Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ballet-boots, weight belts and pregnancy

An old style diver’s weight belt

Ankle leashes, weight belts and air hoses: We may have another serial killer targeting divers in the area or perhaps the same one has changed his methods. Swimming pools on secluded foreclosed properties in up-market areas continue to be the preferred locations. Before the killer seemed to be targeting independent working girls, now however he (I’m assuming a male as there has been semen in the victims in most cases) is into high school and college girls. The three so far have been tethered to drain grills on the pool bottoms using ankle leashes. None of this latest group has been found in wetsuits and none has had her air hose cut as was the case with the early victims, they are just left with their regs in their mouths to run out of air. The girls are in bikinis or nude, their hands bound with zip-ties behind their tanks and weighted down with 25 pounds of lead bricks on old style diver’s weight belts around their waists. None was using a buoyancy compensator. As the air is exhausted from the steel tanks there isn’t enough positive buoyancy from the empty tank to get them off the bottom even if they weren’t tethered. All the Dons have teen daughters who dive and several have told me they feel their girls may be in danger and this is he sort of thing I’ve helped with before when they were afraid the level of violence was going to bring unwanted scrutiny to some aspects of their businesses. So, I think the Families will probably ask me to see if I can help find who is killing the girls. The rumor is they already have a short list of suspects.

The Vegas Families and ballet-boots: I did hear from Miss Mouthy’s father, after a fashion. He apparently intended to send one of the better local contractors after me, but he picked someone who happened to be connected to one of the Families who control Vegas. It’s my understanding that the contractor got a much better deal working for the Families. So Miss Mouthy’s father seems to have disappeared after checking out of his hotel. He was seen getting into a town car for the trip to McCarran international but never made his flight.

I got to know the three families who control most of the action here when Sal was still active. The folks here apparently liked what they saw as I seem to be a favorite and am invited to family occasion’s weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays etc so I think my friendships with them have helped me survive. I’ve taught several of their daughter’s ballet and about sex and fetishwear so their wives know me. All the men in the families love seeing me in ballet boots and asked that however formal the family occasion I’m invited to they expect me to wear ballet boots when I attend. I have a pair of gorgeous black Hermès calf skin pointe-boots by Gepetto for the most formal occasions. Of course Miss Mouthy’s father’s disappearance also removed the possibility of having to share the profit with someone new who had no skin in the game. Miss Mouthy was checked out of the hospital and she also disappeared so I think I’m off the hook for her ‘accident’ at least for now.

Veronica tests positive: Yesterday the 18 y/o lesbian who has been coming on to Cyndi [for more about that see my entry for 8-23-09] tested positive for pregnancy with a home test kit. She couldn’t (wouldn’t) believe the result so she went to the clinic for a blood pregnancy test which is far more sensitive and it confirmed that she is indeed preggers, at which point Chuck, the male Gyn who gave her the results, said she toppled out of the chair she was sitting in in a dead faint. When the clinic staff revived her and gave her something to eat she didn’t want to discuss her options with them. She went back to the dorm at St Lucy’s packed a small bag and left the campus w/o telling anyone where she was going and Cyndi said she isn’t answering her cell.

Veronica seems very nice except that she's just so assertive about being gay and is used to getting her own way so Cyndi not tumbling all over herself getting into her bed has really given Veronica fits. I'm hoping now that she’s pregnant she will shun Cyndi. She was warned - about the need for protection when exchanging fluids with Bi girls. Being preggers she may just flip out, not that pregnancy can't be easily taken care of, but she seems to me to be the type who will blame her body for being weak and falling prey to a man's sperm...She is new in school this year and has a mentor student assigned to her but she has disappeared w/o a trace, at least for now.


  1. It seems some guys really want to be creative on how they kill young ladies out there. I am wondering how much play this is getting in the mainstream Vegas media. I mean, this is something that needs to be reported so the public can help the LVPD (and maybe you) stop this predator.

    Miss Mouthy's father might've been told about who you are, and that she made the grave mistake of messing with you, since you're so respected by the Families in the Vegas area. I sort of thought the Mob wasn't so influential anymore since the corporations took over Sin City.

    Veronica, I believe, got what was coming to her. Even though she strictly plays the distaff side of the game, she has to be aware if she goes with those who go both ways there is always a risk of pregnancy. How much odds do you want to lay that she lasts the week? If she's so intent on her lesbianism, then her pregnancy might lead her to suicidal tendencies.

  2. With the economy in the tank no one wants to broadcast that there may be a serial killer in town. Even in far better times this sort of thing is kept as low key as possible while it’s taken care of behind the scenes. That’s why it’s so scary this time because women in the general population are victims rather than just working girls who, sad to say, have always been at risk to some extent.

    I don’t know veronica that well. She seemed very determined to me but Cyndi says a close friend of Veronica is concerned about suicide. It’s certainly a possibility and her situation is sad because the problem could have easily been avoided.

  3. I am on the edge of lesbianism ,since my sister is one . Not only my gut feels that is what she intendence's to do. Also, since she packed so,little and left so,quickly. That is a great possibility. Very sad indeed.


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