Sunday, January 5, 2014

Malcolm and stud service

Human male corona with Pearly Penile Papules

The photo: shows Pearly Penile Papule on the left side of the corona. In Malcolm’s case there are several rows and the Papule are larger, far more numerous and more uniformly spread around the circumference of his corona.

Malcolm as a trainee: Malcolm, one of the novitiates entering the Fraternity of the Old Ways in service to our Goddess on the 2013 Winter Solstice was called to Crag Abbey as a bedmate for Bea during the hiatus in penile vaginal intercourse with our men due to Mademoiselle Oui’s developing BV.  He is very young, but has amazing stamina due at least in part to his frequent intimate relationships with the ewes in the flock of His Grace’s black faced sheep he tends.

Chris cleared him for skin-on-skin intercourse with us and I immediately took him into the smaller ballet studio in an upper turret to explain what was needed of him and to get him off to a proper start with an introduction to ballet-sex with him penetrating me from behind while I’m en pointe in hard shanked Gaynors bent over holding on to the barre so my muscles are clenched as tight as possible before he gives me orgasmic contractions.

The boy with the mushroom glans: Malcolm was blessed with a penile corona that is half again as wide as his shaft which is about 1 ½ inches in diameter so it is about 2 1/4 inches in diameter and when erect with that overhanging glans it looks like a mushroom.  Since he’s uncut I thought his foreskin might be a problem with a corona that size, but it retracts easily. The corona also has Pearly Penile Papules (benign growths) along the outer edge so when he’s fully erect and thrusting over the G-spot the papules stimulate his partner’s erectile tissue bringing on a rapid and intense orgasm. Wearing only my Oves cap it is an amazing feeling to have that soft rough coronal edge caressing my G-spot knowing he is going to turn my bones to rubber just before he hurls me over the edge of delight into ecstasy!

I’m also training him with my latex Reflexions diaphragm inserted trying to get him to be able to withhold his orgasm when thrusting into my latex occluded anterior fornix. The stretched latex dome puts such pressure on a glans of that size it’s impossible for him to delay very long, but its good training and gives him a reference to compare other partners against.

At His Grace’s request Tanaquil will be taking Malcolm and his older brother Donald back to Munich with her to put them in an Escort Service school for very young boys, something that we don’t have in the U.S. He and she think the brothers have great potential as elite European escorts.

Changing partners: The loss of male partners wasn’t as serious as I first feared. Tanaquil had already noticed a decline in most of out partner’s stamina before New Years and had sent for a second set of fully screened men, replacing all but the three POB dancers who partner the women’s ballet classes. Those men’s stamina was still excellent and they are still eager to please while the others couldn’t keep it up after the first two encounters of the day even though they were on performance enhancing meds. I think the European escorts hadn’t trained and weren’t prepared for our appetites for sex and the frenetic and sustained pace we crave.

New men in stud means we didn’t have to wait another day or two to resume penetrative sexual encounters with men and the new guys were full of energy just waiting for their vital fluids to be drained out of them in 6 ml orgasms 4 or 5 times a day for the next 5 days. I think the new men were as pleased to be here as we were to have men with energy and confidence that they could fuck our brains out, even though it usually turns out that we collapsed in mutual exhaustion or finally, on the 5th time in rapid succession, the man has to be ripple gripped, his seed milked out and then after enjoying afterglow helped out of the saddle.


  1. Did I miss something...are you not mentoring Cyndi now? Or could she just not join you in Europe? Or do I just need more coffee?


    1. Hi John, welcome back! Happy New Year!

      Thank you for asking. Cyndi and Taryn were with us at for Christmas. See my post for December 23, 2013. At Thanksgiving Cyndi sprung on us that she was cutting her gap year at UNLV short and instead of attending Oxford would be attending Taryn’s college, Trinity, at Cambridge. Being a granddaughter of a Duke she could get away with that when almost no one else could. Cyndi and Taryn left right after Christmas to return to Cambridge to get Cyndi settled in.


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