Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bubble fucked, part II

A Cooper Surgical – Milex wide-seal – silicone diaphragm

A reader’s question: An interested reader asked if the manufacturer and style of diaphragm is important when being selected – to be used with an Oves cap - for women needing effective bubble fuck protection. The short answer is yes.

I know I’ve said that being bubble fucked is something most women want nothing to do with and that’s true. But at St Lucy’s there are a lot of girls who are interested in having the experience at least once, “been there, done that got the tee shirt to prove it’. And at St Lucy’s that usually means changing diaphragms because almost all the girls who use Ds there wear Semina, the super thin transparent silicone dome ‘Barbie Barrier’. A Semina is great for pregnancy protection from a thrusting penis and for ordinary dive-sex down to 10m but the dome isn’t thick enough to take wear from the hard silicone wings of a pussy reg being shoved into the vagina and rubbing against the dome. For bubble fuck protection a Milex Omniflex is the diaphragm of choice to be used with an Oves cap. An arcing spring style should be not be used because pressure from the wings of the mouthpiece could cause the rim to fold and lessen the rim seal. The dome of a Milex is better because while still stretchy and flexible it is thicker making it difficult (but not impossible) to puncture or tear so it better protects the Oves cap sucking on the diver’s cervix.

Gas fisting: I think it’s fun when the gas balloons my vagina and I try to teach the introductory course so the students will enjoy that experience too! It’s sort of like getting fisted during a submerged pelvic exam and when I describe it that way it increases the student’s interest in trying it. Of course vaginal ballooning forces a girl to pee in her partner’s face but he’s in a mask and reg so that's really not a problem. I tell my students the guy she’s with is too busy watching her reaction to worry about being in a cloud of her urine. Of course that’s not the only cloud because the air being forced out around the mouthpiece carries with it a puffy swirls of semen, spermicide and dive-gel which coats her partner’s facemask unless he turns away, but few do because they are fascinated by how she is handling the experience.

Single hose regulators: I’ve mentioned before that it’s necessary to use a single hose reg., that has a purge button, when the intention is to use it for bubble fucking. That’s because double hose regs don’t have a purge button so there is no good way to force air into the vagina with a dual-hose mouthpiece. What I do if I want to wear my Mistral twin-hose reg is I’ll have my partner attach an octopus with a pussy reg to his SCUBA set. That way I get a bubble free view of him moving in and out of me during sex then get to see him insert the modified mouthpiece in me and watch the cloud of semen, dive-gel and bubbles gush out as he pushes the purge button and fills my birth canal with air.

A dive-sex pregnancy: I was CD19 yesterday and spent several hours volunteering at the clinic. One of the 18 y/o St Lucy’s girls came in for a termination after testing positive before starting her afternoon SCUBA diving class. She is on the continuous regimen pill Lybrel (from Wyeth) where a combined estrogen/progestin pill is taken every day with no pill free days. It is a new dosing regimen (approved by the FDA in May of 2007) of very low dose. Each round yellow 6mm pill contains: 90 micrograms of the progestin levonorgestrel and 20 micrograms of the estrogen ethinyl estradiol. The pills are taken continuously 365 days/yr. Lybrel comes in 28 day packs (13 per year). She had irregular bleeding off and on for the first 90 days which happens for about 40% of women starting Lybrel after which she hadn’t bled at all for the last 9 months.

She had taken antibiotics for a sinus infection and recognizing that her hormonal protection could be compromised she intended using a strapless FemCap as back-up. However the cap hurt her new partner, an escort candidate, and so she switched to an old Ortho 60mm All-Flex latex diaphragm that she had been fitted with several years earlier when she first came to St Lucy’s. Since she was still growing then and had become much more sexually experienced since she last had the diaphragm fit checked it was much too small to provide effective protection. She had dive sex with her new guy 7 times using the diaphragm in the week she was on the antibiotic and for an additional week after finishing the medicine while her hormonal protection was being reestablished. She was very newly preggers, having passed all earlier daily hCG tests required before diving each day. She opted for a menstrual extraction and was on her way an hour later having also been fitted with a new 70mm silicone All-Flex for protection during dive-sex. Because she was so early in her pregnancy there was no need to dilate her cervix to insert the small cannula for her ME. She was feeling achy after the procedure so rested the remainder of the day but she’s fine now.

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