Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ballet boots and Pyrex dildos

A lactating leather-wench in ballet-boots psyching up before being publicly milked

Pointe boots and Pyrex dildos: I still train in pointe fighting boots three days a week at Gepetto’s studios. Taryn and I usually are sparring partners. She’s faster and I’m still stronger (for now) and while she is a bit taller our legs are the same length so she doesn’t have a reach advantage, just speed. We wear the lightly armored – titanium plates - sparing boots with all features except the heavier ceramic plate armor that come in regulation fighting boots. Returning readers will remember that sparing pointe boots have the standard Inman heel guard releases, the unitized custom titanium boxes and shanks and quad bladed heels. Each weighs about 12 oz less than regulation pointe fighting boots.

So Taryn and I had just finished our workout and went into the locker room to shower and change. There was another woman about my age and her partner who were dressing in preparation for working out and she said something about me sparing with no competition. I let the remark go by w/o reply thinking to myself that the Miss Mouthy had obviously never sparred with Taryn. When she saw that she didn’t get a rise out of me she continued on about me robbing the cradle for sparing partners and I still didn’t respond verbally, but I could see that she was becoming more agitated as it became obvious that she wasn’t going to provoke me. I had hardly started undressing and decided to stop until I saw which way this confrontation was going and began to wonder why she had taken an apparent dislike to me. Did she know me from somewhere? I didn’t think so, but over the years I’ve made a lot of enemies. Was she on something that was causing her to be irrational and aggressive? I couldn’t tell.

By then she had taken off her street clothes and had her amour and boots laid out and as her partner helped her into her armor she whispered into Miss Mouthy’s ear. She just shook her head and kept on dressing as she continued to goad me about fighting children etc. She pulled on toe pads and forced her toes into the blocks of her boots then walked around to set her pointes before zipping them up. Then she was armed but not protected. All pointe boot fighters wear some form of pelvic protection that can vary widely based on individual women’s choices. I was wearing a silicone Penetrator plug under my armor. She opened a small cooler and removed a Pyrex dildo from a mound of crushed ice. I was familiar with the type she was using, one that is keyed to fit behind the pubic bone when fully inserted to prevent displacement if there are strong vaginal muscle contractions. That she was using a cooled glass dildo gave me a clue as to what might have led to her verbal attack on me. Cooled dildos are often used by women on testosterone, androgen therapy, to temper their aggression to the point that it can be kept under control. Taryn and I watched fascinated as Miss Mouthy rolled a lubed condom on to the chilled glass and adjusted her labia as she pushed it in until it keyed locking behind her pubic bone after which she sighed. Then she smiled as she stood up and faced me. She hadn’t bothered to fasten the pelvic padding and armor plate protection of her suit which hung down over her tight tush like a broad beaver tail when she hit the Inman releases on her heels. I heard the twin pings as her heel guards were flung away and her blades were bare. All three of us yelled ‘BARE BLADES’ simultaneously as we were taught to do when blades are unsheathed by a wearer anywhere but in a fighting ring. And then she kicked at my head with her right foot.

The fight: Since I wasn’t wearing my helmet that was a forbidden move as you can permanently disfigure or kill an opponent who isn’t wearing a helmet, but then it is forbidden to fight in the dressing room too. Once she swung first I was allowed (by Gepetto’s rules) to defend myself. It was over in 15 seconds. Her kick has propelled her into a single pirouette with her armored tail flying out behind her. As she landed her turn facing me my first kick was to the head of her glass dildo. Pyrex is strong stuff but under stress it can shatter. Given that it was chilled and then inserted into a 96° F vagina and then the tip was subjected to a really brutal kick, the glass shattered. As the platform of my boot withdrew from the kick I could see the starred glass of the plug head where it had shattered and shredded the latex membrane of the condom she used as an insertion aid. Her eyes went wide, her mouth opened to scream but no sound came out and she bent double clawing at her crotch. As she bent over I pulled my second kick only tapping her in the face crushing her nose as she toppled forward on to her face where she shattered her lower jaw. She lay there quivering and moaning and bleeding from the mouth, nose and vagina. I’m sure security was already on the way having seen the fight on the CCTV but I pushed the alarm button anyway just to have on record that I asked for help. I really hate for that sort of thing to happen. I haven’t been challenged – if that’s what she was trying to do – in months. I was hoping that the days of me of having to prove myself every time some woman with a grudge or on hormones, or both gets a wild hair up her ass and decides she wants a piece of me were behind me. I don’t mind aggressive men, they can be fun, but there is no making-up sex afterward if I fight a woman. Gepetto came to the studio to see the extent of the injuries and said that the video shows it wasn’t my fault. He did say however that Miss Mouthy is the daughter of a mob boss who is out here looking to carve out a piece of the local pie for himself. So I may hear about it from him. Awww, damn! Sigh! The ER doctor said the dildo had shattered into long slivers and shredded her cervix. The lower part of her uterus was so badly shredded that she ended up having a Hysterectomy. I have always thought wearing a glass dildo while fighting was a very bad idea and it turned out I was right.

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  1. Jill, I certainly do hope that if Daddy Dearest does come to get his piece of Vegas and confronts you after what his daughter did, I hope you do show the CCTV tape, to show she was in the wrong. I still don't know why anyone tries to mess with you.


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