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The dangers of being bubble fucked

A SeaCure Custom regulator Mouthpiece

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Women as sex objects: Vegas is undoubtedly the worst, most effective, city in the U.S. as far as portraying women as objects of desire. Here the mindset hasn’t progressed from the 1950s when the modern gaming capitol began to be developed with mob money. Today of course we have all the latest technology to aid in the sexual objectification of women. It is only the strongest most devious, shrewd and determined women who make it to the top as far as money, privilege and status are concerned here in Vegas. It’s my kind of town! On the other hand, rough sex-play can be taken too far like when a woman is unexpectedly bubble fucked.

An increasing hazard: Being ‘bubble fucked’, where pressurized gas is intentionally injected in to a partner’s vagina, is becoming a problem. It had been a little known ‘exotic’ services offering by a few very experienced and confident up-market escorts and is very profitable although uncomfortable and still dangerous even if the woman has been trained in the technique is using special equipment and wearing the proper protection. The service is a particular favorite of misogynists and to be successful at seemingly enjoying it the escort has to be a masochist. Not that being bubble fucked can’t be exceptionally erotic with the right man and if you love extremely edgy sex. An orgasm under those circumstances has to be experienced to be believed! I think it’s the fact that if your protection is compromised during the experience you are dead or perhaps worse, a vegetable for the remainder of life that makes it so appealing to me, rather like a moth to a flame. Perhaps I do have a death wish.

Most sports shields ineffective: Being bubble fucked is a problem even if the woman knows it’s going to happen and protects herself with a sports shield. That’s because the surge of gas will briefly balloon the vagina breaking the seal on a diaphragm and dislodging a FemCap by pulling the walls of the vagina away from the sides of the brim so the cap loses vacuum and slips off the cervix. The only effective protection from serious side effects from being bubble fucked is to wear an Oves cap and there are many women who can’t be properly fitted with an Oves because of irregularities on their cervical walls. Even some women knowledgeable about the dangers of being bubble fucked and dating or hooking up with a clueless guy have been caught unprepared and have had to struggle to distract him by pulling out his reg or flooding his mask to prevent the possibility of being seriously injured. On the surface in the shallow end of a pool as a last resort it’s easier for a woman to avoid a determined man by removing her SCUBA gear and getting out of the pool. A side effect of the recent rash of injuries is that the request for Oves fittings has spiked as women into dive-sex rush to protect themselves with the only device known to be effective.

For typical escorts who offer dive-sex as a service being bubble fucked is an increasing problem and one they are having to learn to deal with. It’s impossible to tell for sure if the men are unaware of the danger to their partners, are just misogynistic or are actually trying to harm them. It’s gotten to the point that the women I know who are offering dive-sex and who can be fitted with Oves are ‘double bagging’, wearing the Oves cap beneath a diaphragm or FemCap. That’s because there have been at least two instances where the man intentionally pulled out his escorts sports shield before releasing compressed gas into her birth canal. In a few instances getting bubble fucked has spread to social dating between friends where there was no commercial transaction involved. Almost all women divers even though protected try to avoid being bubble fucked if at all possible because it’s basically rape with a foreign object, unless of course, you are into that sort of thing. This is yet another instance of the objectification of women. To add insult to possible injury in an unplanned encounter the woman’s own single hose regulator is pulled from her mouth and used to administer the gas and the wings of her mouthpiece can tear the soft flesh of the entrance to her vagina when the guy tries to shove it in before pressing the purge button.

Professional training: I occasionally train a few adventuresome very, very up-market professionals in the technique. I and they use an octopus on our SCUBA sets so we can have a second regulator (Taryn calls it a ‘pussy reg’) on a longer hose that can be brought from behind and between the legs. A pussy reg is fitted with a mouthpiece that has been custom molded to act something like the bill of a vaginal speculum and fit snugly into the vagina. Our clinic offers this fitting service to ensure the wings of the mouthpiece are fitted to the wearer’s anatomy so it will lock behind the wearers pubic bone and will hold the anterior rim of her diaphragm firmly against the anterior vaginal wall so that under pressure of the jetting gas it will not (should not) displace. An aftermarket moldable SeaCure mouthpiece [see the image accompanying this entry] is ideal for that. The SeaCure is moldable by placing it in very hot water to soften it and then molding to fit the woman’s pelvic anatomy though insertion can still be unpleasant regardless of how much dive-gel is used if the man isn’t experienced. Having the mouthpiece molded by an experienced fitter at the clinic also ensures there are no sharp edges or points on the wings that could tear or puncture the dome of the diaphragm and make her protection ineffective. Going into the pool with a modified reg on an octopus you have to be careful that it doesn’t drag on the paved surfaces and become roughened as you are depending on the smooth surfaces of the wings to prevent vaginal trauma.

St Lucy’s training: At St Lucy’s I have included the dangers of introducing compressed gas into the female reproductive tract (being bubble fucked) in my Contemporary Sexual Health course and we strongly recommend each of our students to see if they are a good candidate for an Oves fitting and if they are they should be fitted if there is any chance that they will be having dive-sex. Because of the availability of compressed gas for SCUBA bubble fucking has, so far as we know, been limited to instances when couples have been diving.

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  1. The more I read your blog posts, the more I learn about how sexuality can be exploited or expanded. I don't know if I'll be doing half of what you're talking about, but it's nice to know it's out there.


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