich seeds).

Having received the Goddesses blessing I took Jack for the last time on this visit while lying in my shearling breeding vest on the mosaics containing the images of the four Roman Goddesses. It was a glorious encounter and I think Jack was at his best as far as size and technique were concerned. I was still having wonderful little involuntary contractions with a tampon absorbing his liquefied semen as we took off from Inverness

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