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Harvesting a dead woman’s diaphragm

One of my 80mm latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms

The Photo: A Reflexions latex flat spring rim diaphragm, the type I wear for flood insurance during dive-sex and when with rubberists who crave the experience of thrusting into the stretchy latex membrane while thrusting into my anterior fornix. I also wear Reflexions for flow control while I’m menstrual and since I’m CD2 today I have one inserted as I’m writing this.  

A cautionary tale: The deaths of two navy divers at an east coast training facility. Read the article from the Washington post: HERE I agree with one of the commenters on the article that the divers were very poorly equipped as the situation seems far too risky with the air they had.

Of course we are civilian recreational divers and while dive-sex can be risky we try to be properly equipped. There is a lot of heavy breathing during dive-sex and when we go to the bottom or even below 100 feet for very long we have deco tanks hung in case we need them, we dive with a buddy and there is a divemaster on duty to monitor the dive. Of course all Adolph’s dives are videoed and the most erotic are sold on the porn market, which is why my girls and I always have our FFMs on and AB valves open when we leave the dressing room and are on the surface.

Dive-sex flood insurance: To my women readers I can’t over emphasize the importance of cervical protection during dive-sex. Cervical barrier protection is needed to minimize the possibility that the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusting will force water into the uterus when the vagina floods, which often occurs during dive-sex. However, women with IUDs inserted should be aware that using a diaphragm or FemCap with an IUD could pull the IUD out during barrier removal if the strings stick to the device.

A properly fitting FemCap can be used as protection during dive-sex when shallow diving in a typical twelve to twenty foot deep commercial pool, but any deeper and the dome of FemCap can squeeze the cervix painfully as water pressure forces the cervix deeper into the caps dome void. An Oves cap (the style I use) can be comfortably worn at any depth because the dome is so small and soft that there is no void to cause squeeze. Since Oves is no longer made this option is not available as flood insurance unless a user stocked up years ago as I did before Oves was withdrawn from the market.

The currently preferred flood insurance device is the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. Women whose vaginas have deep post-pubic vaults and thick soft rugae that allow the diaphragm to seal securely can safely and effectively use the Reflexions as flood insurance as the flat spring rim makes it almost impossible to even intentionally under-thrust the rim. The translucent latex membrane is wonderfully stretchy and has excellent heat transfer properties so men can rarely feel the rim and most, and especially rubberists, enjoy thrusting into the thin rubber dome.

Death Rubber replenishment: Returning readers are familiar with the term ‘death rubber’ that I use to describe a latex Reflexions diaphragm I’ve personally removed from the vagina of a woman who died while having sexual intercourse. Being a sensitive, I’ve found that a latex diaphragm worn at death during sex contains a portion of the dead woman’s Chi which when the diaphragm is worn by a new owner can add to her Chi and significantly enhance the new owner’s libido and confidence. Since the Reflexions is latex heavy usage will cause them to deteriorate much quicker than silicone diaphragms so its important to test the domes integrity before each insertion to check for pin holes, thin spots and cracks in the rubber around the rim to minimize the possibility of dome failure and uterine flooding even if not needed for contraception.

Given the relatively short life of heavily used Reflexions I’m always watching for other Reflexions in my size, 80mm, worn by women who died during intercourse. And when I find one I need to harvest it myself from the dead woman’s vagina so there will be no decrease in the dead woman’s Chi before her Reflexions passes into my care. My clinic has a list of all the women using Reflexions in my size in the area so I can watch for the death of a possible donor during sex as that sort of news travels faster than light. However, most of my death rubber devices come from Adolph’s deep water training facility and occur during dive-sex at depths of one hundred feet or more.  

The donor: A 31 y/o French Courtesan, ‘Julie’ had come to Adolph’s dive training facility to learn deep dive underwater sex techniques with Adolph as her trainer. He had sent her to me for a Reflexions diaphragm fitting, for ‘flood insurance’ before she began training and an 80mm fit her perfectly. She was on the European progestin-only-pill (POP) Cerazette which uses a progestin with a long half-life allowing a twelve hour late window w/o decreasing its effectiveness.  Each Cerazette tablet has 75 micrograms of the progestin Desogestrel which is metabolized into Etonogestrel, the same progestin used in NuvaRing and the single rod implant Nexplanon.

When I fitted Julie for her Reflexions I also routinely tested for hCG and she was pregnant. At that point I urged her to terminate the pregnancy or delay dive training until she was no longer pregnant. She said she felt fine and was determined to continue her scheduled deep water training. I pointed out that in a commercial 15 -20 foot deep pool and diving with a buddy if she was in trouble she could get to the surface in seconds. At the bottom of Adolph’s facility, The Well, she would be breathing Trimix and tethered to the bottom at 216 feet too deep for an emergency ascent to do her any good if she vomited in her FFM. If her mask and lungs were filled with vomit even Adolph’s multi-bed hyperbaric chamber couldn’t save her.

She was adamant that she would continue to dive and wanted to experience dive-sex at 216 feet below the surface. I documented my recommendations and sent a copy to Adolph urging him to refuse to train her in his main deep water pool. He refused and they began her deep water training that afternoon.

Julie’s Reflexions is Harvested: In the evening two days later I got a call from Adolph. He said that Julie was unresponsive at the bottom of The Well after vomiting as she was being penetrated from behind while tethered to the bottom.  And that if I wanted it I should come and harvest my new death rubber and bring her body to the surface as he needed to alert her sister, her only living relative, and send her body back to France.

That night I took Willow with me. It would be her first dive breathing Trimix and to the bottom of The Well. During the dive she could learn how I harvest my new death rubber, so she would know what to do when her time comes to harvest her own. The facility is heated so we wore bikinis with our OTS Guardian FFMs’ and twin 130 cu ft hp steel tanks filled with Trimix. We emptied our bowels and bladders, inserted our Reflexions and applied 10ml disposable vaginal applicators of DiveGel+ because I had asked two male escorts to meet us at the deco stop on our ascent for dive-sex while we decompressed.

I took a new 80mm Reflexions with me to replace the one I was going to remove from Julie’s vagina. We took our time on the descent checking the oxygen tanks and transfer valves at the deco stop at 30 feet before we continued to the bottom in case we needed them on our ascent though we hadn’t planned to stay long enough or work hard enough to use all our Trimix. Neither of us had trouble equalizing our sinuses and ears on the descent and we saw her floating tethered by ankle leashes to the bottom with her long hair down. While her FFM spider held it to her skull the other 18 inches was fanned out around her head like a halo. Adolph has a thing about women diving with our hair down which is really troublesome as loose hair gets tangled in the valves and zippers on our equipment, which is why I always wear a swim cap or hood.

On the bottom before we opened the cuffs of the ankle leashes Julie was weighted so she was floating face down with her legs spread and bikini thong pulled to one side so her vulva was totally uncovered. Her labia were parted and her introitus was still a bit open as though Adolph had just pulled out.  I was wearing nitrile exam gloves and inserted two fingers to feel if her cervix was still under the dome which it was then gripped the anterior rim of the Reflexions and tugged it from behind her cervix then pulled it the rest of the way out. A large quantity of semen came out with the diaphragm suggesting she was not having orgasms or giving him contractions by clenching her muscles when she died. There was spotting in the dome as well as some of her natural arousal lube. I could feel it slippery on the inside of the dome before it washed away.

I tucked the harvested device in my mesh specimen bag and took out the new one compressed the rim and carefully inserted it along the posterior vaginal wall and up behind her cervix. Then pushed the anterior rim further in and up into her post-pubic vault and felt for her cervix under the dome so I was sure it was properly placed. And I did all that while hovering over her body so the HD cams couldn’t video what I was doing. Once the new Reflexions was in place I pulled her thong back over her vulva giving her a small measure of modesty in death as I inflated her BC and Willow released the ankle leashes and Julie began her final ascent.

Well bottom cleanup: While Willow and I were on the bottom we still had plenty of gas to allow us to collect the debris that had fallen to the bottom during training sessions in the last few months. I had brought along two large fine mesh specimen bags and we began collecting the bits and pieces of women students suits and contraceptive devices and training equipment that dad been dropped during training sessions.

There were torn bikini tops and thongs that had apparently been ripped from under tank harnesses and BCDs.  There were All-Flex, Milex, Semina and Reflexions diaphragms in various sizes and quantities from 60mm to 90mm. There were swim fins, pool-pointes and a pair of latex ballet-boots with lead weighted toe-box platforms. And there were a few FC2 nitrile female condoms and vaginal toys like Pyrex dildos, several very expensive ones, as well as Glass, steel and jade Ben Wa balls of different sizes between .5 and 1.5 inches in diameter. Tellingly, there were also three small pairs of needle nose vice grip pliers that Adolph uses to crimp closed the air hoses of female students who displease him.

And not surprisingly, because we were at the bottom of Adolph’s fetish training facility, though I cringed when I saw the first one, there were a number of IUDs littering the bottom as well.

A German Goldring Medusa gold and copper IUD.

The IUDs were mostly Mirena a few ParaGard and German version of the copper T a German IUD I’d heard of but never seen before with a gold core; the Goldring Medusa (Gold/copper) AuCu IUD. The Medusa (pictured above) looks like it was invented by a sadist and must have hurt when Adolph pulled them out as I can’t imagine a Goldring Medusa being spontaneously expelled. 

When we finished cleanup we sent the debris up on a lift bag and began our ascent which was uneventful until we reached the 30 foot deco stop where we were met by our dive-sex partners. We attached ourselves with ankle leashes and enjoyed a lovely slow dive-sex encounter during the 30 minutes we stayed at 30 feet degassing. Both men were rubberists and enjoyed having their glans squeezed by the stretchy domes as they thrust into our anterior fornices before they got us off with twin G-spot rim-rubs. It was a fun evening for all, except Julie of course, and an amazing learning experience for Willow. The next day an assistant coroner who Adolph knows ruled Julie’s death was “death by misadventure” and the body was released for transport back to France. 



  1. Adolph sounds like a psychopath!


    1. LOL! You think? A girl certainly needs to be careful when around him!

    2. With any luck, someone will put a boat-tailed hollow point through his melon from half a mile and improve the human race.


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