Thursday, January 23, 2014

World Economic Forum 2014

Davos, Switzerland Site of the 2014 World Economic Forum

An offer I couldn’t refuse: When we were At Crag Abbey for Christmas His Grace asking if I would like to help with entertaining at this years World Economic Forum in Davos and I said sure, as though it was really going to happen. Well, be careful what you agree to. Of course I didn’t really have to go through with it, but having my performers dancing as entertainment at private parties and having my wards able to mingle with many of the world’s movers and shakers was an opportunity not to be missed. It was a huge rush when I found the Duke really wanted my group as we provide a level of secure personalized entertainment that few other groups offer.  Fortunately we were again ahead of the storm landing at Dulles to pick up Fiona and Colin.                                                                                                            

The theme for the four day World Economic Forum 2014 January 22 -25 in Davos, Switzerland will be: “The reshaping of the world: consequences for society, politics and business”. The time in Davos is GMT+1 which is 6 hrs. ahead of eastern standard and 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time so we are working with a bit of jet lag.

Arrival: We arrived on Monday (Jan 20th) when I was CD9 and fertile again as were my wards whose cycles have all synchronized to mine as we sweat in the studios and gyms so much together. I should ovulate the last day of the forum, Saturday the 25th.Since His Graces patron, for whom he is arranging our attendance, has deep pockets my dancers, 4 girls and 2 boys, flew Business class to Zurich International (ZRH) and a car picked them up and took them to the hotel in Davos some 78 miles from Zurich. Anya, Fiona and Major Tree, my wards and I flew in to ZRH on Limnaea II my G650. No, I didn’t pay full price for it!  I’ll write about it when I have time, because the Government still gives really amazing tax breaks on small businesses buying private aircraft. The first thing we did after landing at Zurich and passing through customs was get our Forum credentials packs and clip-on badges with our photos on them. Otherwise we couldn’t have gotten into the town itself much less the hotel. Fiona was responsible for getting us cleared… the major work had already been done months ago or we wouldn’t have been allowed near His Grace w/o all my girls and I being found harmless.

Accommodations: His Grace already has a small hotel in the best part of town that he had completely renovated over the summer with only twenty-five suites and a set of five soundproof meeting rooms as well as three fully equipped encounter sallies. It is just the sort of place I would have designed and it fit perfectly the design I proposed when Jack (his Graces son) asked me how I would design an intimate hotel perfect for very private business meetings, assignations, rendezvous and trysts.

Anya, Fiona and Maj. Tree are involved with hotel and guest security while Tanaquil is overseeing the scheduling of most of the girls with meeting attendees who have interests in common with those of His Grace while my wards are available for those attendees who are of especial interest and are kinked toward rubber, ballet (boots and shoes) and very tight pussy.  The week off from school was explained as a research project for a whitepaper required for an economics course. For Bea it was an opportunity to dance in an international setting for ballet extra credit. I’m available for men who are interested in a woman in her early 40s who looks like she is in her early 30s and who can fuck their brains out. Surprisingly, since my dance card is full, not every man in Davos is after 19 y/o pussy and there are a great many submissive men in the field of economics so my riding crop has been getting a workout, though I do have to be careful not to mark a partner where it can be seen during a presentation.  

Fortunately Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile have been working with their male escort candidate partners so they have amazingly tight vaginal muscle tone and stamina. They won’t have much rest during the four day conference, but will get to meet intimately some very famous businessmen and academics.

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