Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years 2014 at Crag Abbey

May your 2014 be the best year ever!

Menstrual cycling: On New years Day I was CD18 and luteal having ovulated on the 28th. All the women who came with me are at about the same place in their cycles as we are all cycling naturally. Only Mademoiselles Oui, the French ballerina and His Graces bed partner, is on a hormonal contraceptive, a Mirena IUD so is not cycling. I think it was the ease of the flight over on the G650 that allowed us to travel with almost no changes in our cycles due to long hours or stress. We all took our weekly test for hCG on Monday. Since most of us were ovulating there was almost no chance of anyone testing positive, but there could have been an accident and it’s good to keep to a routine with this sort of thing.

Easing one’s way: On Boxing Day, a bit clandestinely (since it’s the largess of the Laird that should be on display) I distributed gifts to all the Abbey services staff, colorful silk scarves or neckties from Harrods. I just wanted them to know I appreciate their effort on my behalf. Perhaps it’s because I’m Jack, Viscount Sandbach’s, main squeeze, (I’ve been called his Courtesan, a term I’m rather fond of, but that’s not entirely correct as I’m cherished for far more than my pelvic skills). I’m served ahead of all the other women and the women are served first. The fire is lit in the bedroom where I’m sleeping early and the maids are whisper quiet as opposed to Mademoiselle Oui’s service where things the staff can’t be faulted for seem to routinely go wrong. Some say its bad luck others think it’s because she is so demanding. I, on the other hand, try to be easy to get along with as have my wards to look after and my rapport with the staff extends to my girls as well as long as they are courteous.

New Years Eve at the Abbey: His Grace invited the other Lairds in the area to the Abbey for New Years Eve. Most had chauffeurs and those who didn’t stayed over as driving back down the mountain road from the Abbey at night is for clear minds only. I was pleased to see the goldsmith and his wife from whose shop in Inverness I’d purchased the Venus talisman and who passed on to me the much older and larger ceremonial necklace which when worn confirms I’m acting on behalf of the Goddess Venus/Aphrodite on important occasions. It turned out that my goldsmith has a royal warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for provision of fine jewelry and objects of vertu to the monarch and is a local Laird with a small country house outside Inverness. I was pleased to get a chance to dance with him. I wore pointes and danced flat so that I didn’t tower over him and he was a spritely and well coordinated dancer, a disciple of the old ways and a delight to talk with.

The three professional ballet girls Mademoiselle Oui, Willow and I performed, to music from a string ensemble, for the guests before the New Years dinner so we got to eat well like everyone else this time. And our performances were well received. After I danced with my goldsmith I changed into ballet boots, with heel guards, for more dancing since most of the men are tall and I wanted to test my stamina in boots since I hadn’t worn them as often here as I do at home. I was pleased that as with pointe shoes my feet went numb after standing for a while so it was my calves that were the worry, but while they were a bit tight at times I massaged them gently between dances and they were fine.

Twelfth Night: My girls and I will be returning home after Twelfth Night which in medieval times was celebrated on the night of January 5th. However, now it is celebrated on the night of the 6th day which is when Western Christians celebrate Epiphany which commemorates the visit of the Magi to the Baby Jesus, and thus Jesus' physical manifestation to the Gentiles. His Grace has Druid roots, but he understands the importance of celebrating other younger beliefs that have morphed from the Gods and Goddesses of old. So we have another marvelous week of stamina building and superb sex before we leave from Inverness airport on January 7th.

Deep vaginal penetration: This week my girls and I are using our Reflexions latex diaphragms to offer (as a change of pace) a distinctive feeling to bareback partners who are large enough to thrust into our Anterior Fornices and love sex involving latex. I’ve written before about this being possible for women whose cervix enters her vagina at an angle which allows the penis to thrust directly into the anterior fornix, which most do.

When thrust into at the proper angle the cervix will direct the glans into the stretchy translucent latex membrane covering the anterior fornix like a drum head.  The dome is pulled tight over the cervix putting upward pressure on the cervix as the dome is stretched the 2 cm or so into the wearer’s anterior fornix causing the stretching latex to grip the lover’s glans tighter the deeper it is thrust into the fornix.  Feeling the stretching of the dome as pressure pushing my cervix deeper into me as the dome tightens its grip on my partner’s thrusting glans and we both moan is so awesome!

Mademoiselle Oui and BV: One never likes to see a fellow dancer in trouble, but Mademoiselle Oui is difficult to like. I offered her the prefilled vaginal applicators of DiveGel+ to use as a vaginal pH balancer because of the number and frequency of the men penetrating us during the house party. She refused and now has Bacterial Vaginosis, an overgrowth of bacteria. New Years day she developed vaginal itching and a green discharge that smelled like rotting fish until Chris put her on an antibiotic. The itching has gone so she feels fine, but her confidence suffered badly and she is off men for the duration of the house party. I’m not sure when she is due back in Paris or to perform again with the POB. Our male partners were all subject to a thorough washing with antibacterial soap and put on a short duration regimen of antibiotic to prevent spreading the problem and Chris said we should abstain from PVI for a day or so.  So it was girl-girl sex last night and perhaps for another night or two.

Girl-girl sex: Last night we buddied up. The Swan twins with each other, Bea and Beth, and Willow with me. I offered Tanaquil a place in my bed but she wanted to sleep alone. We used Sybian machines and Pyrex dildos and the girls all took turns milking me. It was a lovely quiet marvelously gentle female evening with the scent of breast milk, vanilla, lavender and estrogenic sweat.

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