Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shelly moves to Vegas

Vegas real estate. The enclosed pool is on the right.

Shelly is in town: You’ll remember, from my August 1, 2009 entry, that the new (3hird) wife, Michelle (Shelly), of a prospective investor in my gaming corporation has asked me to teach her how to keep her husband sexually interested in her. She thinks he is already beginning to stray after being married to her for only six months and she’s absolutely right about that! He is a well known swordsman and is said to be envied by his male friends for his prowess in bed. And, he has been fucking me for the last several months thinking he will be able to change my mind and get a larger share of my company by getting a piece of my ass. He is a very skilled lover, for an amateur, but no man is able to mindfuck me that easily.

So Shelly is out here to find a suitable house as a training location and it’s a marvelous time to buy a house in the Las Vegas area! She wants a small place but one with several large rooms that can be used for a gym and for storage of clothes, and some formal rooms where she and her husband can entertain when he is here on business. I told her she would need at least a room for the wardrobe I will have her buy. And she wants a place with a large swimming pool that can be used year round. She has retired from ABT, she was a soloist, and wants to devote her time - for now - to making herself irresistible to men, but specifically her husband. She has unlimited funds as her husband is extremely wealthy so she is looking for a place that is secluded on some land out of view of public roads. There are a few places that have what she wants and several are near my home.

What I have to work with: She is 23 y/o, is 5’5” and 115 lbs, has a beautiful face with blue eyes, high cheekbones, a full head of long naturally blond hair, a lovely body, long legs and neck, small head and firm, high C-cup breasts. She was a bit busty for a classical ballet dancer, but then with her long legs and big breasts she is a man’s fantasy come true and encased in skintight latex she will be a heart stopper! She knows he’s a bit kinky when it comes to rubber and enjoys what he calls ‘ballet sex’ when he takes her from behind while she is en pointe in her Freeds, but she really has no idea of the extent of her husband’s huge rubber and shoe fetishes. He is a major rubberstud for sure! So when I introduce her to those areas, if she likes wearing that sort of thing, she should have him all over her like white on rice. The attitude and determination of a trainee is everything with fetish training. I don’t think she has anything she is not willing to try so with her flexibility and classical training she should be a good student. It should be just a matter of her learning to tone and control her pelvic muscles and getting used to performing sexually in all the rubber devices and clothing I’m going to introduce her to.

Since Anya is on the disabled list I have asked Shelly if she is interested in joining our casino’s ballet troupe as a guest artist. It would give her an opportunity to keep taking professional level classes to stay in shape which she wants to do and to become involved in the dance community. It would also keep her performing, though I don’t think she’s ever done porn before so if she agrees it should be interesting seeing how quickly she adapts. The audiences at our high-rollers club is a good bit more high spirited and vocal that the ones she has been performing for with ABT at the Met in NYC. We would have her in a mask to hide her identity so she wouldn’t have to worry about being recognized or stalked because of her performances. But being stalked just because your beautiful is pretty much a given out here. I love having a guy who stalking me collide people because he is so intent on watching me. Or leading a stalker through the luxury malls and then when I’m in the Hermès boutique and he gets close I turn and ask if he will buy me a Birkin bag. The look on the guys face is priceless!

The plan: My plan is to first get her fitted with the full range of pelvic devices and rubber fetishwear she will need as well as ballet boots. She has a ParaGard IUD inserted now which I’m going to recommend she change to a GyneFix implant because when she starts having extremely intense vaginal orgasms the frame of her ParaGard is likely to bend and perforate her uterus or expel or both. I’m not goings to outfit her in leathers now because her husband is almost exclusively a rubberstud and had no interest in fetish leather, except ballet boots so she will be fitted for a custom made pair of Gepetto’s best pointe-boots. With the Polymorphe latex she will be buying I’ll make a rubber-chick of her and Mr. Horny will be all over her. I’m also going to outfit her with a full set of our clinic’s ‘Domme’ line of fetishwear cervical barriers in shiny black latex.


  1. Looks like you've got Shelly's conversion from ABT principal to Vegas ballet fantasy girl all mapped out. I'm sure you're going to be able to make her into the woman that her husband just cannot get enough of.

  2. Actually, Shelly is a beautiful dancer, but as I wrote earlier she was a Soloist, not a Principal with ABT.

  3. What's the difference between "soloist" and "principal"?


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