Thursday, January 9, 2014

Homeward bound, catsuit cautions

Transparent .3mm latex catsuit relief zipper detail

The photo: Girl-girl sex in .3mm transparent chlorinated latex catsuits during our flight on the way back to the U.S. While they look awesome on any woman with a descent figure there can be drawbacks to wearing latex especially if you are breastfeeding like I am or you don’t like the scent of estrogenic sweat, vaginal secretions and latex.  

Homeward bound: There were light rain showers when we took off from Inverness on Tuesday. The arctic air mass was still over the east coast of the U.S. but Dulles (IAD) was clear and we landed to deliver some priority government documents and top off our tanks before continuing on a bit further north as the jet stream was still way to the south and staying north of it cut our head winds considerably. There were significant commercial airline delays due to the bitter cold covering most of the U.S. but private flights were operating w/o delays. On the 7th the afternoon temperature in Vegas was 58°so fortunately the arctic high has missed us at home. The entire flight was uneventful except for what went on in the cabin.

Sexual health: Before we went to Scotland for three weeks to celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas and Twelfth Night I took my wards; Bea, Willow and Odette and Odile as well as myself to our Gyn (Chris) to make certain we were all in the best possible sexual health given that we are normally so sexually active. Too, in the Highlands of Scotland while Chris and his Gyn supplies would be with us it would be very disrupting to have to take a patient to a major hospital.

So we all had full pelvic exams and STI panels and everything was fine! Everyone including me has had all their Gardasil shots and vaccinated against Pneumonia, Shingles and our annual flu shots. The girls had the placement of their GyneFix copper IUDs checked with ultrasounds and our cervices checked for dysplasia. The PAP test was particularly important to me because if my cervix wasn’t healthy I would have to stop wearing an Oves cap which screws down tight on it, and that would be traumatic for me as I’m psychologically attuned with having something tight sucking on my cervix protecting my uterus.

Too, knowing we were all sexually healthy and have had all our shots gave us confidence that with STI screened men (which they were) we should be safe from infections with the use of DiveGel+ for vaginal pH balancing to allow having frequent sex with about sixteen new men in that three week interval.  I was particularly pleased with the results of my pelvic as Chris took new measurements of my vaginal grip with the Peritron 9300 perineometer as well as checking the health and thickness of the rugae making up my vaginal lining.  Since I’ll be 43 next month I’m very sensitive to any signs of sexually aging like changes in duration of my cycle or menstrual flow or thinning of vaginal rugae or inability to lubricate naturally. I’m pleased that Chris said I have the vaginal lining of a nineteen year old and that when fully aroused my vagina is deeper by five mm than when we last measured it. That’s a bit of a problem since when not aroused I still take an 80mm traditional diaphragm which means that, especially when I’m entered from behind when aroused while wearing a 80mm Reflexions a partner is more likely to hit the rim, but since I only wear it when menstrual or as back-up flood insurance (over an Oves) while diving I should be ok.

Latex catsuit sex: Wearing a latex catsuit for a prolonged length of time like continuously for 24 hours takes some planning if the wearer is to be sexually active and have a healthy vagina. A sweaty vulva encased in a tight nonporous material like latex can quickly develop a bacterial overgrowth resulting in a yeast infection, YI. Here again DiveGel+ in 10ml prefilled disposable applicators, with its acidic pH is used as a vaginal pH balancer and is spread over the latex wearer’s labia and entrance to her urethra as well to minimize the likelihood of bladder infections. Also, being taken from behind where a partner isn’t continuously pressing on the urethral entrance reduces the likelihood of developing honeymoon cystitis.

Since I’m lactating and breast feeding my wards and male sexual partners when I can I have to be careful about leaking nipples (I wear Lilly Padz when not breast feeding) or spilled breast milk in a latex suit which if not quickly cleaned up can cause the suit to smell of rancid milk, a really stomach turning scent and even chlorinated latex can pick up that odor quickly, but that’s my problem as there are very few lactating women who enjoy being clad and having sex in latex as the compression of lactating breasts under tight latex can be painful.

Of course vaginal discharge and having a new catsuit with the relief zipper stained – even though it has a zipper tongue to prevent direct zipper track contact with the wearer’s labia - with discharge and smelling like a diaphragm that has been left inserted too long can be a turn off for a latex newbie too. But that rubbery stench is an acquired taste and a huge turn-on in rubberiest circles where experienced men prize the scent of rubber marinated in decaying vaginal discharge. The zipper stains can be removed with lemon juice, but latex catsuits are high maintenance clothing which is one of a thousand reasons why I’m glad to have Beth taking proper care of my costumes.

Latex encounters: I had been craving wearing a latex catsuit even before we went to Scotland and I’d packed my new .3mm transparent chlorinated latex twin zipper one from Labia Labs. There is a breast feeding zip that opens for breast access and the double pull one for back entry and relief access.  Willow was fitted at the same time with just the twin pull back entry/relief zip, and packed hers also so we buddied up on the way home for sweaty girl-girl latex sheathed sex with plugs, Hitachi wands and Pyrex dildos. When Willow wasn’t breast feeding we both wore M10 gasmasks to muffle our moans, mewing and screams as we took one another to orgasm multiple times before snuggling into each others arms and fell into sound post orgasmic sleep. Willow smelled wonderfully of latex, rubber polish, and estrogenic sweat, her last male lover’s residual semen still draining out and with my vaginal secretions including some of Jack’s liquefies semen on her fingers. It was a marvelous three hours and I’m so pleased she’s really into sex with me!



  1. Jill, your adventures continue to amaze, inform and delight. And the images that form in my brain of you and Willow cavorting in your catsuits and gasmasks will warm my midwestern winter days and nights considerably. Would that I had the real images to compare with my imagination...sigh...

    1. Hi Ralph! Thank you sweetie!

      Girl-girl rubber sex on the trip back was such fun! I still get wet thinking about it!


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