Monday, August 3, 2009

Intimacies between species

Bottlenose dolphin

Inter-species encounters: During the first few days of July we had a marvelous opportunity while at my villa on the north shore of Virgin Gorda There was a pod of dolphins nearby for the entire time we were there. The calves and their moms, called cows, and the bulls and their harems were offshore and the young males were in the cove below my house looking for someone or some thing to have sex with. So we brought the boat around and anchored in the cove and used it as a diving platform. Some years ago I had had an intimate relationship with a dolphin I called Freckles. I was hoping to see him again but if he was there we never connected. I had told the girls what a wonderful time I had with Freckles and when we found the male dolphins were in the cove Anya suggested we try and duplicate my cross-species adventure again. I was all for it but cautioned Anya and Taryn that being around randy male dolphins could be dangerous especially if the immediate object of their affection attempted to avoid mating with them. The male’s standard technique with a female who is proving elusive is to force her on to the seabed and hold her there while he penetrates her and fills her with semen. Male dolphins are known to frequently initiate sexual encounters with humans and so we were thinking if we were lucky perhaps we could each have an intimate encounter with one of the younger males. We were hoping for younger males because they are smaller than the fully grown ones though at 300 lbs a 2 y/o is massive when you are belly-to-belly with him. And because the older bulls can have barnacles on their skin that can shred a wetsuit or open a girl’s belly or thighs like a scalpel if he is pushing against you. So if you have the chance it’s a good idea to check out a male’s under side before mating with him to make sure that his skin is smooth.

Size does matter: Another critically important reason to stay away from fully grown males is that their penises can be 10 to 14 or so inches long and 2 – 3 inches thick something any woman would want to stay away from even if it wasn’t delivering 300 to 500 pounds of thrust at the tip of a 2 or 3 inch diameter rod. A young male can be sexually mature but not fully grown so if you are able to get a small one chances are that he may be 8 or 9 inches long and 2 inches thick so an experienced woman wearing a strapless FemCap as a sports shield and thrust buffer may be able to take him in relative safety. It’s all in his size and how lucky you feel that day. Once you are penetrated you are pretty much at his mercy. There may be the possibility of reaching his flippers with your hands and pulling yourself off his penis but the current due to his forward motion is very strong so it would be a struggle, and, if he is too large or the woman too small that option may not exist at all. In preparation we all inserted a 10ml applicator of dive-gel in our vaginas and we all wore only the tops of our Tankinis as rash guards. There was no point in wearing the thong bottoms as all the men who were along could recognize each of us by our vulvas but more importantly we needed to be fully and immediately accessible if we found a suitable dolphin to mate with.

The dive: Our dive started well. Cyndi went down with us wearing a thong. She was supposed to stay close to the yacht and watch for possible trouble as I didn’t want to chance a 16 y/o being injured during a sexual encounter with a dolphin especially if she had initiated it. Taryn, the 18 y/o was the first to attract male interest. He was a bit larger than I would have preferred about 10 feet long and 250 lbs but he seemed to be young and his belly was smooth and pink which meant that he was sexually aroused which was already obvious since his eight inch erection was on display and he was rubbing it against Taryn’s belly and wrapping it around her wrist. He easily separated her from the rest of us and as he covered her she spread her legs and adjusted her hips to help him enter her. We could all see when the moment of penetration came as there was this great rush of bubbles as she gasped and arched her back which caused their direction to move sharply downward. I swam along side for a minute or two and motioned that she needed to lie as flat as possible against him to prevent being taken deeper and perhaps trapped against the cove bottom. She signaled she was ok and snuggled against him and the mated couple’s depth settled out at about 40 feet, 20 feet off the bottom. It was over in less than three minutes with the young male ejaculating in her with such force that I could see her back arch, her legs shot wide in a spilt and her head was lost in a cloud of bubbles as she tried to deal with the release of his semen under pressure that would cause it to spew ten or more feet under water. Then he headed up while still penetrating her and at about 20 feet he withdrew and nuzzled her then swam away. She waved that she was ok and I swam to meet her. She gave me the thumbs up and I saw she was Kegeling his load which was thick and in creamy strands as she forced most of it into the water.

My interested friend: As we were swimming leisurely back toward the yacht the same dolphin appeared next to us again and this time he was interested in me displaying his pink belly and rubbing his 10 inch erection on my belly below my BCD. He suddenly pushed between Taryn and me and before I knew it I was alone beneath him with his tip wriggling to get inside me as he propelled me away from the yacht. Even though I’d taken a dolphin a few years ago I was very concerned about how I was going to do this time even though Taryn had come through being first just fine. I tried to relax my pelvic muscles and he shoved his 2 inch diameter shaft through my oculus and as he pushed deeper into me the muscles of my vaginal barrel automatically tightened but there was no slowing down much less stopping his penetration until he hit the dome of my strapless FemCap. Then I suddenly felt a swelling in my vagina as his penis balled itself up and it felt as though I was being fisted! Then it straightened again and I felt his prehensile tip feeling the FemCap which was sucking tightly on my cervix. I was so glad I hadn’t worn just an Oves for the dive because with the flexibility of that tip he could have grabbed the tiny cap and pull it off. He couldn’t have gotten my preggers of course, but he might well have given me a pelvic infection or an embolism if he forced his semen into my uterus. I kept my legs spread enough that he could settle his genital slit over mine and could feel the wash of his powerful fluke as it propelled us through the water.

He gets off deep inside me: The best I could tell he was taking me in a circle around the boat when he could have just as easily taken me straight out to sea, but I hoped that was unlikely as he would meet the bulls in his pod and a larger male might take me away from him. I really didn’t want to think of two dolphins fighting over which one of them was going to fuck me. Even when scared I was so turned on because of his thickness and the texture of his shaft that he quickly took me to a series of the most wonderful G-spot orgasms. At 10 inches I was comfortable with him ramming my FemCap and as with my human male partners I could tell when he was about to come as his shaft began to swell even more just before he reached orgasm. When he came if I hadn’t had my spit-strap fastened I’m sure I would have expelled my reg! It was at the same time softer but much more intense as he released probably 100ml of semen into me under such pressure that it hit the silicone barrier of my FemCap and then formed a bulge as it moved down my vagina as it was forced back along his thickness and squirted out into the ocean between my labia and around his shaft. I’m guessing about the quantity based on the amount that was forced out around his shaft while he was still inside me and the amount I Kegeled out after he withdrew. I had forgotten what an amazing feeling it was to have such an intelligent marine mammal complete its mating ritual leaving its seed in me. Sexual intercourse with a dolphin is certainly not for everyone, but for an adventuresome woman who is properly protected it is an amazing experience not to be missed!

Anya on the bottom: My mate left me at about the same depth, 30 feet, at which he found me on the other side of the boat from Taryn who, when I got my breathing and heart rate under control and looked over to where she was, was pointing to Anya who was struggling with a larger male which was trying to mate with her. She wasn’t winning. As soon as she rolled out from under him he was back on top of her and each time he was steering her toward shore. At that location the beach slopes down to about 20 feet below sea level then drops straight down another 50 feet to the seabed in most of the rest of the cove and as we watched he forced her into the sandy bottom just on the land side of the submerged cliff. There was this great cloud of sand as her tank dragged along the bottom and I prayed that her equipment didn’t snag on something and tear apart with the stress. As we swam closer the sand began to settle and I could see that her air hose had caught on a coral spike and since her spit-strap was fastened she still had her reg in her mouth, but her head was at an extreme angle against her tank. The coral spur was acting as a pivot. She was being turned in a tight circle around the spur by her 500 pound lover. Her air hose tethering her to the spot and as she revolved the hose was being abraded. I was able to get close enough to try to lift the tightened hose off the coral spike but by then it had worn a grove in the coral and the armored sheathing was showing through the outer layer of the hose and I couldn’t get it off the coral. The huge male paid no attention to me and continued turning her for a minute or so longer until he finished inside her and a cloud of creamy semen floated out from between her legs. After that he lost interest, withdrew and swam away. I sent up an emergency buoy which meant that the medical team was to meet us on the beach. Once Anya was out from under the dolphin she signaled she could move on her own and she and Taryn headed for the surface and the beach while I went back to get Cyndi.

Cyndi’s clear choice: I got back to the yacht just in time to see a 200 pound male finishing inside Cyndi with the now familiar cloud of creamy semen jetting from between her legs! After he withdrew she rubbed his dome and they seemed to kiss and he swam away. Well, so much for looking out for the welfare of my 16 y/o ward! I knew that she is extremely practical and seems to get calmer the worse a situation gets so I was never too concerned, but I’d have rather she had the experience a bit later in life. But, given that she was diving with us she really had no choice when confronted by an eager male. Fortunately we were all protected with FemCaps and in that regard they worked extremely well. She was right to acquiesce to her admirer’s attentions rather than fight a battle she knew she would lose and quite probably be injured in the process. We swam back to the boat and a crewman took us to the beach in a zodiac where we could be with Anya and Taryn while Chuck and a servant came down to the beach from the villa.

Anya’s injuries: When we got to the beach Chuck had just arrived. Her arm was bleeding but was able to walk up to the house where Chuck cleaned as much of the sand as he could out of her badly scraped right arm and packed the wound with an antibiotic ointment and started her on Zithromax. He also put her in a cervical collar for her sprained neck. She has been in NYC with her parents for surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear and plastic surgery on her upper arm where she was forced into the sand as she pivoted around the coral. She should make a full recovery but will require physical therapy for her neck and shoulder and perhaps another operation to remove the remaining scars from her arm. . Fortunately there was no muscle damage. She is back to taking class but can’t tie her ribbons so has had thick elastics crossed over her insteps sewn on her pointes – stripper style - so she can slip them on and off. She won’t be performing for a few weeks as her shoulder and upper arm recover.


  1. Wow! It seems that some bull decided to get at some little mermaid. I'm glad to hear Anya will be OK. At least a smaller one got to Cyndi, so she didn't have any problems. Taryn and you shared a guy, too. How did all you feel between the legs in the days following the encounters? I'd bet Anya's might've been a little sore, because as you described, she could've been split open by that 500 pounder.

  2. Years ago, when I has sex with Freckles and again this past July both males that penetrated me felt cool inside me. I think that normally a human’s body temperature is a tiny bit higher than a dolphins but I’m not sure how that works when both are sexually aroused. He just felt really good! Neither Taryn, Cyndi nor I were very sore afterward though all of us felt as though we’d been ridden hard. Anya is quite stretchy so she managed his size pretty well though she was sore for a day or two afterward. With Anya the most surprising thing to me was I thought with her getting driven into the sandy bottom she might have gotten sand in her vagina. But that didn’t happen. Apparently he had his slit tightly pressed over hers and that kept out the sand. I suppose that figures with an animal that routinely pushes his female onto the bottom while mating.


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