Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sappho and semen

Veronica and Cyndi

Cyndi and ‘accidental’ pregnancy: Cyndi, my 16 y/o Brit-chick ward is a bit Bi and several weeks ago one of the new girls entering St Lucy’s for the Fall term came on to her as Cyndi was taking her on an orientation tour. Since the newbie is pretty, a dancer and seemed interesting Cyndi wanted to respond to her advances, but thought it best to remain just friends and so she made sure Veronica met one of the schools Sappho Sisters who could better care for her sexual needs. But Veronica continued to pursue Cyndi so she came to me for help in escaping Veronica’s romantic advances. It’s not that Cyndi doesn’t enjoy girl-girl sex, but she would rather be the initiator than the pursued and Veronica being very assertive turns Cyndi off.

Cyndi comes to me regularly on weekends as she loves the taste of breast milk so she milks me whenever our schedules permit. She believes drinking my breast milk as a nutritional supplement helps in developing strong bones and smooth skin and I think she is probably right, but even if its not it’s a very pleasant way for us both to have quality time together. When we have time we combine her breast feeding with a little gentle girl-girl sex. I always let her initiates so she can practice her technique and I play hard to get so she has to work at seducing me before she gets the first mouthful of milk or to finger my clit. Once she’s latched on to one of my nipples we are both enjoying ourselves too much to think of anything other than pleasure. She has become an expert in caressing my clitoral shaft until I gasp in ecstasy and she can hold me there gasping and quivering until I beg her to take me to orgasm. I wear a ball-gag to prevent making too much noise though there is no one to hear our screams but Caesar (in the room as a bodyguard while Cyndi and I are at our most vulnerable) and he is sleeping off a big meal and making that loud purring sound that contented tigers make. After she has milked me and snuggled against me I finger her to vaginal orgasm. We’ve found it is a lot safer for me to give her an orgasm after she has finished with me because if I take her to climax while she is still breast feeding she will either bite my nipple or choke on the milk or both as she gasps in ecstasy.

The Problem: While we were in afterglow Cyndi brought up her problem and asked how she could avoid having a sexual relationship with her w/o losing Veronica as a friend. I asked if Veronica used any form of contraception and Cyndi said she was pretty sure she didn’t because she brags that being lesbian she doesn’t need to worry about pregnancy and the bother of contraception and she thinks pregnancy is according to Cyndi, ‘only for submissive women subjugated by men’. When I heard that I thought of a plan. I asked if Veronica knew Cyndi frequently has sex with a small stable of unprotected male partners since Cyndi has a GyneFix IUD implanted for her own protection. She said yes, but that Veronica said she was going to give her such amazing sex she would change her mind about preferring men. I asked if she had cautioned Veronika that when she was fertile and Cyndi was draining semen she could get Veronica pregnant by them fingering one another. She said she had told her that and even suggested if Veronica was going to be having sex with Bi-women she should get on the pill or use a cervical barrier for contraceptive protection. She said Veronica laughed and didn’t believe her and I thought to myself that Veronica hadn’t been paying attention in my Intro to Contemp. Sexual Health orientation lecture, which in this case was working to Cyndi’s advantage.

The Plan: I asked if Cyndi knew where Veronica was in her menstrual cycle and she said that everyone’s cycles were common knowledge in the dorms, which was what I expected. Knowing that, my advice to Cyndi was to have as much sex with her boyfriends as possible from about CD10 through CD20 of Veronica’s cycle when she was most likely to be fertile. That way Cyndi would always have live sperm draining out of her and if Veronica initiated sex during her fertile days, which given the hormone surge she was likely to do, with Cyndi discharging semen and Veronica discharging fertile cervical mucus Veronica was likely to impregnate herself.

That was three weeks ago and it seems to have worked out well so far. Veronica was with Cyndi during days 11 through 17 of her cycle and was due to get her period this past Thursday. ‘Auntie Flo’ was a no-show so she is now officially three days late and Veronica is beginning to worry because her cycles are normally very regular and she hasn’t had an illness or stress that can sometimes delay ovulation and therefore her period. She hasn’t had any symptoms; vomiting, lack of stamina, changes in areola texture and coloration etc but this early that’s not unusual and Cyndi thinks she is afraid to test for the pregnancy hormone hCG and she has begun to avoid Cyndi.


  1. Wow, Jill, you and Cyndi are very devious! When do you know for sure Veronica is preggers?

  2. It should be any time now since Aunt Flo is overdue.


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