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White latex catsuits and the ability to cloud men’s minds

Looking lovely in white latex catsuit and corset set

The photo: Model trying to stay warm during a lull in a desert latex photo shoot.

White latex and the ability to mind-fuck men: Though white latex is easy to look gloriously attractive in it is hard to keep pristine while wearing it since it shows stains, smudges and fingerprints so easily, things that are often masked by the default catsuit color, black. The six hundred plus men who have completed my casinos latex survey over the past several years say the same woman in a white rubber catsuit looks younger, prettier and more alluring than when clad in an identical design in black rubber.

The color white also seems to denote the woman as sexually inexperienced, perhaps even virginal and a highly desirable sexual partner since sexual inexperience suggests being free of STIs and a worthy subject for sexual intimacy. I know rationally that’s hard to believe, but a pretty woman clad in white rubber is far more likely to have men buy her meals and drinks, lend her a car or money and pay exorbitant prices for routine sexual encounters than if she was working the room clad in black rubber.  In our survey women in red latex are seen as a danger, or the woman being very sexually experienced, by a lot of men. Some are cautious and stay away while others are intrigued by the suggestion of a dangerous woman and are strongly attracted many possibly to their sorrow.

I’ve found when working as duty casino manager in a white latex catsuit and ballet boots I can often distract men who are fighting by just approaching them while popping my riding crop against the shaft of my leather ballet boot. They both stare at my rubber sheathed breasts or the zipper pull of my relief zipper stretched over the head of my Penetrator plug and forget what they are fighting about. If I wear black latex I have to use my riding crop far more often to break up the fight. I have a dresser who helps me into my rubber costumes and then polishes out the fingerprints and cosmetic smears with a silicone rubber polish before I go on duty and after each break. Wearing a corset you can’t bend over so any catsuit corset sex is missionary position against a wall and it’s a good idea to empty the bowels and bladder before getting into latex as even without the corset it’s difficult to go to the bathroom in a rubber catsuit.

Dressing to be groped: I think one of the glories of wearing a properly fitting latex catsuit is looking so alluring that men can’t prevent themselves from touching you and then walking into a bar to intentionally be groped. Most straight men and some Dykes squeeze the buttocks, breasts and groin, but for some their impulses are so far out of control that they will attempt to pull the plug out of a woman wearing one. More about that in, The male Gaze.

A technical problem with being groped while wearing latex is that skin oils from fingers, oils from bar foods and rough hands that snag soft latex as well as sunlight can all shorten the life of a latex garment and white latex will be yellowed by sunlight. To combat the problems of oils and sunlight weakening and discoloring latex Jeff at Labia Labs is trying different additives to sheet latex formulations in addition to chlorinating it.  However no additives tried so far have made the latex last longer w/o changing it’s feel and flexibility for the worse. The only thing that will extend the life of latex garments is using a good silicone lubricant as a latex polish. It coats the surface and repels the oils from groping fingers coated with the oils from bar foods which will prevent the latex softening from most oils, for a while. The labs have found nothing to prevent white rubber yellowing from sunlight. So the $350 white .4mm latex catsuits I wear while duty casino manager are paid for by the casino and  depending on the amount of groping I get, which I control depending on how needy I am to have my ego stroked, may last a week or even two if I’m not particularly assertive during that time in my cycle.

The Male Gaze: When I’m in a latex catsuit and especially a white one, I love to watch men’s eyes as they talk to me. Almost all straight ones stare at my breasts and crotch, which I’ll admit look lovely sheathed in shiny rubber. The seams of the rubber around and across my breasts seem to mesmerize them as do the relief zipper details (seams, teeth and pull) stretched over my plug head and mons pubis. I never knew so many men were fascinated by how a rubber catsuit was put together… or could they be staring for another reason?

I love having men in Naughty Pleasures bars who only know me by reputation try to pick me up. Their eyes seem pulled to my breasts and groin which at such close quarters standing in a bar crowd has them looking down at me while becoming obviously aroused and losing their train of thought as their little brain begins to wonder if I’m really as tight as they have heard and how can they find out for themselves. Given the business I’m in I’m pleased to attract that sort of attention as it gives me a splendid opportunity to develop much closer relationships with some of the men associated with some of the niche markets in the entertainment business to which we cater.

The psychological down side of wearing a white latex catsuit is that the wearer can develop a feeling of invulnerability because while looking her most alluring she is encased in impermeable rubber looking seductive while seemingly unattainable, a fantasy that can be suddenly and shockingly destroyed by a tug on her relief zipper and the quick insertion of two fingers if she isn’t wearing a plug. Even when plugged, being aggressively groped can bring a girl with a latex Wonder Woman complex back to gasping, moaning, struggling reality. A rubber-girl backed against a wall, can have her plug pulled out, shoved in her mouth and find herself suddenly taken bareback; plunged into repeatedly by an ardent lover treating her as though she was the last woman he would ever get. After he shoots his load into her, pulls out, zips up and walks off she discovers he was only looking for a tight, warm, deep vessel to ejaculate in. It’s an experience a ingénue will never forget.

I have a business client who likes rough sex with rubber-girls in ballet boots so I always have a fantasy afternoon with him when he’s in town to bid for my porn videos copied off HD security cams in the pool bungalows and concierge floor suites. Giving a man a piece from a lovely rubber-girl in Vegas is a common business courtesy, but when the piece on offer is from a casino owner like I am the bidder knows he is on the short list and white rubber catsuits are really in demand when servicing the men who control the porn film industry.

Latex catsuits and pelvic grooming: A woman shouldn’t try wearing lingerie or a swimsuit under a catsuit as you can see the bra and panty lines which disrupt the smooth rubber surface that enhance the curves of the female body. She also shouldn’t try wearing an untrimmed bush under a properly fitting latex catsuit as even a closely trimmed pelvic pelt can sometimes get caught in the zipper teeth and that usually happens at a most inopportune time. What I recommend and my Wards and female escort trainees and I do is have totally waxed pubes so we are hairless and look like ten year olds down there, well, sort of. Suits with zipper tongues are highly recommended as getting the delicate tissue of a labia edge caught in the zipper when you are in a hurry can absolutely ruin at least a few hours of even the most promising day with a hunky man.  

Blemish concealment: Catsuits are ideal for concealing bruises, rope burns and cuff abrasions as well as tats and some piercings though piercings under tight latex can be painfully pulled. So a woman who looks untouched in white latex could be a mess underneath a .4mm latex membrane!

Corsets: Matching corsets can be bought with latex catsuits and corsets while they can help more sharply define ones waistline can contribute to serious accidents or death when rubberiest are asphyxia enthusiasts as well. A problem occurs when the corset is laced too tight causing the rubber clad woman to take shallow breaths since she is unable to fully inflate her lungs. If she is wearing a gasmask as well which also hinders her breathing she quickly starts to hyperventilate and the CO2 she can’t get rid of or re-breathes from the gasmask causes her to go into repertory distress and if there is no one around to pull off her gasmask and unfasten her corset she can easily unintentionally asphyxiate.

Corsets are also used by pregnant escorts to get another few weeks of work by keeping her figures with a corset, assuming her nausea is under control. This is used primarily by girls planning to carry to term otherwise the pregnancy would have been terminated in the first few weeks.


  1. More rubber catsuit facts . . . Jill,even as you are being informative, you are making this the hottest winter of my adult life. . .

    1. Thank you Ralph! What I lovely thing for you to say! (((hugs)))

    2. Jill, my mind is now utterly clouded. :-)

    3. Jill, my mind is now utterly clouded. :-)

    4. LOL! Apparently, as you sent the same message twice in 15 minutes.

  2. I have to admit: I would expect that marked skin (bruises, rope or lash marks, brightly-colored tattoos) would show through a white latex catsuit.


    1. Yes, that’s another thing about white latex, depending on the thickness of the rubber and the vividness of the tats or skin discoloration from injuries they can show through.

      Wearing white latex isn’t for everyone. For women wearing white latex is like men wearing white tights in ballet; you have to be a hero or heroine; perfect in technique, deportment and complexion to be able to pull it off.


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