Saturday, August 1, 2009

A European Air Punch

Arthroscope Cannula. Includes blunt (obturator) and sharp trocars pictured. 5mm outer diameter, 170mm working length.

A surgical cannula-trocar set as a weapon.

Tanaquil’s gift: Tanaquil, the French Courtesan who is now running Taryn’s European operation, sent me a fetish assassin’s ‘needle gun’ or air punch. Actually, she sent me three, all custom made from surgical instruments and therefore while nearly identical are all unique. Needle guns are used by assassins primarily within the European Union BDSM community where assassinations resulting from turf wars and defending a family’s honor are fairly frequent.

Background: “Surgical cannulas are essentially tube-like members which are inserted into openings made in the body so as to line the openings and maintain them against closure. Surgical cannulas are used during so-called "closed" surgical procedures (e.g. laparoscopic procedures) to provide a portal between the region outside the body and the interior surgical site. In essence, the surgical cannulas serve as protective liners to allow surgical instruments to be inserted into, and withdrawn from, the internal surgical site with a minimum of trauma to the intervening tissue.Surgical trocars are sharp, pointed instruments which are used to make openings in tissue so as to facilitate proper placement of the surgical cannulas in the body. More particularly, a surgical trocar is typically inserted into a cannula so that the trocar's sharp distal tip protrudes from the distal end of the cannula. The cannula and trocar are then advanced through the tissue as a unit, with the trocar's sharp tip leading the cannula so as to open up the tissue before the advancing cannula. Once the cannula has penetrated the tissue to the extent required, the trocar is withdrawn from the cannula. The cannula may thereafter be used to pass surgical instruments to and from the interior surgical site.” [This explanation taken is from a medical instruments catalog.]

To weaponize a titanium cannula-trocar set it is attached to a multi-shot firing cylinder into which a 12-gram powerlet gas cartridge can be placed and the cylinder/cannula-trocar assembly is mounted on a rigid ballistic polymer palm punch grip, with a trigger mechanism. CO2 gas is affected by temperature (the lower the temp the less the pressure) but for diving terminations, even at depths of 150 feet, any successful gas delivery is fatal. The unit is 8.5” long and carried in a vented polymer case with a Velcro closure to protect the diver from the razor tip. The air-punch is usually carried in a tool bag or clamped to the divers tank disguised s a part of a tank boot.

Application: The air-punch is typically used by first distracting the target diver by flooding her mask or dislodging her reg. While she is engaged in reestablishing dive integrity the tip of the trocar is placed between her sixth and seventh ribs (just under her arm) on the left side and the attacker’s palm is used to drive the trocar tipped cannula through the diver's suit, through the intercostal space that contain muscles, nerves, and arteries between her ribs and through the thick muscle wall into the left ventricle of her heart. When the cannula is driven so deep that the cross-guard is pushed into the target's suit or ribs – about 6.5” - the trigger is pressed sending a jet of gas down the cannula around the trocar and into the left ventricle stopping her heart. This method is surprisingly easy to use taking little strength to push the 5mm razor tip through the diver’s suit, muscles and heart wall. It is very quick, almost bloodless and if done properly there is no struggling by the target. The angle of attack should be at a slight up angle so if the spot is misjudged and the tip hits a rib it will slide over it and penetrate the next intercostal space. I’m looking forward to field testing the unit as soon as the proper arrangements can be made.


  1. Jill, you are intent on becoming a spy or something like that with the weaponized surgical instruments, the seductivity you exude with men, and other things. I'd hate to be the target of your infiltration. I mean, if I were anyone important, you'd wine me, dine me, 69 me, get whatever information you want from me, then take me diving, where THWIP, trocar to the heart!

  2. I don’t think I’m a bad girl, really, well not usually. I just love edgy adrenaline pumping activities and what’s more fun than pitting myself, a 105 lb 5’4” woman, against a much larger male diver in superb shape?

  3. your not really going to kill someone are you???


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